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UI Overhaul Dynamic
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Jan 12, 2019 @ 11:21pm
Jul 31 @ 4:49am
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UI Overhaul Dynamic

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For 2.7.X ✔️

Can be used in multiplayer, even with players who doesn't use it!

🛠️ Interface Modified 🛠️
Pretty much everything visible has had a change, but the short gist of it;
  • Adapted UI to resize itself depending on user resolution. See supported resolutions thread for more info.
  • Most windows have increased height and width, to increase space for relevant content.
  • Increased the height of most list elements.
  • Fixes and optimizes vanilla UI wherever possible.
  • Bigger Empire Creation.
  • New Planet Overview, with a standalone version: Bigger Planet View.
  • New Ship Designer that vastly increases the whole window space to allow for more ship sections, like New Ship Classes.
  • New Fleet Manager that hopefully increases effectiveness: Image[]
  • Ingame useable Tech Tree, made by: turanar[]. (Using the built-in web browser)
You can also see the changes in the previews to above.

For frequently asked questions and issues
Gives you a list of supported resolutions and recommended UI scaling
Sharing your bug reports
Temporary and dirty bugfix for more building slots

⚠️ Current Status ⚠️
22nd of June:
Summer holidays at Paradox, so doubtful any new information will be shared before 13th or 20th of August (Thursdays, Dev-Diary).

Previous Updates on current issues

📑 Load Order 📑
I'd recommend putting this mod at the very bottom, as in last in your load order.
Only exception is with specific instructions given with compatibility patches, or if you want a specific UI mod to overrule the changes in this one.


You can also find me on the Stellaris Modding Den under the name Orrie#1000:
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precnet Sep 12 @ 10:17am 
For anyone struggling with ship designer window size here is a dirty little hack that worked for me:
1) create new mod
2) copy there (usually in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\you_mod) content of "UI Overhaul Dynamic" mod (you'll need to download it first)
3) ensure "UI Overhaul Dynamic" is disabled in launcher and your mode is enabled
4) edit file Documents\mod\you_mod\interface\ship_designer.gui
- find section containerWindowType... name = "ship_designer"
- find there section if_resolution = {
min_height = 1440
size = { width = 2180 height = 1300 }
- change height value. In my case 1000 was enough
Lochranza [SCO] Sep 9 @ 2:45pm 
Hello, I am wondering if you will add a way to scroll the Planet view, I am on a Birch World and the Slots go below View and there is no way to Scroll down, is there a patch for this i am unaware of?
Anyone can aswer, thankyou.
adamsrealm Sep 9 @ 12:24pm 
Anyone know why the station building slots are clipping off the ui?

(I do have NSC2 installed)
Ace! Sep 7 @ 7:36am 
Many of my icons suddenly reverted back to default and not what you see on the screenshots. No more green apples. I tried resubscribe, put at bottom/top. Its was fine yesterday.
Sorta Nutty Sep 4 @ 5:40am 
Is there any way to make the ship designer not so massive? Everything else is scaled well, but the ship designer is just way too big, and has issues when using the UI scaler.
๋DerkyLides Aug 29 @ 8:58am 
Window with a smaller planet a little bit, an hour looking for how to see the population, and the army:steamhappy:, Окно с планетой поменьше чуть чуть, час искал как посмотреть население, и армии:steamhappy:
!!!( ARON DREAM )!!! Aug 29 @ 12:16am 
love this mod just a shame that my monitor is too small and I am on a laptop. and although I could scroll the size down it just becomes so small so that you can't even see most of what is happing on the screen. but anyways, I will definitely be using this mod once a have a better pc and a bigger screen.:ghlol:
darthvaapad Aug 26 @ 11:42am 
I'm having problems with the districts not showing up or getting a scroll bar. I also have the dirty fix.
Orrie  [author] Aug 24 @ 1:31pm 
First picture in the description.
alibyte Aug 24 @ 1:07pm 
brainlet question: does this disable achievements? I have like 5 mods and stopped getting achievemetns, want to narrow down the culprit. I don't think it would