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Children, school and learning
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Children, school and learning

Version 1.5.6


Requires at least HugsLib 5.0.0

Load order
// HugsLib
// Children, school and learning

// Birds&Bees (not required, but has to be after Children if used - has more fertility related stuff etc.)

Children are born 15 years old [configurable].
- This mod doesn't claim realism, I just liked the way this was implemented in the old game 'Diggles: The Myth of Fenris'
- Pregnancy functions the same as with animals [chance configurable]. The looks of the child are based on the parents (Partially for AlienRaces)
- Children 'inherit' skills from the parents [configurable], but have random passions and traits
- Birth control 'drug' can be crafted and given a schedule (needs a newly created drug policy in running game to show up, one pill lasts 5 days, can be added with 'Prepare Carefully' under medical, bought or produced with 'Drug production' and 'Medicine production' research in the 'Drug Lab' like medicine)
- Children are born after 45 days(15 days early-stage (not visible, but chance to vomit) / 15 days middle-stage / 15 days late-stage) (these are unchanged base-game values! There is now an option to modify this without having to change the base game or mod files)
- Artificial pregnancy through a medical operation (if the colonist has a partner/lover they are used, but it is also possible to have a pregnancy without a partner) (two female partners or an unfertile father can have a child through this) Needs better than herbal medicine
- Discover pregnancy operation - pregnancy is normally not visible for the first third of its duration (base game behavior, but can now also be disabled in the options for colonists)
- Remove pregnancy operation

Includes a blackboard and school-table where skilled pawns can teach different subjects.
- Students can only learn with a teacher present
- You need to have the job of learning AND teaching a subject at the blackboard AND school-table
- Students can learn 1 year until they are 16 [configurable]
- Teachers should have the intellectual skill at a decent level (3-5 or higher, otherwise they teach less) + a high level in the tought subject (around 7 for most, probably needs balancing)
- You can set up certain times in which school activities get higher priority over the normal work

It should not require a new save, as the functions hook into existing content,
but I have not extensively tested that.

Removing the mod:
With the game and save loaded, go to the bottom of the mod-options for this mod and click 'remove the mod'
If you have removed the mod by accident and are stuck with a black/grey screen after loading - there is an experimental option to try to fix the map (will loose defined areas [like home, roof etc.] enable 'Try to fix map' at the bottom of the mod-options before loading the save - after that you can properly remove the mod)

Recent updates:

- A school-area can be defined under zones(like the home area [Architect->Zone]) which will automatically be set and overriden (when an area is defined) for any colonist who has currently active school-time set. (The user defined area for the colonists will not be changed, it is just overriden for that time.) (This should eliminate most problems with colonists not beeing in school.)
* Also comes with a new option to define which size of fire may cause to loose the school-area-override (can be turned off) [default: small fires]

- There is now a new teaching job on the blackboard: 'Assisted learning' a general teaching option which does only give a limited bonus based on the intellectual skill of the teacher and not the subject, but every subject can be learned by students during the lesson. (This should also help with some problems regarding student/teacher syncing) [requires int 3]

- A choice-popup is shown if the child species is unclear or the option to always show this popup is enabled
(Options: 'Show child species dialog if unclear' and 'Always show child species dialog')
- Pregnany operations now also work for animals
- Easier option at the top of the settings to disable children

Mods that have advanced interactions with this mod:
- Baby & Children (Updated for 1.1!)
Adds better looks and functionality for children

- Medical Supplements
Has additional birth-control

- Age Matters (Port for 1.0&1.1)
Younger children behave more realistic

- Alien Children Compatibility
Tries fixing some visual artifacts that may arise for some children of AlienRaces-Mods

Mod compatibility (see the discussion/thread below):
- "GiddyUp!": Using mounts to ride to school will currently not work when the mount is not within the school-zone already! (Colonists may stand still [in shock ;D] until school is over) You have to set the school-zone/area as forbidden for riding in GiddyUp! for it to work. You can also set a drop-spot outside the zone.

- A lot of mods that change the faces or appearance od colonists like FacialStuff, HD Pawn Textures etc. may require you to "disable scaling" in the mod options of this mod to work (children won't be smaller then normal colonists then, I am still looking into better ways to do this)

- "Better Pawn Control" has issues with the SchoolZone that you can define (they might stay in it forever if the mod is active) [I am looking into it]

Review and download for owners of the non Steam version:
Thanks for keeping the download up to date!
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StoveHound 18 hours ago 
@Dylan Yes you're were right on it being 'Facial Stuff', when does the scaling feature turn off on children? At what age are they the same body size as a regular human pawn? I'm wondering if once the "adult" age kicks in it will give me a face back.
Luce_Nivea 21 hours ago 
@Dylan it works just fine now! Thank you for your help!
Dylan  [author] Aug 6 @ 11:58am 
@StoveHound - Could be 'Facial Stuff' or 'HD Pawn Textures' or similar visual mods - I have a longer running effort now for a while to resolve that somehow, but nothing concrete yet.

Now that the Baby&Children mod has been updated for 1.1 you could also try out if using the mod improves it, as it does render the children differently (not guaranteed - but could improve the situation) (if the other features of it are something you are interested in - see the description above)

@Luce_Nivea - No problem ^^ let me know if it helped
StoveHound Aug 5 @ 4:57pm 
@Dylan Just so you know turning off scaling seems to fix this issue but I'm still wondering if I can fix this somewhere else because I like the scaling option.
StoveHound Aug 5 @ 4:52pm 
Likely a conflict with another mod but do you have any idea what kind of mods could cause children to have no faces? By that I mean no eyes etc, hair is there just the face is a blank egg!
Luce_Nivea Aug 5 @ 8:56am 
@Dylan Thank you! I'll change that in my settings then!
Dylan  [author] Aug 5 @ 5:50am 
@RCP Mione - I will put it on the list ^^

@Luce_Nivea - There were some issues when you have them born very young - it should resolve when they get old enough to work - otherwise it could be a problem or incompatibility with other mods

@Lan - You can see it in the last screenshot above (it is in the menu were you set up work/sleep times etc.)
Dylan  [author] Aug 5 @ 5:45am 
@troopersmith1 - Thanks for the info ^^ I updated it

@kylin - At least not recently, you could post a modlist in the troubleshooting thread - the ones with the problem are all from the same AlienRace? There is a mod option 'always get pregnant' + options to log all that is happening in the Rimworld developer console if you turn those on and see the hearts in bed there should be at least some info right after they vanish what the mod is doing at that point, that could help figure it out aswell

@Cancervero - I would like to expand on it and those are pretty good ideas (if balanced well) holotapes that give substantial boost could also be a rare item - there was the idea in the past that pawns could write books that teach other aswell (produced on a desk like a sculpture etc.) - it would be good to have some more asynchronous learning because having both the teacher and students all there at the same time does cause a lot of problems to deal with like the zones/times etc.
Lan Aug 4 @ 11:03am 
"You can set up certain times in which school activities get higher priority over the normal work"
I wonder how to set .
Luce_Nivea Aug 4 @ 9:39am 
One problem that I am seeing is that almost all of my children colonists will have passion for only plants, crafting or intellectual, and never more than that. Recently skills have all been at zero as well even though the parents may have a much higher skill level than that so I am not sure how to go about fixing this.