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Light Strategy Changes
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Light Strategy Changes

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RealityMachina's War of the Chosen Mods
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Adds a continental heat system with varying consequences, along with an haven adviser system.

The Basics
Every continent gets its own "Resistance Command".

These can be staffed with a soldier, engineer, or scientist, with the benefits changing depending on type used, and whether you unlocked the continent bonus for a region.

Soldiers provide extra mission help: they provide an extra turn and when the continent bonus is unlocked, they turn civilians to XCOM friendly and provides the squad with the ability to pause timers at the cost of intel.

Engineers provide a rebate on supplies spent for building radio relays, and when you unlock the continent bonus, you earn a bonus to supplies when you go to scan and pick up the supply drop.

Scientists help provide extra decay of heat for their continent, and when you unlock the continent bonus, provide extra intel for every point of interest you scan in that continent. Note that they will not provide any research bonuses while out on assignment.

The Heat System
As XCOM performs more missions and covert actions in a region, the heat of that continent will go up. Early on this just removes the initial bonuses you get from operating in a "quiet" continent (such as timers waiting for broken concealment or smaller detection ranges), but as time passes, and you commit to more and more missions in a given continent, heat will start penalizing you, going from increasing force level to completely removing starting concealment on missions.

In addtion, strategic consequences can also arise: continents with medium or more levels of heat cause XCOM soldiers on covert actions to come back with negative traits, or for less supplies to be recovered depending on how many continents are afflicted.

Once a continent hits peak heat, it will spawn a resistance command defence mission, which is a two part tactical mission. At least the first part needs to be completed to prevent multiple region loss, though successfully beating the second mission will increase the continent's supply income. The end of this mission will always reduce the continent heat's to a more manageable level, in any case.

Other ways of managing heat are available through XCOM's research, as a pair of repeatable techs that let you spend either intel or do missions to try reducing the most affected continent's heat.

Pyrrhic Victories is thus listed as a required mod, as part of the end goal of this system is to incentivize doing more smash and grabbing against the odds instead of digging in your feet and fighting everything.

Covert Action Missions is also listed as to give the player a way of generating missions outside the normal spawning zone.

Does this work in a campaign already in progress? - It should.

The reduce heat techs don't specify what continent they're for - These will always target the continent with the largest amount of heat.
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Dawnpromise Apr 9 @ 4:42pm 
Is it just me or is the reward for staffing a soldier really underwhelming compared to engineers and scientists?

I understand it needs to be kept low because of how much easier it is to recruit normal soldiers but as things stand it feels like there's just no reason to ever staff a soldier as an adviser.
HATERADE Mar 28 @ 9:52pm 
Does this mod effect enemy spawns? I have several custom enemy mods that don't ever seem to spawn and I'm trying to run down the cause. Thanks in advance!
RedDobe Mar 10 @ 8:25am 
@RealityMachina - "Engineers provide a rebate on supplies spent for building radio relays, and when you unlock the continent bonus, you earn a bonus to supplies when you go to scan and pick up the supply drop. " I just received the bonus for supplies by having an engineer as the advisor, even though I did not yet unlock the continent bonus for that continent. I placed him there to receive the relay rebate, but forgot to remove him once I built the relay. And then got lucky when the next supply drop was placed there.
Andante Mar 9 @ 8:17pm 
Does "medium heat" cause the "Advanced Forces" sitrep to be added to all missions generated on that continent? Or am I going to also get struck by lightning today? xD
Bholder Mar 5 @ 7:35pm 
Actually nevermind, it just switched to medium heat, so the system works
Bholder Mar 2 @ 2:57pm 
Are you sure the heat is not increasing? I definietly lost my no-heat bonuses after a month or so. It still says low heat so maybe it's a display bug
Dark Templar Mar 1 @ 9:50am 
@destonttanner At medium heat, its +3 force level, which would increase the difficulty on every mission quite a bit, I think this mod needs an update to get the heat increase working. Really hope RM can find the time for this it is quite sweet.
destonttanner Feb 26 @ 1:05pm 
Everything is always low/no heat; it makes the game too easy. Can you make it so everything starts out at medium?
Dark Templar Feb 23 @ 6:59am 
@Kakroom are u running this with wotc?
For some reason heat never increases in my game. How many missions u gotta do to go up 1 level heat anyone have an idea?
mike_calhoun420 Feb 7 @ 8:24am 
Is this mod compatible while using a controller?