ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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PHL - Jurassic Ark (Explore/Raid)
Items (24)
Revive My Dino - Dino Resurrection
Created by Kozenomenon
MOD ID: 1957185915

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 D I N O 🢟 R E V I V A L 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
This mod allows you to ressurect your dead dinos!
Revivinator (Revival Gun)...
Created by Wise

This mod has all Mudmen mods. Also has S+.Which is now M4 mod

This mod will have alot of stuff. When ...
Fjördur - A Nordic Adventure
Created by Nekatus

Welcome to Fjördur!

This is a map created by Nekatus & Trappel and you can find the most important infos here:
  • A new map developed by Trappel & Nekatus
  • A col
Jurassic Park Expansion
Created by UGZ
This mod adds several creatures referencing the Jurassic Park franchise including games and books as well as some other popular prehistoric franchises =)

You can also craft new weapons and gear!

Over 100 creatures are in the mod and it works on most ...
ARK Bionic
Created by prome
Mod ID: 2247979980

Mod info
  • Mod that currently adds 41 creatures with 38 more planned.
  • ARK Bionic is not a core mod. It can be loaded
Stargate Evolution
Created by DrakeBD
MOD ID: 2246809471

This mod will work on any and all maps.

Our promise to the community
Barring any extreme unforeseen circumstances, we pledge that we will provide long term support and development on t...
Accessories Plus - Open Source
Created by Nemesis
Mod ID: 1357417063
This mod is Clean and Stackable
Description: Adds new items that improve the quality of life in game.
State: WIP. Added item over time.

  • Backpack
Ark Add Resources
Created by Amitiman
MOD ID : 1546306707
Use is adopted

!!! RATE IT !!!


25 new ...
Paintable Structures and Interior Decor
Created by Lisa
MOD ID: 1592192369

This mod does not include the furniture, rugs, wall art and lighting, these can be found in my other mods.


If you like my mod and would like to show your support then p...
HG Build V1.58
Created by [HG]Hulk
HG Build
This mod is sponsored by Wildcard

The mod implements High Tek structures.
100% stack-able.


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Shiny! Dinos
Created by nevcairiel
ModID: 2016338122

Are you bored with the constant dreary colors of Ark Dinos? Make your life more Shiny!
That feeling when you walk over the Ark, and you see a pretty Dino you absolutely must have? That's Shiny!

Shiny Dinos!
Death Recovery Mod (v1.12.1)
Created by Manalo
Version 1.12.1
Mod ID: 751991809
Last Cooked with DevKit: 313.1
This mod is rated: Clean and Stackable

Brought to you by Manalo and DragonClaw Studios![]

Sid's Hybrids
Created by Sid
Mod ID=2212177129

Discord server:

This mod adds 54 unique hybrids to the game, they all have merged abilities from the creatures that they are made from, and some of them have even better abilities.

How to pla
Peachy Furniture
Created by Peachycoaster
This mod was created for RolePlayers (RP) who want additional furniture. It was made to look medieval is style but works for any era. All items can be picked up and do not require foundations to place.

Please take the time to giv...
RR-Gardendeko and more!
Created by ɳαɳҽყα
RR-Gardendeko and more!

With this Mod you can Build a lot of Gardendeco and some other Gardenstaff.

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Upgrade Station v1.8i
Created by Ghazlawl
Mod ID: 821530042

Allows you to upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, tools, and saddles from primitive all the way to ascendant. Even works with items from other mods! Can also salvage items for resources.

This mod doesn't change any core...
Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction
Created by ExileAcid
Mod ID:
Publicly Released:

This mod will work on any and all maps.

Server Hosting Provided By LogicServers - https://logi...
More Tranq Items
Created by Ether
Ever Wanted More Tranqs?
More Tranq Items seeks to add both a sense of progression to tranquilizing items, as well as an improved arsenal of such items, allowing varied taming methods on top of the typical vanilla "shoot to tranq" tactic....
The Waterfall Workshop Collection 1
Created by KillerCaveman
Waterfall workshop the number one place for falling water.

All dlc maps are needed due to elements of the mods parts spanning the whole game inc upcoming dlc when released.

UPDATE 1.2 (HOT FiX) Big Dynamic waterfall, Bug fixes ,collision fix.
RR-HomeDeko and more!
Created by ɳαɳҽყα
RR-Homedeko and more!

With this Mod you can Build a lot of Homedeco.

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Mod works with The Island, Sc...
eco's Terrariums
Created by eco
MOD ID: 880887081

Craft animated Terrariums, Aquariums, and Habitats to decorate your amazing base!

100% Stackable Mod


All items can be pi
Ark Add Structure
Created by Amitiman
MOD ID : 1542041220

Need Ark_add_resource to work
Use is adopted

!!! This Mod Need Ark Add Resource to work !!!
Here : Ark_Add_Resource

!!! RATE IT !!!
Dino Storage v2
Created by Lethal
MOD ID: 1609138312⠀⠀⠀[img][/img]
  • This mod is clean and stackable. It has no list priority whatsoever
  • No game content is remapped or altered. I only add 5 of my own items to the game
  • This mod should a