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[WOTC] Ability Interaction Fixes
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Sep 7, 2017 @ 7:04am
Aug 18 @ 10:18am
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[WOTC] Ability Interaction Fixes

In 1 collection by Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice's Workshop - War of the Chosen
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This is a War of the Chosen mod. My non-WotC mod which fixes interaction issues is here:
[Non-WOTC] AWC Cost & Other Fixes

"Ability Interaction Fixes" primarily fixes several "Ability Interactions" which are in some way bugged, Itemized below.
Not neccessarily a "fix" because it depends on your view of intended, there is also an optional change to how implacable's action point is handled. This keeps the "flavour" that Implacable allows the soldier to move to cover when finished, whether the kill was the last action or not.
All fixes can be turned on or off in game if Mod Config Menu is also installed. They can also be directly changed via XComAbilityFix_DEFAULT.ini.

List of Fixes
Default to On:
  • Fixed so they Proc on kills from Second Shot of Rapid Fire or Chain Shot, or after the first shot of Banish:
    • Death from Above
    • Serial
  • Templar's can now Parry with the Action Point granted by Reaper. If a Rend attack while Reaper is active fails to kill, the standard Momentum Action Point will be granted.
  • ArcWave no longer stops Rend having the jumping animation when there is a runup first.
  • Combat Protocol now deals the proper damage to hacked robotic enemies temporarily on the players team.
  • 'Annihilate' will switch to a new target even if it wasn't technically 'Banish' which caused the kill (eg the target had a 'Homing Mine' attached), or if the target isn't killed but becomes untargetable for some reason (eg Stasis triggered, or floor damage meant it fell out of sight).
Defaults to Off:
  • Implacable special move only Action Point changed to no longer be consumed by abilities which end a soldiers turn. This avoids Implacable being "wasted" when kills are from non-turn ending actions or other abilities grant additional action points, which allow non-move actions to be used after Implacable procs.

If you discover another odd/buggy interaction between abilities, mention it in the comments on Steam and I'll have a look.

Only class override is X2Effect_Reaper. May also conflict with other mods which modify the above abilities.
It is compatible with AWC Squadsight Fix. Infact I highly recommend that mod for its complementary purpose of making squadsight apply to non sharpshooter skills as you would expect.
Specifically coded to fixup the matching Grimy's Loot Mod weapon abilities as well.

Other Mods by me
  • WOTC Compatible (non-WOTC versions also exist if appropriate)
    • Cinematic Rapid Fire, which gives Rapid Fire and Chain Shot their cinematic camera back which was removed in the patch ages ago. Also gives the Reaper Banish ability the same improved look.
    • Variant Power Armour Arms, which unlocks some variant Wraith and Warden armour arms parts which were hidden by Firaxis.
    • Less Overwatch Lock Ups!, which attempts to fix the visualization lockups during complex Overwatch/Reaction fire situations.
    • Better Armory Item Stats, which tweaks the stats display of weapons, utility items and upgrades in the Armoury, including displaying Critical Damage, Armor Pierce and Shred for all appropriate weapons.
    • Weapon Fixes, Which fixes a few issues with weapons and their upgrades, especially if you use mods which allow upgrades for (auto)pistols.
    • Chosen Info Controller Support, adds controller support for bringing up the Chosen Information Screen mid mission.
    • Peter's Grenades (and other TLP Fixes), which fixes some loadout, ability progression and UI issues with Legacy Operations.
    • Better Demolishing!, which gives range, weapon and upgrade based aim buffs to the 'Demolition' ability.
    • Better Grappling!, fixes issues with Grappling targeting in certain world geometry.
    • Shaken Scars are Back! The name says it all, but to those who weren't around for the first couple of months of XCom2, a feature was bugged out in a patch and never fixed, which randomly scarred shaken soldiers. This now means some, but not all, gravely wounded soldiers, not the "new" WotC shaken fatigue status.
    • Trainable Sparks (and other Buffs) WotC was one step forward, two steps back for SPARKs. As well as allowing training, also gives them access to breakthroughs for their weapons, an ammo pocket (ammunition only utility slot), and some hack progression.
    • Train from Armoury allows normal soldiers to jump straight to training from the armoury, just as faction soldiers can. The Training Center is still required to be built first of course!
    • Original High Hit Dodge Behaviour, which restores the pre-patch behaviour where Hit chance over 100 gradually eliminated dodge chance, not immediately made dodges impossible once Hit chance is 100 or more.
    • In conjuction wtih sebkulu,WOTC - Extended Information!, an enhanced, rewritten version of Perfect Information. Includes full list of enemy abilities as well as a stat list, as well as the classic features of the "shot bar" and stats in flyovers.
  • Non-WOTC Only
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Mr. Nice  [author] Oct 8 @ 8:42am 
Just to say I've looked at the issues with Hero Classes Rebalance, contacted the author since the issue needs to be fixed that side.
The Wealthy Aardvark Oct 7 @ 7:52pm 
Thanks as always for your longstanding support for this mod, Mr. Nice.
Mr. Nice  [author] Oct 7 @ 6:16am 
Mmmm, I'll have a look.
MrMister Oct 7 @ 4:38am 
This seems to interfere with Hero Classes Rebalance : When this is loaded alongside it, the Templar's Pillar becomes a blue move (1-action cost, non-turn-ending) instead of a green move (free action, as intended by HCR). I can confirm that it's this mod in particular that changes it, even if all the options in its mod config menu are deselected.

Funnily enough, even the action-cost color-coded UI mod is confused by this - it still shows Pillar's icon as a green move, despite it very clearly consuming an action upon usage.

Any insight on what might be causing this? I went through this mod's files and couldn't find any obvious source of the problem.
Dragon32 Sep 22 @ 2:15am 
Have a look at "AWC Squadsight Fix", linked in the Description above.
Icecold Sep 22 @ 2:01am 
Is it possible to make squadsight work with abilities like rapid fire?
Mr. Nice  [author] Aug 19 @ 4:50pm 
Cheers Dragon32, Cinematic Rapid Fire has also had some improvements to Annihilate visuals.
Dragon32 Aug 19 @ 9:37am 
Thanks for the Annihilate fixes, Mr Nice.
Shhplay Jul 3 @ 6:09pm 
This mod will definitely be part of my next playthrough. The Rapid Fire and Implacable interactions you list were real head scratchers when they happened.

Something I experienced is not on the list, though I am just beginning my search for some quality of life mods and I haven't found anything regarding it yet.

Serial is active and a hair trigger action is active. Kill an enemy, and both actions points are not refunded.
I Brake 4 Science May 5 @ 5:48pm 
@Mr. Nice @Zarkil I actually had the same issue with the most recent RPGO, for some reason when this mod is enabled, can't do single action shots with the sniper. No other class or items seem to have interactions errors.