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I was never a big fan of Octopath 1, and was reluctant to try 2 for a long time. Simply put, after 18hrs, I found the game’s narratives to be not that interesting, and the gameplay somewhat mechanically shallow. The main positives I could give it were that the voice acting, art, and music were all well-done. After a combination of talking with friends and researching online, I decided to give Octopath 2 a shot. For a summary, Octopath 2 is very similar to 1 with two large differences: better writing, and more-fleshed-out mechanics. In my eyes, this is the game that the first one “should have been”. If you’re the kind of person who cares more about one aspect than the other, you can skip to the “Mechanics” or “Narrative” sections. Note that this review is not intended to be exhaustive, so forgive me if I don’t mention or gloss over some aspects. I will also assume you know the basics of what Octopath is like, and won’t cover those directly.


Octopath 2 does a lot to improve the mechanical meatiness of the game compared to the first.
  1. The addition of EX-Skills for every character.

    All 8 heroes have 2 special-unlock active abilities. The first is unlocked early game, and the second unlocked when you complete that hero's final story chapter.

  2. Some rebalances to the existing classes.

    A change here and there on the passives and actives of the classes help by giving some classes a small, and needed, boost, in addition to a few tweaks and nerfs from common cheese from #1.

  3. The addition of the Inventor special class.

    This one deserves special mention because it's available early on in the game, and adds a lot of neat utility to your team.

  4. The addition of the "Latent Power" (limit break) ability to all 8 heroes.

    Since every hero has their own, unique limit break, this means there's more reason to want to use all 8 heroes, instead of some feeling more special than others.

  5. Character now have two "Path Actions" (overworld abilities) tied to a day/night system.

    Note that day & night can be toggled with a button press, so you don't have to wait around for something to change. Basically, the exploration / NPC interactions feel a bit better, and more varied, compared to the first game.

  6. The individual character "Talents" (a singular special aspect), do a good job of having a meaningful combat application, again making each hero feel more unique.

    Some of the Talents in the first game were...not that interesting (looking at you, Therion & Tressa).
As a result of these changes, I actually liked using all 8 heroes throughout the game. While some heroes felt more or less powerful / fun to play at any given time during my adventure, I also recognized that that's mostly due to how I (or any player) build the characters. Basically, the game is flexible enough that you can play it how you want, and you'll probably be decently strong.


I wouldn't claim that this has writing on the level of Supergiant Games (Bastion / Transistor / Hades), but it's still better than Octopath 1's stories, on the whole. While most of the stories are not necessarily super creative or novel, what impressed me were these two aspects:
  • Most of the individual character stories tied into the main plot in visible ways.

  • Even the stories which weren't as interesting had good characterizations, which made them fun and enjoyable to play through, even if they were simplistic.
As I played through the game, I got a good feel for each character and how they felt. I won't list everyone, but I very much loved the characterizations for Osvald (scholar), Ochette (hunter), Temenos (cleric), and Partitio (merchant). Even on the others, the way that their worldbuilding backgrounds were portrayed were done well-enough, I found myself caring about their individual stories to a certain extent.

Sidenote: I understand and agree with general comments online that Agnea's (dancer) story is...clearly the it doesn't really tie into the main plot, nor have much meaning, importantance, or interesting points in it. Yes, I can appreciate how having a lighter & happier story to contrast with the others', some of which are a bit darker, however, I'd claim that's what Partitio's story does in a much-more compelling fashion.

Game Content

Octopath 2 has a surprisingly large amount of things that you can do in it. I beat the final boss after approximately 90 hours of gameplay, and there's so much side content that I didn't touch. Note that my general pace in game-playing is a little slower than average, so more-motivated individuals may complete things much faster. In reality, you only need to do a lot of side content if you want to face "the secret super post-game boss", which is very difficult. I felt satisfied enough by the time I beat the final boss that I didn't feel the compulsion to play for awhile longer. You are able to learn the advanced classes and find enough pieces of cool equipment by the time you face the final boss, that anything further would've felt like more of the same to me. For those who desire to play around for awhile longer, at least the game gives you the option to do so.

  • Mechanically fleshed out compared to its predecessor.

  • Stories & characters were enjoyable on the whole.

  • Every character felt meaningful both in combat & exploration.

  • Strategy can be done in multiple ways instead of the game forcing only a singular playstyle on you.

  • Art, music, and voice acting were pleasant to me, the entire time I played.

  • I never had major issues with the UI -- smooth gameplay experience.

  • Some balance issues exist, to where some classes / abilities felt way better than others. Not that any class was useless, but there were some I didn't use as secondaries, basically ever.

  • Some stories are a bit basic; some characters are a little one-dimensional (lookin' at you, Agnea, Castti & Hikari). Note that the beginnings for everyone (chapter 1's) are the slowest part of the game, so if you're patient enough to get past those, the game gets much better.

  • A lot of exploration & NPC interaction is just "mashing the A button" -- there were few times where there was a meaningful or interesting puzzle to figure out. Don't expect this to be Mass Effect or Baldur's Gate level of role-playing and "Choices Matter".

  • The game, on the whole, is a bit easy for experienced JRPG players, and has no difficulty settings. Combined with the baseline encounter rate being a little high, this makes it quite simple to over-level the game's content and become stronger than what you're facing. I thankfully utilized the "less encounter rate" passive for basically the first half of the game, so I mitigated this somewhat.

  • I found the Japanese voices to be much better than English, but I will wholly admit to being a weeb.

  • There are a handful of poorly translated things in the game, with some straight-up INCORRECT ABILITY TEXT. I cannot emphasize enough how some abilities can do THE OPPOSITE of what their in-game text says. As a result, I utilized the wiki a lot, as well as a guide on Steam which explains the mistranslations (see below for link).


I give this game a clear thumbs-up. These days, it's rare for me to play a non-rogue game to its ending, so the fact that I invested 90 hours into this says a lot to me. While I wish that there was more consistent challenge throughout the game, I accept that the game is intended to be a mostly casual and narrative-focused experience.

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