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Children, school and learning
Mod, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
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Oct 17, 2018 @ 12:54pm
Aug 26 @ 2:08pm
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Children, school and learning



Requires at least HugsLib 7.0.0

Load order
// HugsLib
// Children, school and learning

// Birds&Bees (not required, but has to be after Children if used - has more fertility related stuff etc.)

Children are born 15 years old [configurable].
- This mod does not claim realism, I just liked the way this was implemented in the old game 'Diggles: The Myth of Fenris'
- Pregnancy functions the same as with animals [chance configurable]. The looks of the child are based on the parents (Partially for AlienRaces)
- Children 'inherit' skills from the parents [configurable], but have random passions and traits
- Birth control 'drug' can be crafted and given a schedule (needs a newly created drug policy in running game to show up, one pill lasts 5 days, can be added with 'Prepare Carefully' under medical, bought or produced with 'Drug production' and 'Medicine production' research in the 'Drug Lab' like medicine)
- Children are born after 45 days(15 days early-stage (not visible, but chance to vomit) / 15 days middle-stage / 15 days late-stage) (these are unchanged base-game values! There is now an option to modify this without having to change the base game or mod files)
- Artificial pregnancy through a medical operation (if the colonist has a partner/lover they are used, but it is also possible to have a pregnancy without a partner) (two female partners or an unfertile father can have a child through this) Needs better than herbal medicine
- Discover pregnancy operation - pregnancy is normally not visible for the first third of its duration (base game behavior, but can now also be disabled in the options for colonists)
- Remove pregnancy operation

Includes a blackboard and school-table where skilled pawns can teach different subjects.
- There is now a new schedule-tab for each blackboard
- Students can learn 1 year until they are 16 [configurable]
- Teachers should have the intellectual skill at a decent level (3-5 or higher, otherwise they teach less) + a high level in the tought subject (around 7 for most, probably needs balancing)
- You can set up certain times in which school activities get higher priority over the normal work

Materials needed to study:
- Cooking: Most raw food
- Medicine: All medicine (default: 1 herbal)
- Mining: Stone blocks or steel (default: 1 steel)
- Contruction: 1 wood log
- Tailoring: 1 (most textiles/leathers)
- Crafting: 1 wood log
- Growing: Raw plant matter / food
- Others: Nothing
(See also Si-Cafe's patch to remove these below)

Can be added to a running game / save!
Removing the mod:
With the game and save loaded, go to the bottom of the mod-options for this mod and click 'remove the mod'
If you have removed the mod by accident and are stuck with a black/grey screen after loading - there is an experimental option to try to fix the map (will loose defined areas [like home, roof etc.] enable 'Try to fix map' at the bottom of the mod-options before loading the save - after that you can properly remove the mod)

Mods that have advanced interactions with this mod:
(Optional mods that directly or indirectly interact with CSL)

- Baby & Children (Updated for 1.2&1.3)
Adds better looks and functionality for children
older version:

- Medical Supplements
Has additional birth-control

- Age Matters (Port for 1.0&1.1&1.2&1.3)
Younger children behave more realistic
older version:

- Si-Cafe:
Removes noise and material-need while learning:

- Capi:

Interesting mods:

- Gain skill passions
Enables dynamic changing passions (may also be helpful when having passion issues)

Mod compatibility (see the discussion/thread below):
- "GiddyUp!": Using mounts to ride to school will currently not work when the mount is not within the school-zone already! (Colonists may stand still [in shock ;D] until school is over) You have to set the school-zone/area as forbidden for riding in GiddyUp! for it to work. You can also set a drop-spot outside the zone.

- "Better Pawn Control" and "Common Sense" might have issues with the SchoolZone that you can define (they might stay in it forever if the mod is active)

- "Pawn Render Patch for HD" should no longer cause scaling to have issues (when zoomed in)

Review and download for owners of the non Steam version:
Thanks for keeping the download up to date!

Short overview/school setup video by Jadziax:
Some things changed/improved with the recent update, but a mostly up to date nice overview

Always make sure you actually have the latest version in the ingame mod-list, lately the workshop is sometimes weird..

You have to go into the 'Vanilla Framework Expanded'-mod settings and uncheck 'Disable Texture Caching' then scaling should work again for now
Same with '[NL] Facial Animations' turn off 'Force No-Cache' (But this also disables some of the mod, I will look into it)
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vkhill0 1 hour ago 
question. would the biosculpter pods have any effect on pregnancy. i am a little scared to let my pawn have their normal age reversal treatment because i'm not sure how that might interact with her pregnancy.
Viper Sep 19 @ 7:46pm 
Question: Disable school area. Tooltip says "Don't change the area to school automatically". How does this actually work, since the school zone by default has it's own architect menu gizmo?

If i disabled it (because of mod conflicts), do I lose the gizmo and just make a normal zone with the correct name? "School" ? or "School Zone"? or "SchoolZone" ?
Viper Sep 19 @ 7:38pm 
Dylan, wow, I can tell just by the mod options that this keeps getting bigger and tougher to manage. It's great though, keep up the good work man!
vkhill0 Sep 18 @ 9:11pm 
the first image seems to imply that placing different things in the class room would be beneficial depending on the subject being taught but nothing is written to indicate this. could someone please clarify?
I.R.R.I.S.H. Sep 17 @ 10:53am 
My two human colonists gave birth to a Squamata baby from the Forgotten Realms Lizardfolk mod. Is there some setting that makes babies get born as a random race? I can't find one.
Thetaprime Sep 16 @ 7:04pm 
Hey Dylan, is there a way you could patch cribs into Soft Warm Beds? Or should I approach the SWB author to have him patch cribs in? I get duplicate XML errors when SWB is loaded before or after your mod.
Prop Sep 16 @ 5:08am 
How do i disable twins being born my colony is growing too fast
Deepfield Sep 15 @ 4:31pm 
Going to disable the "Fix no passion" and see what happens
Deepfield Sep 15 @ 4:30pm 
@Seriously Unserious Parents passions were Plants/animals, Crafting/mining
jacqui.cleworth Sep 14 @ 6:44pm 
My bad, read through the discussion and worked out how to configure birth age.