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None of my reviews are paid or compensated, all my thoughts are completely based on my own experience and my own feelings.

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Hey everyone! Few words about me! :)
* My name is Hardy Guardy.

* I am a very friendly guy.

* I am 31 years old.

* I write detailed and unbiased reviews.
None of my reviews are paid or compensated, all my thoughts are completely based on my own
experience and my own feelings.

* I work as a UI designer.

* My favorite band is Hollywood Undead / Twenty One Pilots. Also, synthwave music is for life.

* My favorite movies are Enemy, Nocturnal Animals and Mullholland Drive.

* My favorite TV show are Suits, Billions and Leftovers.

* My favorite book is.. Well, don't get me started. I am a HUGE fan of books and I can't say which one is my favorite.

Feel free to add me if you are open for the chat, enjoy my reviews or looking for a good friend :)
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Satisfactory is a first-person open-world, where the player can build factories all over the distant planet which is presented as a huge handcrafted 30+ square kilometers map. The player can explore the planet alone or with their friends, producing new materials, and building new factories over and over again.


+ Satisfying gameplay about building factories and designing an efficient production
+ It’s extremely addictive, the neverending feeling of “just one more thing”
+ Decent amount of materials, productions, and pieces of machinery
+ Amazing graphics
+ A huge handcrafted map to explore
+ A huge replayability value
+ Atmospheric music that perfectly fits the game
+ Constant updates from the developers


- The game can behave a bit weird in multiplayer mode, keep in mind, that it’s still under development
- Lots of important and needed features that are still absent
- Minor bugs here and there

I must say, that I am a huge fan of Satisfactory. I am playing this game since March 2019 and it feels like I have no plans on stopping, this game never bored me since then. What is really important to say here, that I was never a fan of building games, where the player has to explore, craft, survive, and all stuff like this, this was never my kind of thing.

So when I purchased Satisfactory, it was more like an experiment for me, just to see what’s people are talking about. Plus I was really hooked with its trailer and screenshots, everything seemed there extremely attractive.

And to be honest, I fell in love with this game instantly. What I really liked there, that this game doesn’t put any pressure on the player. There is no such thing as “right” or “wrong” in Satisfactory - you can’t make any mistakes in this game. The player is free to do whatever they want and to construct their factory or anything else just the way they see it.

Satisfactory is all about the player’s creativity, it’s all about the satisfying building experience, this game is absolutely stress-free and a perfect choice for the players who are looking for the games, where they don’t have to worry about their score, gaming skill or how good they are comparing to other players.


There is no such thing as a proper story in Satisfactory as of June 2020, however, the developers promise to add the story in the future updates. The basic idea of the game is that the protagonist lands on the unknown alien planet called Massage-2(AB)b and starts building there a new factory with complex productions.


The game starts with an understanding that the player is completely alone on a pretty big map and now he has to start building the factory here. The protagonist has basic instruments to build the main base and a small yet efficient weapon to defend himself from the enemies on this planet. Satisfactory explains the basics of the game on a pretty understandable level, so every single kind of player can get into the game easily.

At first, the player has to build the main base and then find his first iron nod to start gathering its materials. From this point, the whole game starts to unfold itself when the player starts to build long-chained productions to produce different kinds of materials, searching for various types of resources and thinking about how to build them all in the most logical way.

There is a tier system in Satisfactory that lets the player unlock technologies and new possibilities to expand their factory. This helps a lot for the player to get into the whole idea of the game gradually so by the time the player hits the final tier, they will be prepared and know how everything works and what kind of instruments they have in their arsenal.

During this unlocking process, the player has to build the space elevator, which has to be connected to the production chain. This allows the player to send requested materials to the company, the main protagonist works for to unlock the next set of tiers. Unlocking all the available tiers will take a while.

After unlocking every single tier of production, the players are free to do whatever they feel like. Satisfactory’s only limit is your imagination and you can’t do something completely wrong here, the freedom is yours. You can focus on building a mega factory, think about new projects to start or explore the whole map to make sure that every single node is occupied - this is all up to your choice and this is simply amazing.

There are a few types of enemies in Satisfactory that can be a bit dangerous in the early game but once the player unlocks more powerful weapons, they won’t be that dangerous at all. To be honest, I still don’t understand why they even exist in the game, because they don’t do any harm to the player’s constructions and they don’t any challenge to the gameplay with its existing. My only guess is that the developers plan to give them a much important role in future updates.

The game can be played in both solo and multiplayer modes up to 4 players. However, the multiplayer mode is much bugged than solo and it can be a bit unstable in terms of internet connections.

It’s important to understand that the game is still under development and it’s constantly updating every few months adding new features, possibilities, and fixing minor bugs and issues. But even for the fact that this game is still in Early Access, it looks absolutely gorgeous.


The game looks amazing, with all those beautiful colorful landscapes, trees, and plants all over the alien planet. The map is divided into four different zones each with its own atmosphere, nature and overall feeling. In general, I can say that this game brings the most outstanding graphics I have ever seen in base building games.


Music in Satisfactory is something I can talk about for hours because it’s magnificent, it definitely fits the atmosphere of the whole game. Considering the fact that the whole game is a pretty chilling and meditative experience, the soundtrack of this game definitely plays along greatly. If you ever feel like you are tired of the in-game music, I strongly recommend you to look for the playlist in Spotify called Satisfactory - Ambient Soundtrack.


Satisfactory is the game that I am playing since it has been launched back in March 2019. Frankly speaking, I am that kind of person who gets bored with the games pretty quickly but this is not the case. I always come back to Satisfactory to build something else, to check new updates, to play with my friends, or to start a brand new map, considering all the mistakes, I’ve done in the past. This is a perfect sandbox base-building game that is constantly updating that I can recommend to everyone who is looking for a chilling and meditative experience.

I am in love with Satisfactory.

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An expansive guide on how to level a powerful Maya from level 1 to OP8 (now including lvl 80)
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Tired of the workshop issues hopefully this combined version will forever undo the random behavior of TSLRCM overwriting M4-78EP files and screwing everything up. If you have TSLRCM (English) or M4-78EP installed already REMOVE THEM FIRST. Do not use this
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