Age of Empires II (2013)

Age of Empires II (2013)

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Interactive Build Order Guide
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Interactive Build Order Guide

A series of interactive tutorials for learning and practising build orders. Includes 10 build orders, each with step by step instructions in both text and audio, and a scoring system which will mark you at several benchmarks leading to a final grade (A+ to F). Credits and thanks to ZeroEmpires for voicing these scenarios.

Build orders included:

- Scouts
- Scouts - Skirms
- Scouts - Archers
- Archers
- Men-at-Arms - Archers
- Drush - Archers
- Drush - Fast Castle
- Fast Castle - Boom
- Fast Castle - Knights
- Fast Castle - Unique Unit

Be warned that these are somewhat difficult scenarios - these are mainly intended for experienced players, who are already practised with core game mechanics. Players should be fluent with hotkeys to be able to keep the TC working throughout, whilst managing various aspects of the economy and producing from multiple military buildings.

Also, it is not expected that you will get a good grade the first time. Rather, you should expect your grade to improve only by repeated practice. Start by trying to master the Dark age - try to achieve at least a C here before continuing with the rest of the scenario. This is mainly about having minimal idle time on the TC. (If you lose a villager to a boar here a restart is recommended, since the triggers are generally based on villager count.)

If you want to play these scenarios on a different map, simply open them up in the scenario editor and generate a new map to practice on. Only, be sure to use the Build Order Arabia map that comes with this mod.

Finally, these scenarios are intended to be enjoyed! Don't beat yourself up because you find them hard - they are intended to provide a serious challenge. There are many valid ways of enjoying this great game, so these scenarios won't be for everyone.

Have fun :)

PS: For those of you that don't know how scenarios work... start a game in Single-Player, and choose Custom Scenario as the game mode.

PPS: These scenarios should only be played with Vietnamese - or Saracens for AoC (or any civ without an eco bonus)
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Bufflo_billy Jan 26 @ 7:23am 
@JoeBunny I have managed to fixed the problem! Turns out the directory of the mod files can not contain non english words or letters, otherwise the game would have error loading the audio file. since I am Taiwanese, my original user name were in mandarin, hence the source of the problem! Still thank alot though!
JoeBunny Jan 24 @ 7:46am 
I don't have issue with DE, remember to download it from the ingame MOD menú @Buffio_billy
Bufflo_billy Jan 17 @ 1:37am 
Hi, is there anyone else having audio issue with DE version? For me everything else is normal, but when in game there's no audio playback.
JoeBunny Dec 27, 2020 @ 10:45am 
DE has his own way to download the mod, go to MOD in the main menú and then browse all mods you want, you'll find this eventually
pigeonius Dec 5, 2020 @ 11:28am 
@Argieturk DE or HD? on HD I had no issues (1 year ago), on DE I had to manipulate with sound (Zero Empires narration was almost silent compared to other sounds) and I had to press the button near the minimap (that one that shows score) twice or 3 times and wait a little to see the objectives
pigeonius Dec 5, 2020 @ 11:24am 
@Extrenix it depends which scenario. Calculate the theoretical value (e.g. 21 pop scouts = 21-3start vill - scout + loom = 18. 18 x 25s = 450s = 7:30 click up) and add 5 seconds idle time for clicking feudal.
It used to be:
01 - Scouts: 7:55 (22 pop scouts)
02 - Scouts - Skirms: 7:55
03 - Scouts - Archers: 7:55
04 - Archers: 8:20
05 - Men-at-Arms - Archers: 7:55
06 - Drush - Archers: 9:15
07 - Drush - Fast Castle: 10:55
08 - Fast Castle - Boom: 10:05
09 - Fast Castle - Knights: 10:30
10 - Fast Castle - Unique Unit: 10:30
pigeonius Dec 5, 2020 @ 11:15am 
@Kunuk it doeasn't for me. You can always change the scenario in the scenario editor if you don't like it or want to practice on different maps
pigeonius Dec 5, 2020 @ 11:14am 
@dhruvonium, yes as a mod within the game look for interactive build order :)
pigeonius Dec 5, 2020 @ 11:12am 
@brendan.mcewen1 go to Single-Player, choose Custom Scenario as the game mode, then start the game
Bernin Dec 5, 2020 @ 8:17am 
Just subscribed on HD but cannot find them anywhere, any tips?