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First and foremost - KurtzPel is not an MMORPG, it’s -> anime-style 3D arena brawler, with no dungeons or explorations.

KurtzPel use Unreal Engine 4 and promotes itself as a “competitive PvP game”. And we will look at how much “competitive” this game is. The game is still in early access and many things changed and many are not.

After 700+ hours playing this game since CBT, I will tell you about the current state of the game.

p.s. 1 month anniversary and 400 dislikes(likes) celebration! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

Also, for the first time ever i reached a maximum number of letters, can't add or change stuff here now.
- Since this game now kinda forces 1vs1 in Conquest and Survival modes, let me tell you that 1vs1 in this game is utter garbage. "The game was balanced around 2vs2" and yet they dump 1vs1 modes on players. Well, 2vs2 balance is bad too, so whatever.
- in a new Battle Royal (18man) mode Dual Souls is the most retarded thing ever, again, you can kill pretty much anyone in a few hits, even if it's a Breaker with high pdef.
- This game use P2P (peer-to-peer) connection, this means even if you are from EU(NA) and play on EU(NA) server, that random chinese botfarmer guy can play it too and will lag so much, that it won't be even possible to combo him, since it's a direct connection between you and him.
- If you are a solo player and seek a challenging and competitive PvP game – STAY AWAY.
You need a dedicated teammate/friend, if you want to play this game. The only one mode available is 2vs2, there's no other ranked modes in this game (i.e. no 1vs1 either).
- If you’re a Dragon Nest player and seek something similar to it – STAY AWAY EVEN FURTHER.
- Compared to Dragon Nest, KurtzPel is worse at everything, aside from graphics.
- You got baited by KAWAII ANIMU GRAPHICS and want some PvE action - STAY AWAY.
- The game optimization is very bad. Really. After the update on August,7 it's now even worse than before.
- It will crash and freeze a lot.
- If you’re from NA or EU – tough luck, since Asia is the most alive and popular server.
- The newest released weapon karma Dual Souls is so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ broken and OP even after 2 nerfs it received, it will make you scream P2W, otherwise grind for it (60.000 in-game money) in about 40-50 hours. That's not a small number, you will quit before that.

But why low online is bad?
Well, here’s why:
Let’s look at the game PvP ranks, you start at E and then move to D-C-B-A-S-G. Each PvP rank got 5 subranks, so it won’t be fast to lvl up your rank. And here’s the most important note:

For example, let’s say you are C-5 rank, ready to play your promotion match to B-1 rank. Now enjoy a G+S rank top player premade team against you and that one random, effectively ruining that promotion match for you.
Need to say how fast they will stomp your random team? About 40 seconds should suffice.

This is how matchmaking works in this game, on low populated servers you will fight top premade teams, that’s far out from your league and you will just feed them free points. Not only devs refused to separate duo teams now from solo players, even your Rank won’t matter much.
Imagine some Silver players in League of Legends playing Vs. Diamonds and you’l get the picture.

Okay, now let’s do a quick look for those, who like me played Dragon Nest for more than 3000+ hours during those 9 years.
- There’s no 1vs1 mode in KurtzPel, ranked or unranked. You can invite someone to duel, but that’s just a waste of time, considering that you need a lot of EXP(AP) to level your skills and level NPC reputation in order to unlock new skills.
- Combos are extremely easy and require little to no effort. If you played Dragon Nest, you will laugh at how easy everything is in KurtzPel.
- Continuing from above, instead of 24-30 skills from Dragon Nest, 24 of which are on your panel at all times, KurtzPel only got 6 base skills and 2 Ultimates for each class, and you can only use 3 basic skills at a time. Yes, your kit is only 3 skills + Ultimate.
- The game balance
Balance in KurtzPel is an absolute disaster, compared to pretty much every Dragon Nest period, aside from Assassin (Abyss Walker and Light Fury mostly) domination. Not so long ago they released a new “paid” class Dual Souls and now everyone and their mothers use this weapon, since it’s the most easiest weapon in the game to combo and oneshot people. Is this game P2W? No, it’s actually not, but if you don’t want to buy Dual Souls for $, prepare 60.000 CP (in-game money). It’s not a small number, since you’l get about 220-250 CP from one match, go do the math how many hours it will take, considering loading and searching times.

- You can check how broken Dual Souls here:

1st vid https://streamable.com/i2eck

There’s no classes in the game, who can 100% HP -> 0% in 3 seconds, aside from Dual Souls. It’s funny how some people protect BS like this, saying “it’s his own fault”. Yes, it’s 100% fair for a spammable attack, which is not even a skill or Ultimate, to kill someone from 100 to 0 in single strike. Oh, the balance ~

2nd vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwYu6poNu84

Okay then, let’s move to the core game. This game main mode is “2vs2”, which currently offers only Deathmatch,Capture the flag and Conquest.

It’s randomized and you can’t choose the one you want. Previously it was possible and all players skipped Capture the flag&Conquest and only played Deathmatch.
That’s “how amazing” CTF / Conquest in this game is, nothing changed that much. The devs didn’t liked that and now you can't choose a gamemode.

And let’s look at how “competitive” KurtzPel is:

- Ranked 2vs2 is not separated for Solo players and Duo teams. If someone said that’s not too much of advantage – they are lying right in your face. A coordinated team with a voice chat Vs. two random players, who meet each other for first time.

- Even if you hardcarry a lot of matches, quite often even that is not enough.
Actually, previously duo was separated from solo players, but again, devs changed that. Mostly because top duo teams whining about how they can’t get a match. So, in order to cater to 30 players, devs ruined matchmaking for the other 3000, wise choice.

- If you’re a competitive player, but play solo – most random people you’l get will make you want to quit this game, while you are facing duo premade teams.
In this example screenshot, an A rank guy did 17% damage contribution, which means he was almost useless.

- PvE aspect in this game is the same as PvP, in a small arena a group of 2 people will fight one boss. It’s only challenging at Grand Chase difficulty, but only for like first 2 kills.
- If you’re looking for PvE, this is not the game for that. PvE here is simply like a training/filler mode.

Final Verdict: 5/10
KurtzPel provide a nice anime-styled graphics and the (Europe) customer support team is really great, but that’s about it. PvE will become boring quite fast, PvP matchmaking is unfair and class balance is bad, KurtzPel is only "competitive" in words.
The devs do listen to community, but still quite slow in that regard. I feel it would be a great game if there was another 1 year dev cycle for it and more content available (PvE included).
Currently, the game don’t offers enough amounts of content, there’s not even a Story Mode here. This is a PvP arena brawler with some PvE bosses, which again located in the same arenas.
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