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Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Occultist- A Summoner Overhaul
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Game Mode: Story, GM
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Sep 23, 2018 @ 10:51am
Oct 17, 2019 @ 1:22pm
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Occultist- A Summoner Overhaul

What is this?

Are you bored of Vanilla summoner? Don't get me wrong, summoner is pretty strong (especially near the start of the game) but once you play more, it's really just doing the same thing, and it isn't terribly interactive at times. Which brings me to this mod. When making this, I had the following things in mind:
  • Give summoners more to do with their skills beyond just summoning and a couple of buffs here and there
  • Make chaos damage spells feel actually useful
  • Give some more synergy with phys damage dealers
  • More summons to play around with (ofcs)
Hopefully I've managed to do that, but I'll let you be the judge of that! And if I haven't, let me know!. Now, onto the specifics:

What has been changed from the base game?
Not much, really, I think summoner is actually pretty balanced overall, it just feels a bit boring at times. That said I did make a few changes
  • Summoner has now been renamed to Occultist. This fits in better with the themes that I'm using for this mod
  • Dimensional bolt now costs 1 ap
  • Totems have a bit more health scaling, but I'm not sure if it's enough yet
  • All Source infusions (Necrofire, Ice, Cursed Electric, Acid) have been changed from 2SP to 1SP

What's new?
This mod adds 15 new spells of all different tiers. There are two important spell types I've added:
  • Hexes- Hexes are debuffs resisted by Magic armor. Each hex costs 1ap to use and damage magic armor. Any enemy can only have one Hex at a time. Later in the game, these can be upgraded to stronger versions with a spell
  • Glyphs- Glyphs are magic circles on the ground that provide a variety of effects to anyone standing in them. They help you, hinder enemies, or both!
  • The Eldritch- If you like you lovecraftian horror, this is the playstyle for you. Physical damage dealing summons and spells galore. We've got Tentacles, giant worms, Godlike creatures- come check it out!

Here is a full list of added spells and their requirements: Occultist Skill Sheet[docs.google.com]

A new status has been introduced: Corrupted. Corrupted reduces an enemies STR, FIN, INT, CON and WITS with each stack (Max 3). When you kill or cast manifest on a corrupted enemy, an Eldritch Parasite is summoned to help you for 3 turns. The higher the stacks of haunted, the stronger the parasite summoned. Parasites deal physical damage.

Where do I get these skills?

These skills can all be bought from Elendra, Occult Master who you will find throughout your travels. She can be found in:
  • Fort Joy: Next to the beach waypoint with the kid
  • Lady Vengeance: Lower deck (the first one without the mirror) in Dallis' Chambers
  • Driftwood: In the docks near where you find Higba
  • Arx: On the bridge in the main city leading to the church

Let me know what you think of this mod in the comments. Any suggestions on balance are welcome. Check the Changelog to keep track of any changes I've recently made

  • Larian Studios for making this game and the editor
  • The divinity discord group (shoutouts to Zerd, Odinblade, LaughingLeader, DerCapac, Bluefire and Kalavinka) for answering my incessant questions.
  • The art team in Dota 2 for some dope art I used for some of the game icons
  • The art team in Path of Exile for this lovely Witch header art.

Check out my other mods!

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Check out the Addon for this mod too! It makes the summons Permanent:
Permanent summons Addon
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Divine Kitty May 5 @ 12:59am 
Has the bugs been fixed?
Phoenix Oct 4, 2021 @ 9:39pm 
Manifest Horror doesnt seem to be working for me
Bob Sep 16, 2021 @ 12:39pm 
It's probably pretty known by now due to how many people have mentioned it but Manifest Horror really does seem to like to crash in most places if you get the 10% summon.
IBrownie Sep 13, 2021 @ 11:59am 
Does anyone else have the issue of sometimes their tentacles from the one source point summon just pass their turn and dont do anything?
Arkius Aug 11, 2021 @ 7:15pm 
Does this mod still work? We put it into our game and dont think it is functioning
Teräs Makkara~ May 11, 2021 @ 9:21am 
An update to this would definitely be pog, always loved playing summoner and having some eldritch horror magic mixed in would be definitely right up my alley.
Raging Anus Apr 28, 2021 @ 6:28pm 
Can I install this mid playthrough?
Tarso Feb 17, 2021 @ 3:18am 
I noticed Imps are super weak on Divinity Unleashed. Not this mod fault of course since DU is a big overhaul, but just to let other people know. If you want to tuse this mod with DU, stay away from imps.
Iceberg Dec 29, 2020 @ 1:55pm 
I noticed you updated the hybrid spells mod. What a great mod. Looking forward to this one getting updated as well.
Siatru Dec 3, 2020 @ 2:23am 
I don't see the beholder queen on my testing run. Might've missed it or maybe I need something else. Also never experienced a crash with Manifest Horror... yet.