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guid to gamig...
So, here is the guide to gaming!

Step 1. Find the game that you like.

step 2. playt the game a lot(at least 100 hour):steamdeadpan:

ste 3. dgaming all th way, get top of the scortebord:steamthis:

sep4. purchase illegal chemi9cal ( acid sulfurlic):linked2::linked2:

5. go to the deli!:steamhearteyes:

6. acid delly:steamfacepalm:

step 7 deli is gone from melted :(:steamsad:

step 8. play the goo d games! (roglike):steamthis:

9. cry a lote because you will nover be the good (unlike me )

step!010./ m,ore aquire of acid

11th step. goog

1.12 step: parialment vaciation ( travel to parmamant_):lunar2020confidentrooster:

13./ gorvenor goes acid melt bye bye!!!!!!!!111111111:cozycastondeath:

14. p=[lay duck game:DealWithFat:

15. arrwested, life in prisone :) ( :( )

the 16 step. playt duk game in the jail prison if lucky!!!

17. die uin game from tryhard

18 the step.. find location of try hars

19 the step.. ACCID FROM PRISON STOR...

20 the step..: melt trough wall.:SNF4::GSOBlock::SNF4:

21 locatE:Venture:

22stpe the final step... kill the travel to hthe tie hard... kill melt acid

stepth23 new step update... win the game duck game cause try hard dead...

Step 24. you did:steamsunny::DealWithFat::P::A::Y::TheD::A::Y::2:
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Logana Dec 7, 2023 @ 11:53pm 
pee pee poo poo
v8cola Jun 24, 2021 @ 8:17pm 
motto 5: rememer the quadatic fromula (-b±√(b²-4ac))/(2a):v8a:
v8cola Apr 18, 2021 @ 1:51am 
motto 4: swag to get the big score!!!!:v8a:
bread man Jul 1, 2020 @ 10:33pm 
motto 3: yoiu cant ungamer a gamer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me your skin :v8a:
v8cola Feb 21, 2020 @ 8:15pm 
motto c: gamer is very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me csgo items:v8a:
v8cola Feb 21, 2020 @ 8:15pm 
motto a: dont be afraid to be a new gamer every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:v8a: