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This collection is godsent since it contains a handful of best games out there. There is no doubt that every Mega Man fan loves Zero more than X or any other character in the franchise; therefore, it was a very clever move from Capcom's side to collab with Inti Creates to make the best Mega Man games out there, and give our Red Hero what he deserves. I've been expecting a Zero Legacy Collection but Capcom really caught me off guard by adding ZX games as well.

The collection is very good and I can't praise it enough. It has a gallery which you can view several artworks from different titles, a music player, options to cycle between remixes and remastered voice lines, several filters and wallpapers, save assist and casual scenario mode for newcomers, brand new Z Chaser mode, it even lets you connect Zero 3 and Zero 4 to ZX! To sum up, it has everything you can ask for a proper collection! I'll review each game for those who never played any of these masterpieces...

Mega Man Zero is not perfect, but it is better than most of the X games since it fixes all the problems that X games have. First two differences you will notice with this game are the change of artstyle and gameplay. Gameplay is faster and way more smooth compared to X games, you don't have stage select anymore, instead, you choose missions to engage, you can cycle between the sword and buster (and other weapons) efficiently, whole world is connected to each other and it is safe to say that it is semi-metroidvania, instead of copying boss weapons, you get elemental powers since obviously, Zero doesn't have X's copy ability, and finally, you have cyber elves that you can use to your advantage.

The story is nothing mind blowing but each game has original stories unlike the classic and X games and this shows that Inti Creates cares about the franchise more than Capcom. Instead of milking it with the same antagonist all the time, Zero series presents new antagonists each game and the first one they present is a very interesting one. I won't tell you anything about him, you'll have to see him yourself.

The problems I've noticed with the game that it requires TONS OF (5 hours of grinding) E-Crystals to feed and grow all elves and it is necessary to unlock the Ultimate Mode. The ranking system can also be a pain if you're not good with platformers and decide to use cyber elves to your advantage because game punishes you if you rely on cyber elves too much. However, this does not apply to this collection since it comes with the save assist feature. Finally, it is one of the most difficult Mega Man games out there, so be prepared.

Mega Man Zero 2 is way more polished and a balanced game compared to the first one in almost every way. In truth, they are almost the same since they didn't change the core mechanics. However, some improvements are noticeable in terms of gameplay. In addition to elemental powers, you have EX Skills in Zero 2 but to obtain them, you have to maintain your A or S rank and to achieve that, you need to get good and avoid using cyber elves.

Instead of unlocking different game modes, Zero 2 offers forms and they become available after meeting certain conditions. They've also reduced the amount of E-Crystals needed to grow elves, so unlocking the Ultimate Form is not as difficult as the first one.

Mega Man Zero 3 is one of the best platformers ever made because it is perfect. Yes, there is nothing wrong with this game. I'll even say that it might be the best Mega Man game ever created. While it maintains the perfect core mechanics of the previous two games, it adds chips to make the game even more enjoyable such as Automatic Charge and Double Jump. It also adds a new cyber elf system and removes the necessity of growing them which is a good thing if you ask me.

The story... oh, man... it is so good! The twist at the end is just mind blowing and the whole development is just wonderful. I used to wonder why they didn't use Zero's older sprite for Omega at the end but it took me long enough to realize that it is due to artstyle change. This collection is worth it for this game alone. It is THAT good.

Mega Man Zero 4 is a big letdown after Zero 3. It's all over X5 again. First of all, they removed the elemental system and locked them behind EX Skills and to obtain them, you have to play stages on hardest difficulty. In order to set them on hardest difficulty, you have to change the weather for each stage. As if it was not complicated enough, they went and changed the perfectly working chip system as well. Now you have to get the necessary parts to make chips from enemies. One positive change about the Zero 4 is the cyber elf system since you have only one elf to grow now.

Apart from all that, the story is really good and it introduces wonderful characters such as Craft and Neige. The soundtrack is also wonderful compared to other games, majority of the music tracks sound very dramatic for... obvious reasons. Casting aside all the negative sides, Zero 4 is worth playing for its story alone.

Mega Man ZX is the first Metroidvania entry of the series. While it has many flaws, it is one of my favorite Mega Man games ever due to the fact that it lets you (technically) play as different characters. You have biometals and each biometal has different character's soul from the X and Zero series. They can "megamerge" with their biomatch and lend them their power. I know it sounds confusing but it makes sense once you get into it. There are two characters but their stories are identical. You get different dialogue depending on which one you choose, though.

The story is quite good and it is a great foundation for what's to come in ZX Advent. It has that "summer" vibe going, its soundtrack is cheerful, I guarantee that you'll love it. However, the map system is a pain. There are not many teleport stations so you have to backtrack almost everywhere. Also you have to change back into the human form each time when you need to talk to humans, so that's another annoying point.

ZX Advent fixes the most annoying problems of the previous game: backtracking, mission system, and the human form. It's a wonderful game overall and I like the fact that it is a lot more darker than any Mega Man game in my opinion. After the cheerful vibe of ZX, you'll be a little bit shocked with ZX Advent. You have two different characters and their biomatch is biometal Model A - in other words: Axl. Although game wants you to think that it's not Axl, it is quite obvious that it IS Axl with his A-Trans ability. Apart from humans, you can morph into other Pseudoroids just like Ben 10 style.

The story is very good and as I have mentioned before, it's dark. You'll see lots of killing and darker characters such as Siarnaq and Prometheus. The ending is also quite philosophical and makes you question the basic human ethics. It kinda shifts from the regular Mega Man vibe but I'm happy with it overall. The game has no problems, but it's one of the hardest Mega Man games ever made with complex boss patterns. It also has a cool minigame called Mega Man a, be sure to check it out!

Z Chaser is a brand new game mode that comes with this collection and you can think of it as a speedrun mode. You can race against the AI or your friends in this mode and it is very fun! There is not much to say about it, so that's it.

The collection itself is very, very good. Apart from all the good games it offers, I haven't experienced any performance issues myself, so it's clear that Capcom learns from its previous mistakes. Hopefully they will provide fixes to their other collections as well! I feel very lucky to receive this collection as a birthday gift from a very dear friend of mine!
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