To Bean or Not to Bean: It wouldn't be the first time world empires have crumbled to dust from things as this
To Bean or Not to Bean: It's actually unique with multiple massive world powers. There usually was only one. A smarter and stronger one would rise and overtake the other. Phoenicians, overtaken by Sumeria, overtaken by Assyria, overtaken by Babylon, overtaken by Persia, overtaken by Greece, they took out Egypt then were overtaken by Rome, overtaken by Mongols and Huns and Barbarians, eventually the Ottoman Empire rose with the other world empire being the Holy Roman Empire which they both died out and Europe formed as it is today. England became the world power and we know what happened to them dealing with a certain American colony lol. Now it's America, just follow the order of things

"This is my masturbatory."

"I feel like a baby, baby sitting other babies."

"[TCA Leader] coolmanintheair: i expect you. GangsterRP, Gmod, 10:00 PM EST. see you there."

"I'm so excited I could smack a baby."

"glassofwater: /define glassofwater
Aoi: usually a tall, slender, sexually attractive female...appealing to some males...if not all males. she'll quench your thirst, alright."

"I hope to one day make the transition from pesky memeboy to full blown dankster."

"O na kar maan rupaiye wala bar bar ke na rajje."

“My mom asked me how to screenshot on her phone. I laughed and then remembered she taught me how to use a spoon and toilet.”

[15:46:36] glassofwater: My jimmies are rustled.
[15:47:07] Karst: ♥♥♥♥ happens. Keep your jimmies close, hold them tight. Don't let the mighty wind that is the outside world rustle them.
[15:47:25] glassofwater: Bro, I already lost most of them
[15:49:49] Karst: You can't lose jimmies, they are firmly rooted within you. At the most, they might be rustled greatly, their tips might wither, but you still have them. All you need to do is unrustle them.
[15:53:41] Karst: You know, nomnoms are prime jimmy unrustlers. They look at the big picture, they feel ♥♥♥♥ together.....their jimmies are firm, resolute.
[15:54:48] Karst: And from one single seed of confidence, watered with not-giving-a-♥♥♥♥, a strong jimmy may grow.

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