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(-NSC2 Season 6-)
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(-NSC2 Season 6-)

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May 16, 2022 - Season 6, Episode 1: Planting the Flag...ship
Update 16 - Mod Version 6.1.16
New Save Game is Not Required
  • Fixed a bug where starbases, particularly outposts, had such rapid regeneration that they were nearly indestructible. This was from an old defines edit that never worked and we forgot to delete until it was suddenly fixed in 3.4 and caught us a bit off guard.

  • Fixed some missing NSC2 ship class icons in the system view.

  • Fixed a bug where ship build limits were not working properly. (All ship limits have been returned as they were before 3.4)

  • Increased the Flagship reactor power levels to 35000/60000/95000 to help with other mods adding high power component options.

  • Special Note: The issue with starbase shield modules not adding to the base's shields is a vanila bug and has been reported to Paradox.

  • Special Note: The bug where some weapons are firing from the star is not an NSC2 issue, that is an issue with whatever ship models are being used.

  • And finally, for those who are reporting this NSC2 page to Steam for no valid reason - Paradox is aware that this is happening and is disposing of those reports as they come in. You're wasting your time (but they can see the Steam name of each person who filed a false report, as an FYI).

May 13, 2022 - Season 6, Episode 1: Planting the Flag...ship
Update 15 - Mod Version 6.1.15
New Save Game is Not Required if you're currently playing a vanilla 3.4 game. NSC2 will no longer work on 3.3 at all.
  • Updated NSC2 to 3.4 Basic Compatibility

  • Removed the Sell Leader and Sell Ship Edicts from the Freebooter as it is now built into the game.

  • Freebooter Great Khans Vision Civic is now -10% Edict Upkeep

  • Removed all NSC2 name lists (Except the Steve list) and added code so that NSC2 ship classes will use names from ANY custom or vanilla name list.

  • Drydock now gives +1 Shipyard Capacity per Shipyard on the starbase (confirmed working this time)

  • Ground Forces Academy, Cloning Facilities, Real Estate Developer, TV News Network are now Orbital Ring Only

  • Galactic Hospital generates 100/150/200 Unity

  • Grasp the Void AP now gives +5 Starbase, +15% Interstellar Ship Speed, +15% Survey, +15% Anomaly Research, +15% Archaeological Site Speed after adding the new Vanilla bonus of increased weights to FTL techs.

  • Eternal Vigilance AP now gives +25% Platform Capacity instead of a flat +100 and +10 Starbase Capacity instead of +25

  • Added the Crisis ship classes to Thrusters, Reactors and Combat Computer components.

  • Galactic Mall no longer produces 2500 unity (that was unintentional) but costs 1000 Unity for the upgrade.

  • The Navigational Array Special Component now requires you to have either Psi Jump Drive or Standard Jump Drive to show up in the designer so the AI does not pick it as it would serve no purpose

  • NSC2 no longer overwrites the country_types file

  • NSC2 now overwrites the can_trade_leader game rule

  • NSC2 now overwrites the nemesis ship size file for the Crisis Ships

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