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Animal Hood
Created by Dogfood
It's Kawaii Survivor "Nekomimi Hood"

暗闇で光る!"Cat Eye"

謎のテクノロジー "Cat Bell"
AviEconomy FX
Created by bpdev
Default assets for AviEconomy plugin[imperialplugins.com]

42700 - Background
42701 - Foreground (text)

To install on server please add ID - 1263752979 - to your WorkshopDownloadIDs.json...
Car Customization Mod
Created by danaby2
This mod includes 18 different placable items that you can use to decorate your car.

==( IDs )==

13300 - Small Wing
13301 - Wide Wing
13302 - Rear Lip
13303 - Massive Wing
13304 - Side Exhaust
13305 - Quad Exhaust
13306 - Dual Exhaust
13307 - ...
GoldGaming's Backpack Pack
Created by FunkMasterFlex
About This Mod

This mod is for GoldGaming servers. It features seven new custom backpacks. Crafting recipes and IDs are listed down below.

Also check out GoldGaming's Lock...
Khroz FoodMod++ [Desserts Update]
Created by Khroz
Mod that adds lots of cooking tools, food and supplies for Unturned in a Vanilla style. Will be updating constantly with new Food. Accepting suggestions for new dishes!

Works on Servers and items spawn at every Vanilla Map! (Kitchens / Farms / Zombie...
Larger Lockers Mod
Created by cartman-2000
This was orgigonally based off of More Locker Sizes mod, by Dr Richtofen, And has been tweaked some more for PVE servers.

You will have to use an extended backpack mod to be able...
Letgalian's Furniture
Created by Letgalian
The Letgalian's Furniture addon makes a lot of static furniture, you could only place in level edior before, craftable, lootable and placable in your normal game.

Furniture in this mod is craftable and comes in many different variations, such as "Maple,...
License Plate
Created by Letgalian
This addon is the first sign mod on the Unturned workshop and simply adds car license plate that you can write on. The license plate doesn't have a crafting recepie nor does it spawn anywhere so that server owners can use in the way that best works for the...
Logics Craft
Created by |TERRORIST|
Logic Crafts for 10+ Items

Now you can create a canister and also disassemble the smoke grenades. And this is only the beginning! =)


What's new ? =)
More Farming Mod
Created by Dogfood
Overall extended MOD for PvE life!
It is a comprehensive expansion MOD which enrich PvE life mainly about agriculture and hunting.
New animals and crop seeds will spawn naturally in the official map.
It also has a useful function to help you or...
More Stacking Mod(Unofficial More Farming Mod Addon)
Created by DarkDragoon
This is an Addon for More Farming Mod that adds the missing x100 stacks for all the x10 stacks it has. I am also adding x10 and x100 stacks for many more items as well.


Added Maple Syrup
Added Flares
Added Grenades
Added Smoke ...
Sρεcιαℓ Iтεмs
Created by Carlo
DISCLAIMER: This Mod configuration was made by me, and I remade this list of models:

Suppressor, Barrel, Helmet, Grip, Shadowstalker and its magazine, special top and bottom, the tactical, the plane, nuclear, makeshift drum, Gravity Chamber,lyhmewings s...
[WOOD] Building Assets
Created by roll4charm
Some delightful new wood structures utilizing the same building materials as wood structures.


Subscribe to the item to download it to your local Workshop folder.

All of the items in this pack are CRAFTABLE.

To use in game, you can find them...
iDesire | Tamama's Automobile
Created by Tamama
Special Edition for a Donator of my original mod
-Natural Spawns on Official maps
-Edited Speed ac...