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Blacksmithing Mod
Created by Dogfood
Start your Blacksmith's life!
Install this Mod will be able to mine iron ore from boulders.
Refine iron ore into ingots, Let's smithing with a Smith Hammer.
In addition to weapons and armor, it also contains furniture that can be used for inter...
Commando Packs! [UNITY 2017]
Created by VirexOfficial
An Overpowered Military Expedition Backpack.

These backpacks were modelled and programmed by myself, do not attempt to re-upload the mod in any way, shape or form.

This backpack is the successor to the Freighterpack, with 240 slots, this thing can ho...
Crimeport City RP
Created by Nick Blackwoods
Attention: Need GREECE assets!

You can use this map for your RP servers for free. But... don't forget about likes to support this work and link to the original map if you need to edit it for your server...
Easter Island
Created by Spebby
Tropical island South of Canada, famous for its stone statues, tribal history, and stunning waters. Explore ancient volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and the mystery of the Moai Heads. Recommended for intermediate tourists.

Created by:
  • Steven "M
Flare Gun
Created by Maikee Maous
Mod has been updated to work with!

(Subscribe to download the mod and have it a try yourself)

Flare Shell ID: 7649 (Craftable from 2 scrap metal)

Blue Flare Gun ID: 7650
Green Flare Gun ID: 7651
Orange ...
Furniture Expansion
Created by Letgalian
Build your own chairs, shelves, beds, TVs, computers and more! This addon includes over 80 decorative items that you can now craft and place in your base.

Created by SDGNelson
The birthplace of Western civilization located on pretty much the opposite side of the planet from Canada. Explore the completely different architectural style across a beautifully varied landscape. Recommended for intermediate survivors.

Created by:
Created by SDGNelson
Tropical island state far South-West of Canada. Featuring beautiful vistas, soft sandy beaches and an active volcano. Recommended for intermediate survivors.

Created by:
  • Justin "Gamez2much" Morton
  • Terran "Spyjack" Orion
  • Alex "Rainz2m
Hawaii Assets
Created by SDGNelson
These are all of the objects, items, vehicles, NPCs and other assets built for the Hawaii map.
Required for playing Hawaii, but kept separately on the Workshop as a smaller download for other maps.

Created by:
  • Justin "Gamez2much" Morton
Khroz FoodMod++ [Desserts Update]
Created by Khroz
Mod that adds lots of cooking tools, food and supplies for Unturned in a Vanilla style. Will be updating constantly with new Food. Accepting suggestions for new dishes!

Works on Servers and items spawn at every Vanilla Map! (Kitchens / Farms / Zombie...
LYHMEAssets v2.3.4
Created by Uncle LYHME
Used on the LYHME servers.
- Checkout https://lyhme.net/crafting

Credit to where it due!
- Uber LYHME Items - Credit to: MarksmanMatt and the007brain
- Special Items - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952031671
- Sellbox UI - ...
Larger Lockers Mod (Unity 2017)
Created by cartman-2000
This has been updated to support the Unity 2017 version of Unturned, The legacy version for the Unity 5.5 version of Unturned has been updloaded here.
You will need to unsub from this mod when using the legacy vesion.
License Plates
Created by Letgalian
These license plate work in the same way as in-game metal signs - the person (or group) who place the sign can interact with it and write any text on it. By default the license plate is not craftable but there is a way for admins on any server to allow cer...
More Farming Mod
Created by Dogfood
Overall extended MOD for PvE life!
This is a comprehensive expansion Mod which enrich PvE life mainly about farming and housing.
New animals and crop seeds will spawn naturally in the official maps (except curated maps).
It also has a useful fu...
More Stacking Mod(Unofficial More Farming Mod Addon)
Created by DarkDragoon
This is an Addon for More Farming Mod that adds the missing x100 stacks for all the x10 stacks it has. I am also adding x10 and x100 stacks for many more items as well.


Added Maple Syrup
Added Flares
Added Grenades
Added Smoke ...
Multi's Food [Alcohols]
Created by multimouze
Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Multi's Food is here to fill your tummy.

This mod features alcohols:
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey
  • Sake
  • Homemade berries wine
  • Rum
  • Moons
Oldie Firearm Pack
Created by Dogfood
Mod pack to add classic guns!
This is an item MOD that adds many classic guns to the game.
All guns and magazines will spawn naturally in the official maps (except curated maps).
Installation of MOD is completed by pushing the subscribe button....
Created by sarshane


Tamama's Automobile (Slow) (NoMusic)
Created by Tamama
Slower and NoMusic version of the mod.

Main Mod here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166562219
Find IDs in the Main Modpack.
Join my discord and contact me. https://discord.gg/jVJQDb...
Tesla Cyber vehicle
Created by Stal
This is a free to use mod.

If you have problems with the mod try to cancel your subscription to mods and clean the mods folder.

Cyber Truck - 22145
Cyber Quad - 22146

MotorHouse - 22147

Treasure Display [New Unity]
Created by DETOX

- This Mod is free to use

- thoses barricades are craftble

- And the masterbundle is for : Windows , Mac OS , Linux

ID :

Blue Treasure Display : 10100

Cyan Treasure Display : 10101

Green Treasure Display : 1010
[METAL] Building Assets by roll4charm
Created by roll4charm
Sheet Metal building assets utillizing the same RECIPES and HEALTH as the vanilla metal walls.

#metal #structures #building

Do not re-upload.

********RECENT UPDATE 2/21/2020
You can use this mod pack in your server, but make su
[OFFICIAL] Belgium
Created by Paladin
Welcome to Belgium

Hilly country north-east of Canada. Modernized country with some military presence. Tourist attractions include visiting modern yet medieval cities, beautiful vistas, and boating through active waterways. Recommended for in...
[OFFICIAL] Belgium Assets
Created by Paladin
Welcome to Belgium

This workshop item only includes the Assets such as objects and weapons. If you want to download the map, please click here.
Created by:
    [Official] France (Updated)
    Created by Vilespring
    Temperate nation east of Canada. Large variety of civilian locations and a steady military presence. Explore medieval cities, alpine forests, and sandy shorelines. Recommended for experienced survivors.

    France features multiple points of interest with s...
    [WOOD] Building Assets
    Created by roll4charm
    Some delightful new wood structures utilizing the same building materials as wood structures.

    Wood building assets utilize the same RECIPES and HEALTH as the vanilla wood walls.

    #wood #structures #building

    Do not re-upload.