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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

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Conan The Librarian's Guide to Fell Seal (Last Updated 03-25-19)
By Conan The Librarian
This guide is designed to help new players who want to know what's going on, and for experienced players who want to delve a little deeper.
Hello Arbiters, and welcome to my guide for Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark!

The purpose of my guide is to give some basic tips on a variety of subjects which should be helpful for people new to the game, and help illuminate some mechanics for players who are more experienced but didn't know how X worked before.

Please note that guide is under construction, so please bear with me...writing takes time...

Also note: that while I will do my best to avoid any major spoilers (and therefore put things which I would consider spoilers in the black box spoiler tags like this ):


So, I hope you find this guide useful. Always feel free to drop a comment.
Consumable Items

Most of you likely noticed how you have access to "Items" when you're selecting what to do with a character during a level. Unlike most games, where there items are consumed on use, and you have you purchase / craft more of them, Fell Seal's items work a bit differently. When it says that you have say, 4 potions, that means that you can use a potion four time per battle. Essentially, the items in this category are only limited on a "per battle" basis, which means you never have to buy or craft more of them!

With this being the case, you can feel free to chug those potions and chuck those rocks at the enemy each level; never worrying about having to restock, because the game auto-restocks them for you!

You may then ask, "Why does the menu say 'Craft-->Items' if it doesn't mean I'm actually crafting them, what gives?

Well, the in-game description says it pretty clearly:

When you "Craft" items, you are improving their effectiveness, number of uses per battle, or even both!


Potion starts at 50 healing and 3 uses. But when you upgrade it to tier 2, it goes to 75 healing and 4 uses, then to 100 healing and 4 uses at the highest tier of 3. [Note that for items, the yellow star icon indicates tier 3, or the highest tier available]

Rock goes from 1 use 25 damage, 2 use 40 damge, then 3 uses and 50 damage.

While those two items scale their effectiveness based on their crafted level, some items, like the Remedy (which removes all debuffs from the target) only increase in number of uses per battle when upgraded.

Ok, that's cool and all, but how do I get the best mileage out of my items?

General Item Usage Tips:
  • Items are extremely useful in the earlier levels of the game as the healing from potions and the damage from rocks feels really big. When even a level 1 potion heals for 50, that could mean a full heal for a low level character, or even just a large heal for a hero with a few levels on them. The same goes for level 1 rocks, 25 damage is nothing to scoff at, and just might be enough to secure a much-needed-kill.

  • Items such as potions and remedies can be used on adjacent heroes, and not just "target-self". Have a wounded hero who won't have the chance to be healed by a healing spell before the enemy goes again and kills them? Have no fear, just use one of your other nearby heroes to fix them up with a potion, even if they aren't a healer themself!

  • Speakig of rocks, ever had a situation where your melee hero is only a couple steps away from that one enemy, and can't do anything about it, so you have to just wait there? Well, why not throw a rock instead of doing nothing that turn! Rocks have a range of three spaces, which isn't very far, but hey, sometimes that extra reach really does the trick.

  • Unlike other games where you have to specifically target bodies on the ground, Fell Seal allows for resurrections from anywhere on the map. So, feel free to use that Phoenix Ashes (or revive spell) wherever is best for you tactically, you don't need to be nearby the space where your ally fell!
There are of course other items in the game which you will discover, but for the most part, they are pretty self-explanatory, so I won't go into detail here.

If only there was a class which specialized in using consumable items...hmmmm...
(Small spoiler) Peddler
This section and the next will explain some parts of the EXP and AP system. While a lot this may be apparent from merely playing the game, sometimes you'll be playing and still ask yourself "Wait, why did this hapen?"

Experience Points

Are awarded every time one of your heroes does an action which has some sort of effect to it.

Common activities which grant experience points include:
  • Attacking

  • Defeating an enemy

  • Casting a Buff / Debuff

  • Healing

  • Curing a debuff
Activities which do NOT grant experience points include
  • Activating a map feature (climbing up a rope, going through a sinkhole, opening treasure, etc)

  • Missed attacks / abilities

  • Healing which does "0 effective healing" (i.e. healing a target who is already at full health)

  • Failed abilities / spells (such as casting a debuff removal spell like Panacea and having nothing to dispell)

  • Merely walking and not taking an action
Special Notes On Exp

There are a few factors and situations which can affect the amount of exp awarded.
  • Getting a finishing blow on an enemy awards a significantly higher amount of exp as compared to a regular attack / action.

