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Real Space 3.0

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Real Space v 3.0

This version is compatible with patch 2.0 Cherryh.

Join the Real Space Mod group to discuss the project!

and VK group for testers

Inspired by the mods like "More Realistic Star Systems", I decided to create my own one, which would add a bit more realism and variety for gameplay into the Stellaris space.

In this mod I have tried not to change the Game's mechanics, but to diversify the Galaxy harmonically with keeping the existing game balance.

So, there is a list of what the mod performs:


New stellar classes were added:
  • O Class – the most bright and rare blue stars;
  • L Class – cold brown dwarfs;
  • D Class – white dwarf, star remains;
  • T Class – dim methane dwarfs (added as planets, because there is no sense in making the stars out of them);
  • Y Class – intermediate step between the star and the gas giant (added as planets);
  • С Class – carbon stars;
  • S Class – zirconium stars;
  • W Class – mysterious Wolf-Rayet stars (4 nebula types);
  • Nova – is a close binary system with a flared white dwarf after absorption of the companion star substance (2 types);
  • Collapsar – exploded star, the final stage of the evolution of the star (replacement of the Supernova);
  • Protostar – is the star in the formation stage;
  • Luminous Blue Variable – is a bright, unstable blue hypergiant with a diffuse nebula (3 nebula types)
  • T Tauri - very young stars with a protoplanetary disc (3 types);
  • Herbig Star - very young bright stars with a protoplanetary disc;
  • Planetary Nebula - systems with clouds of ionized gas, remnants of deceased stars (3 types);
  • Magnetar - neutron star with a very strong magnetic field.

New stellar types were added:
  • Dwarfs
  • Regular stars
  • Giants
  • Supergiants
  • Hypergiants

Star systems:
  • Double, triple and multiple star systems with different types and spectral classes of the stars;
  • The structure of the systems was changed in such a way that the orbits of the planets looked more realistic. That is, the size of the orbits increases proportionally with distance from the central luminary;
  • Randomly, small dust clouds can appear in the systems;
  • 132 real star systems, adjacent to the Sun were added. (No more blue Betelgeuse, special stuff for roleplayers!) Now 3 types of Sol Sector to choose from: Large (132 stars), Medium (82 stars) and Small (57 stars);
  • In Sol Sector, several civilizations of different levels of development may appear.

Added 3 new starting systems, which you can choose when creating a race:
  • Regor system - is a system with a Wolf-Rayet star, also known as Gamma Velorum;
  • GK Persei system - is a system with a Nova;
  • Eta Carinae system - is a system with a Luminous Blue Variable.


50 new skins for gas planets were added (and red gas giants are here too!)

Also I wanted to make generated galaxy map as a space sector or cluster-shaped form, but because of some technical moments and game restrictions it will be better to develop it as a standalone mod.

System Scale:

The scale of the planets and the solar system was increased.
The relative speed of movement of ships in the system is preserved.
The camera settings in the system have been changed.
Space battles were also adapted for the new scale of the system.


More details later.

Additional Mods:

Real Space - Stellar Expedition - Modifiers, blockers, events and more. NEW

Real Space - Space Battles - Improved space battles. NEW

Real Space - Astrogeology - Total conversion of resources. NEW

Real Space Max Compatibility - Standalone shortcut mod, created for greater compatibility with other mods. Does not contain the System Scale mode.

+ Stellar Catalyst - A wonderful addition by Djohaal. This mod introduces a minor megastructure that can be built by any empire that researches the appropriate technology.

(Real Space) New Worlds - This is an alternate version of Star Trek New Worlds mod, made with built-in compatibility with Real Space.

Additional localization
English - requires correction.
Russian - native mod language.
French - by EwieFairy.
Brazilian-Portuguese - no translation.
German - no translation.
Polish - no translation.
Spanish - by k0r3
Japanese - by mikaduki
Korean - by parkon9 (no updated)


Version 2.0 has added an improved scale to the systems. To work properly, you need to start a new game.

Real Space Max Compatibility - a standalone version of the mod will be added with maximum compatibility with other modes in which scaling will be removed, as well as many other things that can affect compatibility. If you want to finish the session, which started with the previous version of Real Space, then turn on this mod instead of the original one.

Also, a hard-mode mod will be added. To begin with, it will include long transitions in space.

ПС: Для русскоязычных игроков. Если вы пользуетесь модом на перевод названий и имен Russian Names Extended by Annatar или аналогичным от VolusRus, то настоятельно рекомендую вам поставить патч Russian Names Extended by Annatar - Real Space Patch для того, что бы все названия реальных звезд были переведены на русский и не дублировались.

Stellaris is a wonderful game. I will continue to make modifications and compatibility to them, I like it. But all this takes a lot of time and effort, so any, even the smallest donation will motivate me to work in this direction even more. In any case, I will continue and it will be a game of our dreams!

Donate for the development of the project:

Pay Pal or credit card

for Russian
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Annatar  [author] 12 hours ago 
@Pinenuts I believe that you must take this matter into your own hands
Wahops 17 hours ago 
iS THIS COMPATIBLE with Unbiased systems?
Pinenuts 22 hours ago 
Hey man, can I upload Korean translation mod? Think he is not going to update the translation file, and I would like to take it over
Arkhangel Mar 20 @ 2:59pm 
@pierion: probably is the beta patch. for people affected by it who haven't went beta, RSNW was updated today, and the Stars show properly there now.
Legalization Mar 20 @ 2:29pm 
my stars also dissapearing :(
[RS] Plerion Mar 20 @ 9:03am 
I just used this mod on the beta patch and recreated the issue. I do not have the problem with 2.0.1 (even with RS 3.0 + RSNW). So at least for some, I would recommend not to beta update for now (or to disable the problematic mod temporarily, ofc).
Arkhangel Mar 20 @ 8:50am 
Yep, confirmed. Disabled RSNW, and Stars Showed up properly. unfortunately, this also causes any planets that mod adds as entirely new to cease to exist, at least until it's updated, though (Steppe or Pelagic planets, for instance, will still show up as they're variations on the normal ones, but say, Marginals, habitable Volcanics, etc, will not.)
Arkhangel Mar 20 @ 8:29am 
@fm: could possibly be any of the other RS or Fixes to work with RS mods combined with the latest update to this one. probably'll need at least a week for everything to catch up.
fmksr2007 Mar 20 @ 8:11am 
Stars keep disappearing on me! as a pacifist land grabber, this is game breaking for me! and i do not use the new worlds mod.
Arkhangel Mar 20 @ 6:41am 
Found the Culprit. It's Real Space New Worlds. apparently whatever update just happened here causes RSNW to break compatibility with it. might be a good idea to keep each other in the loop just in case so that big doesn't happen again (given how incredibly game-trashing it is with the current build)