Welcome to my profile, I am a Youtube creator, graphics designer & gamer!

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I'm a Gamer and am developing my own games in Unity. I do occasionally dabble in graphic design.

I am interested in photography and travel, it would be my dream to be able to travel the world, documenting it via photos and Youtube videos. I know the secret to being rich now so currently building wealth to where travelling might become a reality.

I have a Youtube Channel of my own, its not super active but I am super busy with everything else I am working on.

I would appreciate any support by dropping a subscribe or follow on the links below and checking out my merchandise!

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This guide will provide detailed information about American Truck Simulator, how to earn ALL Achievements, locations of every Truck Dealership, Recruitment Agency, Garage. Multiplayer Mod, Dev Cam and Skills.
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Slash It 2 is a fantastic game that really helps excersise touch typing skills or for those wanting to improve key pressing reaction times. Slash It 2 also has an incredible soundtrack that is different depending on which mode is chosen to play. It is cheap and very highly recommended.

First things first though, this game is one of those 'Achivement Farming' games where you play the game for a low amount of time and gain hundreds of achievemens. Now this may be the case here and looking over the Achievements they are all relatively the same letters, numbers and symbols with different font and styling, but it doesn't change the fact that the game is actually lots of fun both to play and listen to.

There are several modes to chose from such as typing Words, Numbers, Letters or a combination of Letters and Numbers. All of these modes get progressively harder as you play them and all of them will help you improve reaction time and keyboard layouts. Choosing the Word mode means you will have to type entire words out as quickly as possible so specifically trains your touch typing skills as opposed to just reaction time and keyboard layout. The soundtrack is incredible to listen to and is slightly different for each of the modes and the visualiser in the background while playing is mesmerizing and colourful most likely to distract you from typing to increase the challenge.

This game is fantastic, cheap and gives you some fancy Achivements to spell various words or names on your Steam Showcase so I would genuinely recommend this game to anybody!

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Merry Christmas!
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