  • To compensate for this, healing abilities grant extra exp in comparrison to harmful actions, as healers will often not get finishing blows.

  • Level difference--when a lower level unit attacks a higher level one, based on how far apart they are, bonus experience is award, and the converse is true as well: a higher level unit attacking a lower level one will gain less exp. [Side note: this mechanic makes it easier for lower-leveled heroes to "catch up" to everyone else, and also makes it so you can't grind your most powerful heroes on low leveled things with full effectiveness]
Leveling Up

As Fell Seal is a "Final Fantasy Tactics" inspired game, there is a distinction made between a character's main level, and their proficiencies with their classes.

Every time a character gains 100 experience, they will gain a level. Note that the level up will be granted immediately upon passing the 100 exp mark, and a "Level Up!" icon (with celebratory fanfare) will pop up over the character.

So, what changed?

Every time a character gains a level, their stats increase by a certain amount, depending on which class they are assigned to.

As you can see in the above screenshot, if a character levels up while they are the Mercenary class, they will get: 8 more max Hit Points, 1.5 Magic max Mana Points, 4.5 Attack, 4 Defense, 3 Mind, 3.5 Resistance, and 0.8 Speed.

Obviously, different classes have different growth rates for their various stats. You can always consult the class wheel in the "Change Class" interface to see all the classes' growth rates.

With this system being the case, when considering "How should I build my characters?" just remember the stat growths. Wanting to make a powerful physical fighter who can take a lot of hits? Make sure to be classes with higher attack, defense, and hit point growth. Want a powerful mage or healer? Make sure to be classes with higher Magic. Want a character who goes more often? Level as nimble classes like the Scoundrel. The sky is the limit for how you build your characters!

IMPORTANT: Note that the stat growths for a character are based upon that character's primary class which they are currently assigned as! Their secondary assigned class has no bearing on stat growth on level up.
AP & New Recruits
Ability Points (AP)

Unlike experience points which cause your character to level up, Ability Points (AP for short) are used to learn skills from the classes which your characters are assigned to.

AP is pretty straightforward in terms of using, so I won't cover that. Instead, some of you might wonder about some of the rhyme and reason behind how AP is awarded.

Notes on AP Gain:
  • Awarded to all characters at the end of an encounter (not "during the encounter, like exp is)

  • Sometimes (don't expect it every match) one character who participated in an encounter will be chosen as the MVP based on their performance. This bonus grants them an extra 35% AP boost to the amount of AP they would've normally received.

  • A small amount of extra AP is awarded to each participant of an encounter if Kyrie survives. Note: Kyrie must be present in said encounter for this bonus to trigger.

  • Your characters gain AP only* (See Next Heading) in the the class which has been selected as their primary class.

  • Story encounters award significantly higher amounts of AP than Patrols.

  • Amount of AP awarded is affected by relative level. If your team is significantly higher level than the enemies you're fightinng, the amount of AP you get will be reduced (the bigger the gap, the smaller it will be).

  • Benched characters will still receive 50% of the AP for whichever main class they have equipped, and 80% of the Vicarious Learning AP that the encounter participants get. Because of this, be aware of what class your benched heroes have equipped because they'll still be learning some. Have someone who only needs "a few more AP" to learn that one skill you want? Perhaps you don't need to take them out on an encounter, and being on the bench will be enough.
Vicarious Learning

On playing the game, you will have likely noticed that your characters gain AP in classes which they aren't currently assigned as. There is a very cool mechanic called Vicarious Learning, in which ALL of your heroes (including the ones which did not actively participate in an encounter) get a small % of the main AP gained by the characters in an encounter.

Notes on Vicarious Learning
  • It's a pretty small amount of AP, so don't expect a character to learn a ton of abilities vicariously.

  • This will allow your heroes to essentially "double dip" on AP if you have multiple heroes fighting as the same class, because they're working and learning together.

