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M9K Specialties

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Create 3D2D text anywhere in the world.


This addon is now open source! Co...
Created by Malboro
PermaProps 4.0

What is the PermaProps:
The permaprops is a lightweight addon written to save entities on a map.
This is very useful to improve servers and help builders.

How use it:
  • Saving: Aim a entity an
DurgzMod (The Original GMod Drugs Mod)
To the kids who keep uploading nerfed/edited versions of this addon: durgz_roleplay exists for a reason; utilise it.

Tried and true—the premier Garry's Mod drugs addon DurgzMod is back!
Author's note: Thusfar I've been too drunk an...
New hud icons and materials
Created by Miskie
The Opium Factory Content
Created by [PB] monte.
Content to be used with the Opium Factory Script, found on gmodstore....
Chef / Restaurant Player Model
Created by Sugar Tits
This used to be on the workshop with a backdoor, I removed it and re-uploaded it clean....
GTA V/5 Police Force
Created by Potion Seller
NOTE : No face posing, finger posing. Sorry.
As of July 30, the old City Cops have been replaced by the original LSPD Officers. ( See Images )
The image that includes all of the models is OLD. The LSPD Cops that you see in there are no longer in the pack...
Passport and Police Badges v1
Created by KERRY

The script on information in development.

23 Augusta: Added swep...
Climb SWEP 2
Created by Jon a scone
My own reiteration of the original climb swep (I wrote it from scratch).
Using this SWEP you can parkour!

It comes with some cool stuff like:
Falling Effects
Wall Jumping
Prop Riding - You can grab onto props and move with them!
Ability to swit...
Donald Trump Playermodel
Created by Buu342
Requested to me by Templar Knights.

First attempt at making a custom face model....
CS:GO Knives SWEPs
Created by xdshot
Now you can use the knives from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as weapons in Garry's Mod!

  • 12 different knives;
  • New sounds;
  • Viewmodel arms (c_arms) compatible;
  • Press Reload b
Hitman Absolution: Agent 47 Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Agent 47

Agent 47 from Hitman Absolution
  • Player Model


Models and textures: IO Interactive / Nixxes Software BV
Porting, rigging and compiling: Voikanaa

Simple ThirdPerson - Sliders & Fixes!
Created by FailCake
Its just a simple client side ThirdPerson.
Note, the playermodel is a PAC

Wanna help out? Check


If y
Hit Numbers
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

Terrorist Playermodels
Created by Blue_Skies
A set of four player models inspired by insurgents in the Middle East.
-Afghan Commando
-Taliban RPG Man
-Taliban Grunt
-Taliban Suicide Bomber
Original models by Kuma Games. Porting by Blue_Skies....
Blue's Unboxing 2! - Content only
Created by Zak
Only the materials, sound and fonts are in this content pack.
This is to allow server owners who use the Steam Workshop as their FastDL source to give joining players the content they need to use the addon without purple and black checkers.

Created by swamp gamer
Please note that my vapes are NOT narcotics. They are devices that emit healthy, organic vapor.

Vape List:
  • Classic vape
  • Mega vape - it's big, and it's cloud is bigger
  • Juicy vape - press right click to change flav
Fading door tool
Created by Panthera Tigris
A tool that makes anything into a fadable door.

- Can select material.
- Can select sounds.
- Wire support.
- Can make NPC's, vehicles and props into a fadable door.

Authors: Conna, Lexi and Panthera Tigris

ID: 115753588...
Allahu Ackbar Jihad (Sandbox SWEP)
Created by Yes Daddy

This is a version of my modified TTT Jihad Swep that can be used in sandbox. It can be found under weapons>other>Jihad Bomb.

The version for TTT servers can be found here:
Fidget Spinner SWEP
Created by swamp gamer
Fun fact: Fidget Spinners were originally developed by the medical community to help children with ADHD and Autism.

Left click: Spin
Right click: Flip
Reload: Customize Color

In sandbox, it's found under Weapons > Other
Entity: weapon_fidget
Zero´s MethLab - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
This addon is the content for a gmodstore addon:
Keypad Tool and Cracker with Wire Support
Created by Willox
Some Information
This is a nifty little tool for creating keypads for use with contraptions or bases. It is compatible with sandbox based gamemodes such as DarkRP and other roleplay gamemodes.
The weapon class for giving the cracker to players or...
GMod Tower: Accessories Pack
Created by MacDGuy
Models/Textures: samm5506, MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, CaptainBigButt, Vipes, and Dustpup

For more information on the developers, make sure to visit:

***Make sure to give credit to the authors i...
DarkRP Pro Lockpick and Staff Lockpick
Created by coltonk9043

A new DarkRP Pro Lockpick and Staff Lockpick

These lockpicks are perfect for VIP jobs or staff who need a quick solution to unlocking a door.

