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i found a Disappointment right here

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ZzZzZzZ ... Do you like naps? Do you like micromanaging buildings instead of troops? This game is like watching paint dry, but the paint never dries.

I absolutely HATE the new war system. Wars are such a boring affair now. No strategy and no visuals of armies clashing. With such a beautiful map it's a real shame to be missing out on cool war animations. You can call it a political and economic system all you please, but warfare is something that will eventually happen. You can not escape that, this warfare system is straight up not just the worst Paradox system, but might be the worst system I have ever seen. You think you're fighting on one front, then boom the battle is over and your troops are now traveling home for 60 days instead of moving to the neighboring province. Please fire whoever designed this god awful war system.

Diplomacy is just downright broken. AI just doesn't give a ♥♥♥♥ 80% of the time and lets you do stuff like just annexing Belgium and puppeting Spain with no wars because nobody thought keeping Frances power in check was smart so nobody wanted to support them so they just capitulate instead. When the AI does diplomacy they add stupid ♥♥♥♥ and make no effort to make some sort of coherent border, Egypt will go to war with the Ottomans and take 3 treaty ports from them instead of trying to take land that actually connects to their nation.

Governments tab largely just doesn't matter, Elections are a farce since you have complete control of government. You're a republic and another party won 80% of the vote? Doesn't matter. You decide who's in government so you just put whatever interest groups you want in power to pass whatever meta/RP laws you want since there's no deep sort of upper and lower house and laws are just a % chance of passing. Even as a full democracy you can just up and decide that another interest group/party isn't part of government anymore and completely reverse the course going from a republic to a monarchy with no push back.
They've also added all these characters that lead interest groups but they're literally meaningless too.

Economy takes up most of your time and is just a boring cycle of build 5 x factories, now build 5 y factories because x needs them, now build 5 x farms/mines, then research a technology so you can open the building tab and scroll through the various industries and manually have to apply what the technology unlocked before going back to building more x and y factories. Whats that another technology that means you have to open the building tab and manually tell buildings to switch to it? Truly the most fun and entertaining experience.

The one notable positive is the map. It's really well done. If only the mechanics were done with the same care. Too bad All you do for 100 years is look at what is in demand and build factories to produce that good. There are NO capitalist pops, etc. it's clearly not worth $50. Especially considering the devs will 100% release DLC to fix the content holes in the game, $50 is just disgusting for what is offered. Imperator and CK3 were just complete disappointments. Vic3 is no exception, it's an empty husk with fancy graphics, Victoria 3 is map drying simulator. Enjoy.


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Gерман Mar 25, 2023 @ 10:33pm 
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treparmy.representative Mar 6, 2023 @ 9:42am 
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