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UI Overhaul Dynamic
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Jan 12, 2019 @ 11:21pm
Jan 3 @ 3:35pm
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UI Overhaul Dynamic

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For 2.8.X ✔️

Can be used in multiplayer, even with players who doesn't use it!

🛠️ Interface Modified 🛠️
Pretty much everything visible has had a change, but the short gist of it;
  • Adapted UI to resize itself depending on user resolution. See supported resolutions thread for more info.
  • Most windows have increased height and width, to increase space for relevant content.
  • Increased the height of most list elements.
  • Fixes and optimizes vanilla UI wherever possible.
  • Bigger Empire Creation.
  • New Planet Overview, with a standalone version: Bigger Planet View.
  • New Ship Designer that vastly increases the whole window space to allow for more ship sections, like New Ship Classes.
  • New Fleet Manager that hopefully increases effectiveness: Image[]
  • In-game usable Tech Tree, made by: turanar[]. (Using the built-in web browser)
You can also see the changes in the previews up above.

For frequently asked questions and issues
Gives you a list of supported resolutions and recommended UI scaling
Sharing your bug reports
Temporary and dirty bugfix for more building slots

⚠️ Current Status ⚠️
30th of September
Summer is long over, and PDX is back on track.
Mod should be enriched enough to satisfy the majority, so don't expect any more updates till the vanilla UI is updated in some way or another.

Previous Updates on current issues

📑 Load Order 📑
I'd recommend putting this mod at the very bottom, as in last in your load order.
Only exception is with specific instructions given with compatibility patches, or if you want a specific UI mod to overrule the changes in this one.

Thanks to everyone that has used my mod(s), and much gratitude to those special ones that have shared coin! 🙏

You can also find me on the Stellaris Modding Den under the name Orrie#5902:
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Tepacana 17 hours ago 
oh wait hold on, I thought this mod wasn't working when it was, I forgot I had a separate one that changed the outliner
Tepacana 17 hours ago 
I'm having trouble getting the mod to load, I've tried the steps in the support page, but they haven't worked so far, I've also done a full reinstall of the game, the launcher included, and it still doesn't load. Other mods do load however, so it's just this one.

Any help you guys could give would be hugely appreciated, I love this mod, makes the game so much better to play.
[CN]突击队队员 Feb 23 @ 2:14am 
I don't know it is network bug or what , system show me you don't have ACCESS to see this item.
Wulfgaar Feb 22 @ 12:57pm 
I have a weird problem i cant seem to fix i reinstalled stellaris 5 times and deleted all stellaris related folders but each time i try to use UI Overhaul and some few other mods it doesnt work it just wont work in the game and doesnt apply the UI Overhaul it normally should i tried with many mods and with only UI Overhaul activated but it doesnt seem to work
[JdG] Pejman Feb 22 @ 3:36am 
Not a UI overhaul dynamic issue, but anyone has any idea how to get leader/species id to show properly if they have too many traits ?? (debugtooltip has the great idea to display the ID on bottom so if there is too much stuff to show it wont show the ID)
denizudk Feb 21 @ 4:48am 
IHo wcan I use both this mod and Gigastructures? Is there a compability patch? Is this mod need to overwrite Gigastructures?
BoogieMan Feb 20 @ 5:27pm 
Apparently the button only works up to 1.1 scaling, but at 1.1 scaling the ship design screen doesn't fit and goes offscreen on the bottom.

With my monitor size and resolution I find 1.4 scaling to be ideal so unfortunately I suppose I will have to do without this mod.
Orrie  [author] Feb 20 @ 3:39pm 
Check your UI scaling settings.
BoogieMan Feb 20 @ 1:22pm 
When I have this mod enabled, the button on the bottom of the screen to go out to the galaxy view doesn't work, so I can never leave my home system. Nothing happens at all when I click it. No errors or anything.
Orrie  [author] Feb 20 @ 2:33am 
Check your UI scaling settings.