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I highly recommend you play this and go into it without knowing anything. I played this game over 2 years ago and it never left my mind,so I decided to replay it recently and write this review.

It is one of the most moving, thought provoking and well written games about depression, with its gloomy atmosphere, which single-handedly made me get into point and click even though I was never into them before, as it left me hungry for more games like this (luckily the developer made 2 sequels Downfall and Lorelai), but a game like this only comes once in a while. Its the type of game you show to people to prove that games are a valid art form.

If you have ever suffered/are suffering from depression, the game will feel all too familiar... I know it was for me, and if you haven't, it will give you a glimpse of what is is like. Not to mention, it made me care about the "Cat Lady", that one seemingly crazy and bitter lady who lives in your building that doesn't talk to anyone except her cats. I have obtained a cat myself since playing this game the first time, and I am sure people may consider me a "Cat Lady", but you never know what a person is going through! Life is always unfair... all that matters is that you pick yourself back up and keep trying, even if it takes you not nine but nine hundred lives... someday you will get there!
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