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SGT Victus Nov 10 @ 2:53pm 
Damn lol, ah well, atleast we have one ship set :) Appreciate the reply!
CaptainX3 Nov 10 @ 1:23pm 
Unfortunately I don't have any models for Turian ships or any other ME races, so I wouldn't be able to do any other ME related mods. I just happened to have the Alliance ship models lying around from an old defunct mod LOL
SGT Victus Nov 10 @ 12:38pm 
Great work! Amazing job on the mods, makes Stellaris a whole new experience! Seing the job done on Alliance ships, would that be possible for Turian ships?
Hey, I love you Oct 21 @ 4:11pm 
Ty for all your work into modding !
Insaadomkro Jun 8 @ 7:19am 
Hey CaptainX3, not sure if you remember but a while ago you helped me out with plugging in the old reduced upkeep thing you had before 2.0 so I could use it in a mod of my own. I hate to you bug you further, but now I've been having the issue of where my mod won't update for other people.
ForerunnerGod May 27 @ 3:50pm 
Any time!