Compatible with:
- Doors
- TDM Vehicles
- SCar Vehicles
- Fadi...
Bitminers 2 - Server Content
Created by <CODE BLUE>
Christmas Props Pack
Created by josephfra
A prop pack containing christmas themed models.

Christmas Tree
Paper Hat
Santa Hat
Christmas Cracker Varients
Present Varients

Kathar - Present Models
Cloud - All other models...
Created by [FR] Sadamer
Playermodel of Jawa (from Star Wars)...
Scavenger Playermodel
Scavenger from Tomb Raider

Player Model
Backpack and leg gear bodygroups
Viewmodel arms


Models and textures: Cristal Dynamics - Square Enix
Porting: junkymana
Rigging and compiling: Rokay "Rambo"...
Indominus Rex Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
big meanie dinosaur, now as playermodel

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel
• Ragdoll
• NPCs: citizen/combine
• Jigglebone tail, tongue & jaw
• Eye posing and some faceposing

Known issues
• The legs may twist into unhealthy po...
50 cent G-unit
Created by Mr Funktastic
"50 cent" redirects here. For the currency amount, see 50 cents. For other uses, see 50 Cent (disambiguation).
"Curtis Jackson" redirects here. For other people with this name, see Curtis Jackson (disambiguation).
50 Cent
50 Cent 2012.jpg
50 Cent at th...
Cry Of Fear: Simon Henriksson P.M.
Created by Lenoax
Hello gentlemen!
This character belongs to the Half-Life mod "Cry Of Fear", which, I just converted it into a "Player Model" with hands. This article partly belongs to the creators of the Cry Of Fear.

-Hands with more quality

Hitman Absolution - Nun [PM]
Created by TFA-WS1
Be sure to like and follow The Forgotten Architect's workshop for more! If you like the model, take a look at the original game.

  • Playermodel
  • Eyeposing, fingerposing
  • Viewmodel Hands
  • Shiny, realistic materials
Shadow Knife
Created by #734f7572
Basically what it does is: with LMB you cut or backstab, depends on your and victims position. RMB jumps right behind your victim and forces you to aim to his back, there is minimum distance requirement to do the jump also jump costs 5 hp points, health wi...
SWAT/Shield Zeal Team [PayDay 2] [pm/npc]
Created by MARK2580
SWAT/Shield (Zeal Team) from the game PAYDAY 2

- finger posing
- ragdoll
- player model
- npc rebel / combine
- hands from 1st person
- 4 body group

FBI Playermodels Minipack
Created by Panda (Old *******)
3 male FBI agents and one female. Good for DarkRP.
Credits: Lt_Commander and Panda.
Yakuza Dead Souls - Tribal


game : Yakuza Dead Souls...
Exhib Scoreboard Materials
Created by Miskie
Advanced Duplicator 2
Created by WireTeam
Ground up rewrite meant to make up for some of the shortcomings of the first iteration of AdvDupe. Still considered alpha!

Wiremod Landing Page:



[The Division] Rioter Faction (PM & NPC)
Created by Bala
They will (not) get Alex.

After 3 days of pain and suffering, hopefully this was worth the wait.

[Edit: You might notice that the models aren't totally the same as the game, that's because decompiling the models
from package files The Di...
Ladder Tool
Created by zamboni
What is it?

A tool to create usable ladders. It also comes with four ladder entities that can be moved around freely.

Why do I care?

Because deep down, you've always wanted this.

How do I use it?
Prop Shadow Remover
Created by Wolf󠀡
This tool has been created to aid builders in improving the quality of their builds. The tool can remove map generated shadows from props, it's not like the normal shadow remover tool that removes prop shadows. If you have a prop that turns pitch black bec...
Dans Weapon Shelf Assets
Created by II_PYRO_II
Assets for DWS....
ExhibitionRP drp content
Created by Miskie
ExhibitionRP Restart Content
Created by Miskie
SH Safe Zones Content
Created by mochi
This is not a LUA add-on!

This is the content required for the SH Safe Zones script, which is available for purchase at
Tool Search & Favorites
Created by Tenrys

A lightweight solution to look through your hundreds of tools!

Update: Added auto-selecting tools! Turned on by default.
Update 2: Right-click tools to make them your favorites!...