  • Your characters will gain vicarious learning AP even for classes which they don't qualify for yet. So let's say one character is a knight, fights in a battle, and gains AP. All your other characters, whether they could change into a knight at the time or not, will still get the vicarious knight ap. This AP will not be visible in your characters' skill interfaces until that hero qualifies for that class. When you finally do unlock that class, however, depening on how much vicarious learning has occurred, you just might be pleasantly surprised to see a nice chunk of AP ready to go.

AP / EXP for New Recruits

When you hire new recruits at the guild, in terms of experience, they start at whichever level you hire them at. You can only hire heroes up to the level of your main character, Kyrie.

In terms of AP, new recruits start with a certain amount of AP depending on your progress in the game so far. Specifically, it's an average AP of the 6 highest characters for each class.

Starting Stats for New Recruits

When you hire new recruits, you choose which class they start as. You are limited to choosing only classes which you have unlocked already in that playthrough. But, not all new recruits are the same.

Take a look at the below picture of this new Mercenary recruit.

Now look at the same new recruit, but if they were hired as a Knight.

See how their stats are different?

Why is this? Remember earlier in the exp section where I discussed class stat growth on level up?
When you hire a new recruit, they will have stats as if they gained X number of levels of that class, and have the stat growth to match.


If you wanted to get another physical attacker, don't hire a Wizard! (and etc...you get the idea) Lastly, note you can hire any regular class which you've unlocked so far.
Resetting Characters to Level 1
With the advent of this feature which stemmed from player feedback, I felt that it would be useful to include a section explaining what this is all about.

What is Reverting to Leveling 1?

Well, 6 Eyes' in-game explanation does a pretty good job of explaining it, so I'll include screenshots of their message.

What's the Point of Reverting?

Reverting a character to level 1 allows you to reset all the stat growths which a character has accumulated throughout their various "level ups" up to that point. As stated in my section on EXP, when a character "levels up", they gain certain stats based on the primary job which they have at that time. The point in doing this is to allow you to get a "re do" on your character's stat growths. Perhaps you feel that you "made a mistake" while leveling a certain character and didn't end up with the build you were wanting. Example, "I have a character I want to be a mage, but I leveled him as a warrior for awhile and wish he had more mind value instead of attack". With reverting to level 1, you can wipe those growths clean, re-level the character with the classes you want, and continue on from there.

How do I Revert a Hero?

As shown in the screenshot at the beginning of this section, reverting is available in any city's Guild interface. All you do is select "Reset Level", and it will bring you to an army management screen where you can choose who you'd like to revert.

There is a cost associated with this service, however. Remeber that hiring a new hero costs 500 gold per level. Resetting a hero to level 1 has a total cost of 1,000 / level reverted.

Notice how in the above screenshot, Reiner is level 22. To reset him to level 1, that means erasing 21 levels of stat growths; therefore, a total cost of 21,000 gold.

Notes of Reverting to Level 1

Reasons TO NOT Do This:
  1. Re-leveling a hero can take a decent bit of time.
    Do you really want to put your game on hold just so you can get the "perfect stats" for that unit?

  2. It costs a lot of gold.
    Is it worth paying a thousand gold per level to do this? Granted, gold is relatively easy to come by in this game, so the cost isn't that bad. Perhaps you'd rather utilize your money for gear.

  3. It just might be simpler to recruit another generic hero from the guild.
    Recruiting is half the cost of reverting, and you don't have to spend all that time grinding the exp for them to catch up with the rest of your time. That being said, obviously a new recruit will typically have less overall AP than a hero who has been with your team for awhile and actively participating in encounters. However, the time and headache saved by not having to start again at level 1 again can be worthwhile.

    Honestly, I cannot stress enough that Fell Seal is designed in a way which allows players to experiment with their heroes. Even if you get a few levels in a class which isn't "your perfect choice" for that hero, it won't make them ineffective units.

