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Gaming History: Atari (Yes i'm that old), C64, Snes, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Ps2, Ps3, PC. Favourite gaming medium undoubtedly PC followed by N64, followed by C64.

Favourite Game Types: Puzzle games, adventures games, indie games good & bad, Racing Games, Time Management Games, FPS, Bullet Hell, Zombie Games, Survival Games.

Gaming Dislikes: Achievement farming, Achievement Nazi's, Trolls, Sport Games, Fighting Games, Supernatural Games, Cheaters, Rogue Games, Hardcore Games

Favourite Game Ever Played: A toss up between 2.

1) Resident Evil: A game which gives true meaning behind Survival Horror, it absolutely amazed me when I was a kid how much of the game you could get through without killing anything and that all you needed to do was control your emotional reaction and find other ways to get around the enemies. In fact I think there are only two things in the whole game you need to shoot. 1) a dog and 2) Crimson.

2) Alan Wake: For nearly the same above reason, but also the creepy Stephen King follow along story which reveals you are only 'fighting words', absolutely blew me away. A story with a lot of depth the more light you shined on it.

Worst Game Ever Played: This is a tough one to answer as more and more scammers on steam result to making an easy buck by producing skeletal asset shovelware. One that I recently played and takes the current trophy would have to be 'North Side' Your given no objectives and there is nothing to do in the game than feel lost in a blizzard which was it's intended purpose. However you can get a wolf that likes to hump you stuck on the top floor of an abandoned house. Even the worse games often have stupid things we can amuse ourselves with and talk about hence why I like bad indie games.

Favourite TV Shows

1) Suits
2) Prison Break
3) Spooks
4) Bates Motel
5) Walking Dead
6) Lost
7) The Prisoner
8) Blakes 7
9) Brooklyn Nine Nine
10) Seinfeld
11) Frasier
12) Fawlty Towers
13) Monty Python Flying Circus
14) The Simpsons

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"The Most Colourful Horror you will ever play!"

In the same vain that Bryan Forbes wanted to make a day time horror film just to prove that it could be done and this lead to the classic 1975 film 'Stepford Wives'. So too, a single Chicago Developer known as 'The Loneliest Pixel' Aka 'Princess Axolotl' set out to prove to herself and the world that she could make a horror game filled with bright colours.

It must have taken a lot of balls to not only set yourself this challenge, but also to successfully accomplish it, and it did... eyeballs. Heaps of them. The premise of the story is that you '204' suddenly become conscious to the fact that you are stranded inside a healing clinic which has become overrun by these inter-dimensional beings ... giant levitating eyeballs ... which like to decapitate their prey. The clinic seems to have been already evacuated, but thanks to '209' who was blessed with prophesy saw a future where you '204' would locate and destroy the nest and free him by influencing the current timeline. To make sure this prophesy comes true, he prints an employee manifesto at the back of a deck of bunny tarot cards he has and hides them in places that he knows only 204 could find. He also draws four prophetic drawings in the tunnels of the nest and a trail of bunnies which only 204 would be able to decipher. Collecting all 22 tarot cards will present an Easter egg at the end of the game in regards to 209 as prophesied.

This developer is extremely cute and intelligent, she has an overactive imagination which engulfs you into her lore and world. Her passion for making games and love for life spill out continually into her animated kingdoms and become extremely contagious to the adult child in each one of us. Her enthusiasm for making games is never without a level of restraint as she always tries earnestly to deliver value for product. She doesn't just want to make games. She wants to make GOOD games. Games that she will be remembered for, worlds and lore’s which only she can be the princess to.

I'm by no means stating that this game was perfect. One of my biggest gripes is that you can bypass the whole game without actually fulfilling any prophecy, without actually destroying the nest. So you can understand my dismay, since destroying the nest is extremely hard and laborious, I was extremely disappointed that destroying the nest does not really lead to any special ending that I could see. The only trivial special ending is the Easter egg you get at the end of the game when you collect all 22 cards.

Furthermore, I was slightly disappointed that the lore I discovered about the game regarding the special relationship that 204 had with 209 and with Rosemary and John was not actually in the game itself, but more so on the developer's twitter feed. The envisioned concepts that so neatly wrap up the happenings inside the clinic should be discoverable in the game itself, not just on a feed.

Finally there are many unanswered questions, like what happened with 216? What's in his room? Does 204 meet up with 209? With her parents? What's the deal with the big crystals in the rooms? What’s the difference between light outside and the light pouring down the well? Why do I sound like a beach ball?

The menacing eyeballs will have you ripping your hair out at times, every time they catch and engulf you, they send you back to start of each chapter. Personally I wished for two things. One, that there was an extra save, one that recorded and saved the action where you have flooded light down the deathly well. The second thing I wished, is that I could have nuked the whole entire nest with light. Just drop a few light monoliths onto the giant eyeball or something and explode them. I wanted the giant eyeball dead. I wanted those menacing eyeballs outside obliterated. I have so much hatred for eyeballs now thanks to this game that I’m walking around everywhere in real life staring at the floor and walking into walls, stubbing my toes and just shuddering that moment that I once again look up and see an eye.

With these gripes placed aside, I have no doubt that 209 named this game. Why you ask? Because with its amazing lore, with its colourful secrets, with its kingdom needing to be freed from an ominous nemesis, this game was extremely prophetic, it definitely gave me a 'Brighter Day'.

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