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I accept most friend requests from folks who aren't level 0 and don't have a completely private profile. I used to just accept everyone, but spambots are becoming a problem on Steam.

The best way to get to know me is to follow me on Twitter.
Slightly more personal stuff is on @ForgedScarecrow

I'm currently dating this fucker . He's really cute and stuff.

I occasionally gift things to folks on my friends list. If you have a wishlist, chances are you'll get something from me eventually.

If you use Steam as a messenger, a few things you should note:
"Online" or "In-game" does not mean "Avaliable". I also sometimes use the Steam plugin for Pidgin, which uses the mobile API, so if Steam says I'm on a mobile device, I'm probably just using Pidgin.

Also, if you don't want your Steam trading cards, I'll gladly take them off your hands.
I'll trade just about anything for Deus Ex cards. Either/any of them.

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Redux of my first test chamber, since you can't edit your own chambers on a different system by simply redownloading them.

Made the exit for getting yourself unstuck more obvious, and got rid of an unintended shortcut. You also need to be a teensey bit
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Valerian Apr 18 @ 6:21pm 
elomg musckle ,,
o yea cant curse on my own profile thanks obama
have you ♥♥♥♥ing tried soylent?♥♥♥♥♥♥tastes like that paste they put in your mouth at the orthodontist's office to make a mold of your teeth
Valerian Apr 18 @ 12:59am 
swole computer genius subsists off soylent/protein shake mix, bringing the gains back to silicon valley
Sjru Dec 25, 2018 @ 1:24pm 

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I wish you the best for this holidays and New Year 2019, hope that your wishes become true:scx_pakeball: :dg_dragon:

Have fun-fun with family and friendly frends:okhand:
With love,
~Sjru~ :necroheart:
Sjru Jan 1, 2018 @ 10:41am 
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  ,·´ ¸,·´`) : * * * :first_star:
 (¸,·´ (¸:starite: I wish you the best in this New Year 2018!

I hope for you that this new year fares better than the last one, that you get your resolutions done, that you stay with loved ones and gets lotsa prosperity! :dpgold:
After all, each year should be better than the last one! :lev:

:goodgame::wellplayed: have fun! :firedragon:

With love and affection, :FullHeart:

:l2dragon: ~Sjru :minimi: :shangurmagic: :SummonDragon: