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ARK: Project Anomaly
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Mar 28, 2022 @ 5:15pm
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ARK: Project Anomaly

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ARK: Anomaly is now back, and better than ever! Welcome to ARK: Project Anomaly!

An anomaly in space-time has caused an ARK to become intertwined with a land of magic and monsters! Survivors will have plenty to fear in newfound beasts from the likes of both science fiction and fantasy - alien dinosaurs, dragons, crabs, otherworldly entities from the edge of the space with the power to manifest their nightmares into your demise.. the list continues! Even the very elements of nature have been manifested into monstrous forms! There is no telling to what could appear in this invasion.. But, do you believe you can conquer it? Make these ferocious beasts your own? Of course you do! Now, one last question…

Are you ready to brave the creatures of the Anomaly, once again?

Project Anomaly is a clean and stackable mod (no compatibility issues) that seeks to add creatures based around vanilla ARK, without going too far over the line.
That doesn’t mean there won't be anything powerful though, just not at Primal Fear or ARK Omega levels. The mod is focused around vanilla gameplay. A mod such as ARK Genomes provides somewhat of a solution to this though, since you can evolve creatures to give them configurable higher stat multipliers. Go check that out if that’s what you’re into.

Current Additions:
Galvarex: Eccentric and agile carnivores, Galvarex can be found frequently stalking through colder climates. Prolonged combat may result in spikes of bioelectricity surging through their bodies, amplifying their speed and ferocity for a time.

Nox: Massive, loathsome reptiles with heavy hands and even heavier armor. They stake their claims in the swamp by spreading noxious gas, choking out anything that dares to encroach on their territories.

Creatures in Active Development:

Xenomander: Enigmatic Void-attuned creatures with a unique control over the elements. From the safety of your shoulder, they can utilize a variety of offensive and defensive elemental abilities that come with their element of choice!

A few of the other planned creatures:
Motley : Colorful mask wearing monkeys with a massive hand on their tails, which they use to launch bombs of flaming fruits!
Songuari : A large herbivore with the most powerful voice on the ARK! It's roar are capable of tearing up the earth and harming anything within its range!
Daemon : Pseudo-insectoid reptilian aliens with the ability to mimic the status effects and buffs of other creatures around it to level the playing field in combat!
Rendigo : A tall, antlered creature reminiscent of a Wendigo that delights in annulling the abilities of its prey for an easier catch!
Fellcrab : Large crabs with one claw for blocking and one claw for stabbing, capable of parrying and counter-attacking opponents!
… and many more!

Join my Discord Server for updates on the mod progress, community votes, and to see future content planned for the mod! []

Please consider supporting the mod's development by donating! It's an ambitious project and I would really appreciate all the support I can get! If you donate, join the discord to get a special role and perks such as exclusive early teasers! []

Alternatively, support me here on Ko-Fi. There's also posts there showing the art of planned creatures!


Latest Version
- New Creature: Nox!
Nox are known for their ability to make the areas they reside in uninhabitable from their foul temper coupled with excessive use of their toxic gas. Be wary of engaging them!

- Galvarex now gains excitement from killing targets, even while Galvanized
- OVERDRIVE Galvarex and future abnormals now have a new mechanic - Rapid Adaptation!
- Rapid Adaptations can (currently) occur in 2 forms: Rage, and Bracing!

Rage can only be built if a tamed creature above the designated drag weight is nearby, as specified on the creature's transmutator.
- If the Abnormal does get enraged, prepare for 3 minutes of 4x damage and 90% damage resistance!

Bracing occurs whenever the number of allied creatures nearby is greater than the permitted amount, once again as specified on the creature's transmutator.
- Bracing makes the Abnormal take 50% less damage

Follow the guidelines!

Bug Fixes:
- Fix for Scarlet Para not always applying properly
- Galvarex no longer harvests berries with kick
- Fixed crashes due to X-Galvarex Spawns

Other notes:
- Mod is balanced for vanilla
- Creature info spawn codes are in the discussion
- Creatures should spawn on most maps, but not every creature spawns on every map
- I have ownership of all creatures that are in the mod that are custom made, and I own all the assets for their sounds. DO NOT rip or use any assets of this mod without permission.

Special Thanks and Credits
- ScorchingKami, for creature modeling! This mod wouldn't be possible without you!
- My mod contributors, Grommi, MamaJava, ChubbyDino!
- Giga Raptor, for the creature icons!


ARK: Project Anomaly © 2022 by Bluescapes is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International []

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