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Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Clouds
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Jul 21, 2017 @ 3:15pm
Dec 22, 2018 @ 5:43am
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Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Clouds


PDX textures are quite good, but they lack variety. Continental planets feel all the same, with little personality and color variance, the worse being the gas giants. Planet Variety aims to greatly enhance the visuals of Stellaris by bringing some much needed visual variety for planets.

This mod only contains the new clouds required for the various planet packs to work, and will be useless alone, please subscribe to the planet pack you want

This mod brings a total of 353 new planets, and over a thousand new textures to for Arid, Desert, Savannah, Alpine, Arctic, Tundra, Continental, Ocean, Tropical, Gaïa, Tomb, Barren, Cold Barren, Frozen, Gas Giant, Molten, shielded, machine and toxic planets.

No texture overwritten, just more added.

This mod only contains the clouds (a shared dependency for all the planet packs), and you'll need to take either the 2K or 4K mod. I advice taking the 2K mod, for the difference with 4K resolution is very hard to discern unless you zoom very close.

For those with performance issues :

The mod is completely save game compatible, you can activate/deactivate the mod without any impact, the game will take care of swaping textures/entities. A new game is required to have the textures applied.

Achievment compatible.

This mod, as it stands, should NOT conflict with ANY other mod.

Planetary Diversity: Compatible, there is no conflict.
Real Space: Compatible, RS will overwrite several gas giants.
Real Sol Textures: Compatible, there is no conflict.
Planetary Shields/MEM: Compatible, there is no conflict with the new shields.

You can DL the mod in one go here[], on the PDX official forum, you need to be registered and logged in to have access.

  • 2.1:
    Barren planet update:
    - 10 new barren planets
    - 10 new cold barren planets
  • 2.0:
    Major rework of the way the mod works :
    - Base has been renamed Clouds, still required for other planet variety mods to work, it is a shared dependency. (580 Mb)
    - "Uninhabitable pack" is now the "2K pack", contains ALL the textures for ALL planets in the 2K resolution. (1.62 Gb)
    - "Inhabitable pack" is now the "4K pack", contains ALL the textures for ALL planets in the 4K resolution. (2.96 Gb)
    - LITE has been reworked a bit and received the new normal maps. (650 Mb)
    - The modular packs are dropped.
    Bug fix :
    - ALL normal maps corrected (they were inverted due to openGL/Dx ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥).
    - Many specular reworked and fixed.
    - Many seams corrected.
    Optimization :
    - Removed normal maps for gas giants.
    New planets :
    - 5 new alpine planets
    - 5 new arctic planets
    - 5 new barren planets
    - 5 new desert planets
    - 5 new gaia planets
    - 15 new gas giants planets
    - 5 new molten planets
    - 5 new savannah planets
    - 5 new toxic planets
    - 5 new tundra planets
    - 4 new machine planets
    New clouds :
    - Final rework for the clouds, all of them have been hand drawn. No more procedural generation. Last time I have to do this hopefully.
  • 1.2:
    - New Toxic planets, 11 new planets added to the existing 4. (concern only uninhabitable)
    - New Shielded planets, 4 new planets added to unique one. (concern only uninhabitable)
  • 1.1:
    - Clouds cut down to 4K for diffuse, 2K for normal, and 1K for shadows (was mistakenly in 8K, should greatly improve performance).
    - Clouds texture variety down, from 35 to 15.
    - Base mod size down to 210 Mo (from 1500 Mb).
    Various :
    - Clouds entirely redone, they're more aesthetically pleasing with more transparency.
    - Tomb world variety now 10 (was 6).
    - Made some planet packs standalone (barren, cold barren, molten, gas giant & tomb).
    - Renamed textures to enhance mod compatibility.
    - Save game enabler available, to put new texture on a old save.
    - Lite version released, half the textures for less powerful computers.

Stellaris wiki[]
PDX forums[]

Tools used:
Space engine[]
Gimp []
Nasalization font[]
Substance designer[]
DDS Converter[]
PDX tools[]
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Dude, you're replying to a comment that's over a year old. I have no idea which mod I was referring to then, could have been Immersive Galaxie - Planet Variety Reborn 2k but maybe not. These days I use Stellaris Texture Pack - Base Game 4K.
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Since this mod is probably dead, Is there any mod similar to this one that makes planets actually look good?
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Please, is it possible to fix your mod, the mod does not want to work correctly in the new version 3.2
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The below mod disables achievements, for those who care. This version still functions as is on modern stellaris however. I havent seen any major issues. This also goes for the other ones uploaded by this op.