  5. Base Stats for human heroes have a cap of 600.
    Since there is a hard cap of 600 of the main stats (Attack / Mind etc), leveling as the same class for dozens of levels might not be the most efficient method, since you are liable to run across a cap and end up with "wasted" stat growths. This means that having some mixture of classes for any given hero is a good thing to help round out their stats and make sure you're always "getting something" out of every level up. So, don't go into this thinking "I'm wanting to reset to level 1 so I can level my caster as a pure Sorcerer the whole time" or something like that, as you might end up wasting some of your efforts due to stat caps.
Special Considerations on Reverting Story Characters

As stated in one of the above screenshots, reverting Kyrie specifically can lead to a handful of unwanted consequences.
  • Generic recruits from the guild are only able to be hired up through Kyrie's level.
    If you revert your Kyrie, you will have to work her level up again to recruit higher level heroes. This could leave you in an annoying situation.

  • Story heroes who join your party are directly tied to Kyrie's level as well.
    So, when certain people join your party like Yates Bzaro Maybe more??? if Kyrie is low level, they will join your party low level.

  • Some story missions have mandatory use of certain story characters.
    If you reverted a story character, and go into a level where they're mandatory to use, you might end up with an unpleasant situation of having to field an underleveled hero. Obviously Kyrie would be the most likely for this, but there are times which include others.

  • Since you can't "Hire another Anadine" or something like that, then if you feel like you "really messed up" with a story character, then yes, maybe this is something you want to do.

  • Regarding the special story hero SPOILER WARNING Bzaro, the Bzil who uses monster classes instead of the regular human classes. Be aware that since he is unique in the fact that he has no permanent "stat growths" on his level ups, and instead, his stats scale based on what primary monster class he is currently equipped with, there really isn't any direct value or point in reverting him to level 1 because nothing will change in the end. That being said, if for some reason you want to revert him to level 1 "for the fun of it", of course you can. I just wanted to include this because I know that some people would wonder about Bzaro.
Final Thoughts on Reverting to Level 1

If you've read the entirety of this section, you'll have most of what you need to know to make an informed decision of "should I even use this feature?"

If you find yourself thinking "Yeah, I had no clue while leveling up this character that I wanted to do X, and to best accomplish that goal, it would be beneficial to re-do my character's stats" then great, go ahead and do so!

If however, you find yourself thinking "I don't know, this all sounds like a lot of hassle, is this something which I NEED to do?" Then rest easy knowing that this is a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL FEATURE. It was only put into the game to allow those who WANT to re-do a character's stats a chance to do it. For most players, this really isn't a feature you have to worry about using, however, it exists should you choose you utilize it.


So, reverting to level 1 is a way to get a mulligan on a hero's stats without sacrificing their already-learned AP / skills, but is something which I recommend thinking carefully about before doing so.
Class Requirements *Spoiler Warning*
For players' convenience, this section will list the requirements to unlock the various classes in Fell Seal. As you can see in the section title, since this is this a list, if you'd rather not know what classes they are or their requirements, then ignore this section! I have not placed the regular classes under spoilers because those are easily seen in-game, however, I have put the 6 "secret badge classes" under spoiler tags just in case.

Martial Classes

Mercenary 3
Knight 4
Templar 5, Scoundrel 4
Mercenary 4, Knight 4, Ranger 4
Peddler 3, Reaver 3

Mage Classes

Mender 2
Plague Doctor
Mender 4
Wizard 4
Mender 3, Wizard 5, Alchemystic 3
Plague Doctor 3, Fellblade 4
Druid 5

Rogue Classes

Mercenary 2
Scoundrel 4
Knight 3, Wizard 3
Gunner 4

Miscellaneous Classes

Scoundrel 3, Mender 3
Scoundrel 3, Wizard 3
Ranger 5

Secret Badge Classess

While the story heroes have special classes which only they can use, generic heroes have the ability to learn from 6 special "Badge Classes" which are not available to story heroes. These are different from the normal classes as it costs an emblem / badge item to unlock the class along with the other requirements. You can find these badges throughout the campaign and can even craft them with the right materials.

Mercenary 4
Scoundrel 6, Alchemystic 3
Plague Doctor 4, Sorcerer 6
Mender 5, Wizard 5
Mender 7, Female only
Templar 6, Male only
To Be Continued
More to come in the future.


08/21/2018 11:40pm: Made the guide, wrote the section on comsumables.

