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Phasmophobia is a standout horror game that immerses players in paranormal investigations. The game's attention to detail, fear-inducing atmosphere, and cooperative multiplayer mode create an intense and unique experience. With a variety of ghosts, realistic equipment, and ongoing development, Phasmophobia sets a high standard for horror gaming

So, I've written a review for this game in the past, but I want to make a new one solely for the new players who are indecisive about the game and may see some of the negative reviews off-putting.

Now before I start, I just want to make one thing clear, I don't have a problem with those who may not find a game to their taste, and that's perfectly okay. But what I do have a problem with, is people lashing out at others for pointing out flaws in their very un-descriptive review about what makes a game bad (or if they even mention it at all).

The latest update in the Phasmophobia experience, what you've all been waiting for. This update overhauls the game drastically by adding tiered equipment, a tutorial overhaul and a complete level rework. For some reason, the same people who wanted this update, are the same people who are review bombing the game for it being "too grindy" which is simply not the case if you simply look at the store and preview the item level requirements.

For the new players reading, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this new tutorial, it offers an amazing experience to help new players identify ghosts and learn how the equipment works (apart from the equipment that doesn't give evidence. Which I imagine will be expanded upon later on down the line)

At worst, the update will take you ~4ish hrs as a returning player to get all Tier 1 items. For new players, even still, would take a little amount of time to get all T1 equipment. I won't go into depth with the equipment, since it still works as it did in the past, but with a new, cool and re-polished look! However, I will mention freezing temps has been reworked to make the thermo useful again. This time around, you will need to actually USE the thermo to read freezing temps. Whereas before, most people waiting for breath, which kinda defeated the purpose of the thermo.

One of the Best Ghost Huntin' Experiences of All Time
Phasmophobia is more than just a game; it's an experience that gets under your skin and leaves a lasting impact. The core gameplay revolves around players assuming the roles of paranormal investigators tasked with exploring haunted locations and uncovering evidence of supernatural entities. The game's attention to detail is striking, with meticulously designed environments that exude an eerie atmosphere. From creaky floorboards to flickering lights, every element contributes to the game's immersion.

Fear-Inducing Atmosphere:
What sets Phasmophobia apart is its exceptional ability to create an atmosphere that's genuinely terrifying. The use of dynamic sound effects, lighting, and environmental cues keeps players on edge, and the gradual buildup of tension is masterfully executed. As you venture deeper into haunted locations armed with nothing but your equipment and wits, the feeling of being watched or pursued by unseen forces is a sensation that's hard to shake off.

Cooperative Multiplayer:
The game truly shines when played in cooperative multiplayer mode. Whether you're teaming up with friends or strangers, the collaborative nature of the gameplay adds a layer of complexity and intensity. Communication becomes paramount as you work together to identify ghost types, gather evidence, and formulate a plan of action. The interactions and reactions of your teammates can turn even the most mundane situations into heart-pounding encounters, making every playthrough a unique and unforgettable experience.

Variety of Ghosts and Hauntings:
Phasmophobia's roster of ghosts is diverse, each with its own set of behaviors, interactions, and challenges. From the aggressive and malicious to the shy and elusive, encountering different ghost types keeps gameplay fresh and engaging. This variety also encourages players to adapt their strategies, fostering a sense of discovery and experimentation that contributes to the game's replayability.

Realistic Equipment and Investigation:
The attention to realism is apparent in every aspect of Phasmophobia, including its equipment and investigation mechanics. From EMF readers and spirit boxes to thermal cameras and UV lights, the tools at your disposal are based on real-life paranormal investigation gear. This attention to authenticity enhances the immersion and makes every piece of equipment feel integral to the experience.

Constant Development and Community Engagement:
Kinetic Games' commitment to their player community is commendable. Regular updates, bug fixes, and new content additions demonstrate the developer's dedication to refining and expanding upon the game's foundation. This ongoing development ensures that Phasmophobia remains a relevant and enjoyable experience long after its initial release.

Phasmophobia isn't just a horror game; it's an exemplar of the genre that raises the bar for immersive, fear-inducing gameplay. From its meticulously crafted environments and bone-chilling atmosphere to its cooperative multiplayer dynamics and commitment to authenticity, Phasmophobia stands as a testament to the power of a well-executed horror experience. Whether you're a horror aficionado or a gamer seeking a unique thrill, Phasmophobia is an absolute must-play that will leave you trembling and exhilarated in equal measure.

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Heya Chooms! In this guide I'll listing three of the best perks in each tree. Once you’ve decided which build and playstyle suits you best, you should aim for the perks listed below in that tree. If you’re not sure which build suits you best yet, check the
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