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((( NSC3 - Season 1 )))
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((( NSC3 - Season 1 )))


September 22, 2023 - Season 1 Release (Mod Version 1.0.0)
New Save Game is Absolutely Required

Welcome to the public release of NSC3! Because this is an overhaul of the mod, there is not really a change log this time. Instead, I will list out the major changes from NSC2 to NSC3 and important info that everyone needs to know.

Important Notes & Information
  • During the announcement of the NSC3 release date, it was mentioned that there would be an official NSC3 Wiki available to read. Due to time constraints, this is not yet complete, but I will work on it as I can. Most features of NSC3 are self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, feel free to join the NSC Official Discord and the community will be happy to help.

  • Some of the original plans I had for the initial release of NSC3 have had to be pushed back a bit, but are still planned. These include: the reduction of vanilla file overwrites, reducing tech bloat, and building in support for popular mods (such as ACOT and Gigas). All of these are still planned, they're just not in the mod yet.

  • The NSC Mod Menu is still in the mod, however, the main developer of that menu has not been available due to real life issues. There may be a few items missing from the menu, but they will be added in a future update when the developer has available time.

  • NSC3 will be available on the Steam workshop as it always has been, but for those who don't wish to use the workshop or are unable to, NSC3 is now available for download on the NSC3 Github page, complete with manual installation instructions. The Github is located here:

  • Although a lot of the mod has not changed from NSC2, some of the things that have changed are major. PLEASE take the time to read the major changes below, it will save you a lot of headache.

Major Changes From NSC2 to NSC3
  • The Fleet Doctrines from NSC2 have been locked behind a new tradition, "Fleet Doctrines". You can unlock each of the doctrines through this tradition tree and they will then appear in the Policies screen where they were before.

  • The Exploration Cruiser has been renamed to the Explorer class, but everything else about it remains as it was in NSC2.

  • The Strike Cruiser has been eliminated as a separate ship class and is now an upgrade to the Cruiser.

  • The Strike Cruiser bonuses (speed, hullpoints, evasion, etc. have been added directly to the Strike Cruiser sections and its interdiction aura. You MUST use ALL of the Strike Cruiser sections in order to get the full range of bonuses for the upgrade.

  • The Headquarters station has been removed, because the Juggernaut has the exact same weapon/defense loadout and has shipyards.

  • All ship classes now have specific roles to fill - you won't be able to survive using only Dreadnought fleets anymore :)

  • The Frigate has been changed to a 2 section ship using the Destroyer hulls. It has a special high level cloaking device (Level 6) and a special torpedo weapon for covert strikes.

  • The Point Defense upgrade has been moved to the Frigate.

  • The Support Ship upgrade has been moved to the Destroyer.

  • The Light Carrier upgrade is now a Cruiser upgrade with a smaller number of hangars to not outclass normal Carriers.

  • Carriers have VERY little offensive weaponry now, they are Carriers only, not combat ships.

  • The Battlecruiser has a heavy cloaking device that will help it serve as a late game heavy stealth ship.

  • Capital ships are no longer able to cloak at all. Only Corvettes, Destroyers, Frigates, Cruisers, and the Battlecruiser have cloaks. (This is a policy that will not change, so please don't ask.)

  • Orbital rings have been given building & modules slots closer to starbase numbers. A future update will add new buildings and modules for them to utilize.

  • Heavy balancing has been done across the board for most ship classes. Most have had overhauls of their weapon and defense loadouts. Some of the bigger ships have seen a minor reduction in weapon slots, and a few have much fewer available sections (The Carrier has lost a lot of options due to its specific role, for example).

If you don't wish to use the Steam workshop for NSC3, you can download it directly from the NSC3 Github here:
Manual installation instructions are on the download page. You can also find all previous releases of the mod there (Starting from the first release of NSC2 Season 8).

You can join our server and chat directly with the NSC devs and many other players and modders, or post ideas and suggestions for us! Over 90% of the new content added to the mod comes directly from our Discord users! Simply head to the link below to join.

Join the Official NSC Discord:

We have uploaded the previous version of NSC to the workshop for those who wish to continue their save games before upgrading to this new version. To subscribe to the Previous Version, click here:

If the above steps don't work to solve your issue, the best way to get assistance is to open a Support Ticket on the NSC Discord:

To report a bug with the mod, you can file a new Bug Report on the NSC Discord:

If you'd like to make a donation for all of the hard work on this mod, you can do so via our IndieGoGo campaign here:

We also have 3 monthly subscriptions on the NSC2 Discord that come with various benefits for those who would like to offer long term support.

Copyright 2023 T. Graham. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam except under the Steam account named CaptainX3. It is also not authorized to be posted on any other website EXCEPT the official Paradox Mods database. Copies of this mod found other than on this exact page or on the PDX Mod Database are stolen and unauthorized. All Rights Reserved.
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Update hypeeee.
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Logical adjustments. Well done.
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Thank you thank you thank you
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The BEST mod out there - awesome work!
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Lovely! Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.
CaptainX3  [author] 13 hours ago 
Arkenor - Shipsets won't be affected, we didn't change those files. Enjoy!
Arkenor 13 hours ago 
It's here! Time to see what how badly submods are thrown into disarray. I hope shipsets are OK.
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