Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Hybrid Spells Expanded- Definitive Edition
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Game Mode: Story, GM
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Sep 8, 2018 @ 3:10pm
Jan 13 @ 7:00am
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Hybrid Spells Expanded- Definitive Edition

What is this?

This is a mod I made to increase the number of craftable skillbooks, by adding new hybrid spells with skill combinations that aren’t in the base game (e.g. Hydro + Pyro). Combining any two skill books will now yield a new spell.

Obtaining the Spells

All spells can be made via a crafting recipe. The recipes are like in the base game: to make the normal skill combine two non-source skill books from the combat skills you want to use and to make a source skillbook you combine skillbooks from the two combat skills with at least one being a source book.

On top of the regular Skills there are also some Ultimate Skills I've added. These are Powerful skills that require Source Books from multiple Combat Skills to make. They can only be used once per battle and you can only have one memorised per character at any time. See the document below for more details

Additionally, I have added a Vendor, Selena. She can be found in:
  • Fort Joy: Next to the statue in the middle of fort joy (Only sells non source books)
  • Lady Vengeance: Lower deck next to the mirror
  • Driftwood: Behind Trader Ovis' Shop
  • Nameless Isle: Top deck of the lady vengeance
  • Arx: Next to the waypoint in the main town
Selena will sell every spell I've made for this mod except Ultimates (I want those to be crafting only). Unfortunately I cannot add any voicework to her due to editor limitations but this is the best way to avoid clashes with other mods. Ultimate Skills are not sold by the vendor and can only be crafted.

Meet Selena, the Vendor for Hybrid Spells Expanded

This Mod is a work in progress, some of the skills are done and there will almost definitely need to be some rebalancing based on feedback, so leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Current Added Skills

Apparently I exceeded the word count adding the skills here, so I've compiled them on a document found here[docs.google.com]


Checked the changelog on the sidebar for a more in depth look at what has been changed.

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GM Version ?
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AarkNoa May 1 @ 9:43am 
Hello again, been using the Void Armament buff recently for my new Chaos Battlemage build and have encounter a curiosity; the chaos damage + unstable debuff only happens with basic attacks (as is intended I presume), but when I kill enemies with basic attacks and/or under the effect of unstable these enemies tend to explode causing random effetcs to my party in the area
For example, Lohse, the chaotic battlemage in question was turned into a cow for two turns for defeating an enemy
Was that intended to appear more volatile, or is it a bug, or maybe confliting mods? Because the cow thing only happens on myself and I've only seen that on the special armors from the Crafting Overhaul, not a skill or sideeffect
masterblue91 Apr 5 @ 9:09am 
Hi! I'm having an issue with the skill snipe. I cant seem to hit any targets with the ability because it says invalid target. I am unsure of what is causing this or if I need to position a certain way before I can use it
Hellwyrm Mar 27 @ 10:57am 
@CrOnA, this is a "bug" known in several other mods, it is not a problem with this specific one, you are using other mods, right? If I'm not mistaken, I've seen people solve this problem by downloading the Norbyte's Script Extender, are you using it?
CrOnA Mar 17 @ 3:55pm 
is it possible to download a version that doesnt spawn 4 undismissable characters when starting a new game ?
pp1497 Feb 26 @ 5:11am 
Would It be possible to add lava portal skill used by Hannag?
Kagaari Jan 6 @ 2:16pm 
AarkNoa Jan 4 @ 7:47am 
Love the newly overworked skills you did there
and thank you so much for still working on this <3
Tashiqi Jan 3 @ 3:29pm 
I'm quite curious as to how Thrill of the Hunt (ultimate spell for Huntsman/Scoundrel/Polymorph) is meant to be used. I'm having trouble seeing any use case for this spell with this cost (4AP+3SP) and duration (1 turn), so I guess I'm missing something about it.

I could maybe see something in a Lone Wolf run, but I don't think it'd be meant to be used only in solo.
Actual Literal Monkey Dec 29, 2020 @ 1:11pm 
For some odd reason, I loaded this on my new computer hoping to continue my old save where this mod was already enabled, when all of the skills I knew from this mod vanished, as well as most of the other mods I had's NPC vendors. Curious.
Draakvuur Dec 23, 2020 @ 10:19pm 
For whatever reason, the wall of flesh completely softlocks the game in combat when it's out, as if it's taking a turn that it can't.