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I do not have any alt accounts.
If you see anyone else with my name, it is not me.
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I port models,props to Gmod and SFM.
I do not accept random friend requests, if you want to add me, please tell me a good reason in the comment section below. If you don't do that, I'll ignore your request, thank you.
If i met you in a game or I recognize who you are, i'll accept you.
PLEASE don't add me only because you like my addons.

I do for paid commissions (public or private), write in comment section below if you're adding me because of that, then we can discuss about which model you want me to port.

The price is €25 per playermodel, €10+ if the model is the same but with different outfit.
If you only want the ragdoll or a sfm model, the price is €15
FPS Arms from a existing playermodel is €5
Prop price is €5 each.

I only accept payment through Ko-fi.

I do not make models.
The models I port are from MMD,VRoid and XPS/XNALara.
For XPS/XNALara, I cannot make any facial features because of the complicated process to do so. Sorry in advance.

If you're wondering why you sometimes see this text on my ports:
DISCLAIMER: Requested models do not determine the direction I am heading in with my ports.

That is commissioned work.
Just because I ported a model from a series does not guarantee another port from it.
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This guide shows how to create Procedural bones without using SFM

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Retroburger1984 Mar 23 @ 6:45pm 
Vipes #savetf2, what do you mean by that?
Vipes #savetf2 Mar 6 @ 2:19pm 
Adding to ask about commissions.
Retroburger1984 Mar 3 @ 3:38pm 
Do you think you can update your star fox and sly cooper models by giving them more bodygroup options?
Ferraz Feb 26 @ 8:16am 
where is the nsfw louis version ? :)
OLDMOON Feb 21 @ 9:13am 
Hello. After a long time, I wanted to find the Seaport Princess model again, but I was faced with the fact that it was not in the incentive, even though it was there. I did a very long and long investigation (almost 5 hours!), because I was VERY eager to find this model at any cost. I won't go into details, it's a very long story. At the end of the path, I finally found at least a site where the file (skymods) was uploaded, and the description of this addon was copied there, where links to the author, the customer of this model and the page itself were indicated, which did not open. And finally, I'm here, I want to ask you where the model is and is it possible to hope that it will be returned back? Sorry in advance for disturbing, but I spent a lot of effort on this and just want to know at least the answer.
Salakirby Feb 18 @ 7:58pm 
Hello! I would love to commission a playermodel from you of my robotic Yoshi character! It's already made with a skeleton, so I was hoping you could help me port it and get it running in the game :D