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I am not usually not a fan of heavy story focused games, because they tend to stretch the story and gameplay gets repetitive. Not A Plague Tale though. The story keeps your attention and the change of pace in the game ensured I never got irritated by too much sneaking.

The pace of the game really sticks to the intensity of the story and I felt that worked really well. The world kept my interest and it looked really great. I played the game with immersive UI settings and that was cool. Makes everything feel so much more real.

But the game is not without its flaws. One thing that really bothered me is that there are only 2 or 3 enemy avatars, so you end up killing the same guy from start till finish. The puzzles in the game are very simplistic and if you've played a lot of Tomb Raider you'll know why. The game is a little short. I completed it in one 10 hour session and could have done it faster if I didn't look for flowers around every corner.

All in all the game is amazing. The flaws don't have a really big negative effect (except the enemy avatars), but the gameplay, story and characters really make it worth the play. I enjoyed the game enough to go for a second play to get all the collectables and achievements.
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