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Likes Macross, Ace Combat, Armored Core, Gundam, and certain anime. Currently learning Japanese.

マクロス/エースコン/アーマードコア/ガンダム/アニメが好きです. 今日本語勉強中.

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Suka Macross, Ace Combat, Armored Core, Gundam, dan anime tertentu. Sedang belajar bahasa Jepang.
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Only recommended for those truly desperate for a mecha experience--especially considering Steam has an awful lack of Japanese-styled fast mecha action. It's a shame that SHADE only took this Steam port as another cash-grab (they has attempted once with an always-online freemium coin-based multiplayer once in the past), instead of actually making an effort of streamlining this port with PC-friendly UIs & engine. Really disappointing for a 6 years old Vita port that's less playable than Idea Factory's Neptunia Vita ports--which is saying something for a team that used to make a great mecha experience for mobile under 100MB in size.

Hopefully, SHADE will streamline this game in the future. With FROM SOFTWARE dropping Armored Core for Souls money & the lack of Japanese-styled mecha game on Steam, the only thing that's prohibiting them from being a worldwide cult-classic is themselves. The only other mecha games on Steam that I could think of are Project Nimbus & Damascus Gear, and they're both too different gameplay-wise from the Armored Core standard.

+ Customizable mecha, alike FROM SOFTWARE's Armored Core. I haven't played much on this to know how many unique parts this game has, but past releases on iOS has proven that SHADE can make a decent number of parts to play with. Think of Armored Core 1.

+ Decent number of missions to play with. Albeit the style of gameplay only consist of going to a certain point and wiping out every enemy and their invisible spawn points in the map, it should satisfy the craving for some mecha action.

+ Commandable Teammate AIs that help you through battle. Going into mission 3, I found them to be competent (perhaps too competent?) in wiping out enemies on Normal difficulty. Of course, you can set them to Defend or Standby if you want them not to be too competent and finish the game for you, but it can be fun once in a while to have fellow teammate mechas shooting right next to you.

+ Top-Grade Japanese Voices. With popular names such as Maaya Sakamoto, Kana Hanazawa, and Keiji Fujiwara voicing for the selectable Operators/Navi to accompany you during gameplay, fans of Japanese mecha stuff are sure to be slightly entertained by having them onboard. They only have a couple of lines though (think ACVD's operators), so don't expect much.

- BAD PORT. Like really, even Neptunia games are better ported than this (and they still have crashes and stutters). Whenever this game drops below 60FPS, it shows like the game plays at 10FPS--even though the in-game counter shows "30FPS". Although I am playing on a somewhat underspec rig (i7-4500U 1.8GHz with GT740m & 16GB RAM), Neptunia games actually run on 30FPS when they show 30FPS. Not this game though, as if it's coded to only run at 60FPS and no other.

- Horrible UI. Straight ported out of the Vita version. With the Vita version relying on Vita's touch screens, you can see massive cluttered on-screen buttons that hinders your vision. Really, they should've redesigned the thing if they want to call this one "HD Edition".

- Lack of in-game options. Display settings are only customizable through the launcher, and not in-game. Heck, it doesn't even have options for sensitivity controls. I'm glad that I'm playing this with a Steam controller (which they attempted to provide controls for half-arsedly), otherwise I'm stuck with the default 6 seconds of screen-paning whenever I want to look behind me. Even the original iOS Destroy Gunners has faster default screen-paning!

I used to follow SHADE closely when they first released Destroy Gunners on iOS, and I was amazed by how they made the game as close to the Armored Core experience in under 100MB in size. I even bought it's next iteration (along with the Alpha expansion) and played a bit with the cash-grab online one (which they've shut down years ago).

I'm very disappointed that they merely ported Assault Gunners here for what seems to be idle cash-grab. Just a little more effort and they could've had the #1 game for a Japanese-styled fast action mecha on Steam! I get that the Vita version didn't have favorable reviews due to its opponents being mass-enjoyed titles like the Gundam franchise, but that's no excuse for slacking off on an untapped market like Steam.

If they choose to release this thing and be done with it, sooner or later some title will attempt to steal the show and become Steam's #1 go to for fast mecha action. And if that happens, this port might've as well fall into obscurity like Bad Rats.
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Pixyz Apr 10 @ 4:55am 
Bang, ayo bang GBF bang
AnaNN Oct 3, 2022 @ 2:02am 
I think you will like remove comment if you don't like it
TheRibbonRed Aug 28, 2022 @ 7:09pm 
They are, but it's pretty limited. Better to wait for full release if co-op's fhe goal.
Knight of Storms Aug 28, 2022 @ 9:19am 
OOoOoo.. They are adding co op to mass builder?? I didn't know this!
和而不同 Jul 18, 2021 @ 4:44am 
You're right, I will reflect on this matter...sorry to make you fell unhappy.

And thank you for your kindness.I want to write more words but....afraid to make you unhappy again.

Wish you have a good night.
TheRibbonRed Jul 18, 2021 @ 4:01am 
RPCS3 and all other PS3 emulators are still incomplete; they couldn't run most games even with RTX3090 & Ryzen Threadripper, and you expect people to run OFA?

I'll help you this time, but maybe you should proof-read your words before posting. It might not sound inflammatory in Chinese, but it certainly sounds like so in English.