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[FSF] Vanilla Bionics Expansion
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Jun 23, 2018 @ 2:51am
Oct 17, 2018 @ 1:57pm
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[FSF] Vanilla Bionics Expansion

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This bionics mod focuses on a very vanilla experience and fills out the numerous prosthetics/bionics/archotechs omitted from the base game. Everything is balanced around vanilla stats, costs, skills and time. Each prosthetic/bionic/archotech changes the body parts efficiency and nothing more. Every part affects only what they are supposed to so there are no weird or whacky bonuses.

The following prosthetics/bionics/archotechs have been added.

Artificial Nose, Prosthetic Eye, Prosthetic Hand, Prosthetic Spine, Prosthetic Lung, Prosthetic Kidney, Prosthetic Liver, Prosthetic Stomach, Bionic Jaw, Bionic Lung, Bionic Kidney, Bionic Liver, Bionic Power Arm, Archotech Ear, Archotech Jaw, Archotech Spine, Archotech Heart, Archotech Lung, Archotech Kidney, Archotech Liver, Archotech Stomach.

The artificial part is merely a replacement and offers no advantage over a natural one. The prosthetics and bionics fill out parts omitted from the base game. Prosthetics give 80% part efficiency, bionics give 125% part efficiency and most archotech give 150% efficiency, all of them are comparable to items in the base game. The power arm I added to make the power claw viable for people who no longer have a shoulder.

Ordinarily a power claw can only be attached to a hand, if the shoulder is removed or lost it can no longer be installed. The power arm is a bionic arm with a power claw attached. It is as efficient as a bionic arm (125% efficiency) that deals the same damage as a power claw. It is made using a bionic arm, a power claw and some advanced components.

All Archotech items can only be obtained from quest rewards or from traders.


This mod will most likely be incompatible with other bionics mods like EPOE or Rah's. It may result in duplicated body parts or flat out not working.

Recommended Mods

[SYR] Prosthetic Table
All bionics are removed from the machining bench and fabrication bench. Instead they appear on a new prosthetic table.

[SYR] Prosthetic Icons
Modifies the icons for bionic boxes so you can tell what they contain without clicking on them. Also adds visual support for stacking bionic boxes.
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Mar 19 @ 6:02pm
Idea for aditionnal bionics
< >
pinbuck 4 hours ago 
mind adding bionic and archotech hand and foot? finger replacements (so i can have this all in one mod) would be amazing too.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] May 18 @ 3:00pm 
I honestly don't know, its not listed on the mod page and I haven't tried it. The efficiency values in my mod are based on vanilla stats from other items. Archotech Expanded however looks like it adds a few non vanilla items though if that's your thing.
BootyKong May 18 @ 2:54pm 
how do the archotech items compare to the archotech items form archotech expanded?
ghaladh May 11 @ 8:23am 
That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you FrozenSnowFox for making it!
FrozenSnowFox  [author] May 5 @ 9:29pm 
I've always found the mod "A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics" has sufficed for my needs. I think the stats or costs could maybe use a bit of tweaking but I never dabble too heavily into animal bionics. Pretty much every creature mod supports it so you'd be hard pressed to find a better bionics mod for animals.
TheFatPuppers May 5 @ 9:21pm 
you should make a mod kinda like this but for animals because then my animals are happy and healthy
Worsti May 4 @ 11:45pm 
I had similar issues that only my bionic lung wasn't showing up.
Seems that i had installed regular Vanilla Bionics Expansion and not the [FSF] version. So people make sure you have the correct installed.
Also, you may need to dismantle your fabrication benches and rebuild them if they don't show correct items to manufacture. Hope this helps.
Myssiv Apr 2 @ 11:50am 
Perfect mod, thank you.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Mar 19 @ 8:50pm 
Considering Rah's seems to mess with the research related to bionics its possible items from my mod are looking for research that no longer exists meaning they can't show up. As for dev mode they really should be visible in there regardless. I tag all stuff in my mods with FSF on the start of their name to make them easier to find, so a kidney is FSFBionicKidney.

I imagine pulling my mod should be safe and allow Rah's to work fine. Although considering the massive changes Rah's does I don't think it would be terribly safe to disable Rah's during a save.

If your having issues with them showing up properly it might be worth testing a clean save with only one mod active to make sure they are working properly alone. I'll add a mention of compatibility in the description, I'm surprised it wasn't there already.
Ventus Mar 19 @ 8:34pm 
https://imgur.com/a/kcQCqpQ (sorry, wrong link before)

Not sure whats up, but it seems like either neither mod does kidney, lung, liver bionics, or there is a hard incompatibility that's not listed in the description. I've tried loading the save with just Rah's or just FSF, no dice either way (though not a clean save).

Its just weird that, between the fabricator, advanced med, machine, and bionics bench, nothing is triggering those items (not even in dev mode is it part of the placeable items).

Oh well, continued mystery as to how to get bionic kidneys...