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Bionic icons
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Aug 3 @ 2:59am
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Bionic icons

Changes the graphic for body part boxes and adds icons depending on what's inside.

I recommend also using my other mod, High quality textures for better visual quality.

In addition to vanilla, Bionic icons has built-in icons for the following mods:

Any mods that use same textures for body part boxes as vanilla are also supported, for example:

Any other mods will most likely keep their own icons.

But are there any hard incompatibilities?!?!

If you want to use functionality from this mod in yours, you can do this using just XML - compatibility patches for above mods are written in XML, using two new defs: BionicIconsTextureDef (defines which icons we shall be replacing) and BionicIconsIconDef (defines what icon to use as a replacement).


Inspired by Syrchalis's Prosthetic Icons mod.
DnaJur for advice on DDS.

- switched to a different method of displaying icons, using CutoutComplex shader
- created an individual box graphic for every replaced sprite
- added support for Genetic Rim and Glitter Tech

- added support for Night Vision
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WcaleNieOlek Sep 15 @ 4:57pm 
Can you add support for Medical System Expansion?
Planewalker Aug 26 @ 3:02pm 
Vanilla this mod should be.
Bishop Aug 9 @ 7:37am 
Your mod is quite gorgeous. Does load order matter? I ask because fresh bionics off the work bench don't have a glowing light around the box edge, but harvested ones do. Also, do you have any plans of creating a 'stacked' sprite, same as in Syrchalis' mod? Many people use stacking mods, and this would be very convenient to see. Thanks for your efforts!
⛧ Black Goat ⛧ Aug 3 @ 11:28am 
Thanks for taking the time to reply Automatic, I was actually able to edit the xml patching from the other mod on my own to allow for the functionality I was looking for with Bionic Icons.

Cheers and thanks for being a great part of the Rimworld modding community!
AUTOMATIC  [author] Aug 3 @ 8:46am 
Black Goat: that's by design, the mod doesn't change items with icons that are different from vanilla - and that's what the other mod does, it changes vanilla icons to something else. It is possible to make a patch for my mod reverting changed graphics for items, but clearly it shouldn't be a part of my mod (since by design i don't want to change icons here) and I don't feel I should litter the workshop with another tiny patch as an independent mod.

₱ |R| 中 Atomicpulsz: pretty sure Cyber Fauna is already supported?
⛧ Black Goat ⛧ Jul 21 @ 8:10am 
Is there any way to make this compatible with Jabbamonkey's Graphics Overhaul? I want to use that mod but still use this one for bionics/parts but load order doesn't seem to matter, this mod just doesn't work when I have JGO installed.
pepermunt genderbread Jul 2 @ 11:22am 
nice nice nice
Sadron May 24 @ 10:30pm 
Oh hey, this looks neater than the icons from prosthetic icons.
Atomicpulsz May 17 @ 4:49pm 
Can you add support for Cyber Fauna? Also is this safe to use with Prosthetics Icons or does it just overwrite everything that mod adds?
AUTOMATIC  [author] May 3 @ 1:56pm 
Chinese person: this mod has no text.