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Insaadomkro Jun 8 @ 7:19am 
Hey CaptainX3, not sure if you remember but a while ago you helped me out with plugging in the old reduced upkeep thing you had before 2.0 so I could use it in a mod of my own. I hate to you bug you further, but now I've been having the issue of where my mod won't update for other people.
ForerunnerGod May 27 @ 3:50pm 
Any time!
CaptainX3 May 27 @ 3:47pm 
ForerunnerGod - Thank you, I really appreciate that :-)
ForerunnerGod May 27 @ 3:46pm 
Hello, I know this is probably just a bother to you messaging here, but I just wanted to say you do awesome work. Thanks for everything. :)
Al'yelia May 24 @ 12:08pm 
Fair enough dude. Thats the internet for you.
CaptainX3 May 23 @ 6:53pm 
Got tired of people trolling the comments section of the page and blowing up my phone with bullshit.