08/22/2018 11:00pm Created the EXP and AP section.

08/23/2018 11:25pm Separated EXP and AP sections into their own section because Steam has a limit on section length. Also, edited some details on these sections due to correct info. It seems I accidentally broke part of my section on AP when I was moving things...oh well...I'll fix it later.

08/27/2018 11:15pm Finally fixed the AP section. I've been so busy recently with the forums and writing the FAQ that I haven't had much time for the guide. Things will continue as life allows.

09/20/2018 10:05pm Adjusted MVP bonus to include its recent change to 35% instead of 25%. Also wrote the Reverting to Level 1 explanation section. Life has been so busy at work and the game forums, I didn't have the energy to write for quite awhile. Glad I got some more content in.

10/31/2018 10:25am Added a small point on the AP gains section to include that benched heroes still get some AP based on the amount of AP awarded in that encounter.

01/04/2019 2:15pm Changed info on new recruit starting AP as that formula was changed in today's patch.

02/14/2019 7:50pm Due to player request, I have added in a section about class unlocking requirements. I do NOT have current plans to include an in-depth class guide or details at this time since the game is still in early access and things continue to develop / change. I will work on formatting this further another time to make it look nicer.

02/15/2019 12:10am Converted my class requirements section into tables for easier reading.

03/25/2019 10:10am Changed the number from 500 to 600 for the newly-raised character stat caps. Note that monster caps are 750.


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Conan The Librarian  [author] Mar 17 @ 5:23pm 

I see your point there. Granted, I always say that "AP > Stats" so recruiting fresh people to do those sorts of things is perhaps not the best plan, but, it's certainly a valid thing to play around with.
kasbald Mar 17 @ 5:21pm 
Thanks for the fast answer, I was asking because Reaver for example has awfull speed, so I was wondering if I should get levels as assassin to help, for example, I didn't get all classes, but I was also wondering that when you recruit scoundrels they start at level 1 with 106 speed, so maybe getting a scoundrel then raising as a reaver may be a best thing than get a character that starts as one.
Conan The Librarian  [author] Mar 17 @ 5:16pm 

the 500 stat cap only applies to base hero stats, meaning that equipment CAN increase it past the stat cap--equipment not effected by it.

Yes, speed will cause characters to get "more turns" in comparison to others. "Focusing" on speed, I mean, I'm not sure how effective that is, but "knowing what Speed does" and "knowing not to ignore it" is important. In my opinion, it's more important to focus on "Do I want this character to be more physical / magical or hybrid? Focos on offense or defense?"
Conan The Librarian  [author] Mar 17 @ 5:13pm 

Glad the guide has helped you. I made this precisely for that reason: so people can feel good about "not having things perfect" and understanding "how things work".
kasbald Mar 17 @ 5:10pm 
HI, you said that maximum stats in this game are 500, does that include stats from equipment as well? Also, is there any reason to focus on speed? Speedy characters can eventually get more turns than slower ones?
Otori001 Mar 17 @ 3:12am 
I just wanted to say thank you for this guide. I just picked up the game and I was worried I could "break" my characters if I didn't plan ahead. After reading this guide I have a good understanding of AP and EXP gains and feel relieved going into the game.
Conan The Librarian  [author] Feb 22 @ 10:58pm 
Correct: Badges have a small % chance to drop as random loot, this is applicable even from the beginning.
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark EA Feb 22 @ 10:46pm 
badges can drop anywhere? i keep getting them at timber road
Conan The Librarian  [author] Feb 15 @ 2:41pm 
As I thought: 6 Eyes confirmed that that page has been a little outdated for awhile, so they've adjusted the wording by that picture.
Conan The Librarian  [author] Feb 15 @ 2:28pm 
If you're referring to this image https://ibb.co/GQw13Fx found on https://www.fellseal.com/classes it is unfortunately not an accurate / updated web page. 6 Eyes has been focusing much more on Steam and "making the game itself", so some of the info they have there is outdated. To directly answer, no, there are no more currently-planned classes (with the exception of one more story hero to arrive late in the story). Obviously, post-official-launch support might include more classes / content / levels etc, but nothing has been officially announced on that front.