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(-NSC2 Season 6-)

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April 25, 2021 - Season 6, Episode 1: Planting the Flag...ship
Update 9 - Mod Version 6.1.9
New Save Game is Not Required

  • Added full compatibility (including the deprecated ship sections) for the Imperial Shipset in the Nemesis DLC.

  • Updated coding to be compatible with the Nemesis DLC. (If we missed anything, join our Discord and file a bug report to let us know!)

  • Removed all time gates from all NSC2 ship and station techs. You can now see any NSC2 ship or station tech pop up at any time after you have researched its requirements.

  • Added a new Headquarters Jump Drive which will allow you to move the station to another system. Be forewarned, it has a VERY long charge time, so you won't be able to move the station around rapidly (with all techs researched via console, the jump drive charge time is roughly 180 days). But you're no longer stuck with it in one system forever.

  • Fixed a major bug where Battleship reactors were not generating enough power (an accidental file deletion caused them to revert to vanilla values).

  • Fixed some missing tooltips.

  • Fixed a few minor errors that were popping up in the error log.

  • Reorganized the NSC2 localisation files to make it easier to find certain things. (Only affects those making language translations)

April 24, 2021 - Season 6, Episode 1: Planting the Flag...ship
Update 8 - Mod Version 6.1.8
New Save Game is Not Required

  • Fixed the coding of the Drop Pods which was broken by 3.0.1. They should now be working as intended.

  • Updated NSC2 Reactors so Crisis ships can use them.

  • Updated the Engineering Tech file to match Nemesis changes.

  • Deleted the NSC2 overwrite of the vanilla reactors file since it's no longer needed.

  • Updated the Freebooter Satrapy to Nemesis standards.

  • Freebooters' Habitats now provide 12 building slots open by default.

  • Freebooters' Habitats now have increased planet size.

  • Fixed a bug in the Starbase Types file that was keeping the AI from building starbases properly.

  • Freebooters' Habitats now have the Factory District for offering Artisan jobs.

  • Many changes and adjustments to the NSC2 Fleet Doctrines, which are outlined below.

  • Fleet Composition Policy changes:

  • Decluttered the Policies, which will now add a static modifier to the empire that will have a custom tooltip that is easier to read than 15 modifiers.

  • All policies now have a debuff that matches the buff given by the policy - so your focused ships still give 20% bonuses like before, but now other classes get a 20% debuff instead of only 10%.

  • The Carrier Focus policy now provides +35% build speed and -35% build cost to Escort Carriers and Carriers, to help balance that this policy only focuses on two ship classes instead of more like the others.

  • Fleet Operations Doctrine changes:

  • Blue Sky - Removed bombardment damage bonus but gained starbase building and module build speed of +25%

  • Black Sky - Orbital Bombardment damage reduced to 15% but added +10% damage vs Starbases

  • Crew Training Doctrine changes:

  • Privateer Operation - Starbase Trade Protection +10, Starbase Trade Collection Range +3, Piracy Growth -20%, Trade Value +20%, -25% Naval Cap.

  • Naval Academy Training - Tracking and Accuracy Increased to +20%, Disengagement increased to 20%, Ship Build Cost increased to +20%, removed Naval Cap penalty.

  • Rapid Training - Tracking and Accuracy Penalty increased to -20%, Naval Cap bonus replaced by -25% Build cost, evasion and disengagement penalty replaced with -10% weapon damage.

  • Artificial Intelligence Crews - Ship Build Speed +20%, Accuracy and Tracking -15%, Disengagement Reduction 15%.

  • Drone Crew Doctrine changes:

  • Quality Protocol - Disengagement Chance +20%, Accuracy and Tracking +20%, Ship Build Cost +20%.

  • Adaptive Protocol - Fire Disparity Fire Rate -15%, Command Limit -15%, Naval Cap +15%.

  • Swarm Protocol - Ship Speed +25%, Disengagement Reduction 25%, Evasion +25%.

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