Cem K Magripli   Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
PC Specs:
- Asus Maximus X Formula 1151 Motherboard
- Intel Core i7 8700K Coffee Lake CPU @ 3.7 GHz (x6) 12 MB cache
- Asus STRIX ROG A8G 1080 GTX 8GB
- 16 GB Kingston Predator DDR4 RAM @ 3000 MHz
- Corsair H80i v2 140mm Hydro Cooling
- 4.60+ TB HDD Space (120 GB main SSD, 250 GB Gaming SSD, 1.5 GB
- SATA for documents, 2 TB + 750 GB External for storage)
- Corsair TX750M Power Supply
- CoolerMaster Case
- Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
- Logitech G910 Orion Spark Mechanical Keyboard
- Logitech G930 Wireless Headset
- Creative GigaWorks G500 5.1 Surround Sound
- 3x 23" Samsung Monitors
- Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam
- AT-2040 XLR Microphone w/ Shock-Mount & Pop-Filters
- Shure X2u XLR-USB Microphone Signal Adapter
- Windows 10 (64bit)

Other Devices:
- PlayStation 4 (500 GB)
- Microsoft Surface Book 2 (i7-8650U @ 1.90 GHz, 128 GB SSD)
- Samsung Galaxy S6 (32 GB)


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The amount of content added to the game is immense. I'd call this an expansion rather than a DLC. It's even better than Enemy Within in terms of new content added, to be honest.

With the existing DLCs also factoring in, the game has quite a bit of replay value now.

And whatever they did in terms of actual optimization, the game runs so smooth now. It's almost as if the whole game was re-built on an improved version of the engine. I'm not sure why they just didn't patch the base game and fix the performance issues there, might be a technical thing I'm not aware of, but WotC feels good and smooth... unlike the base game that crawled like a dog with its hind legs amputated.

The only gripe I have is how almost ALL mods are broken, even those that are cosmetic-only. I'm not even worried about the character pool being empty (you can port them AFAIK, actually, from the old XCom2 folder under My Games to the WotC one). At least I'd like to see the laser rifle weapon-tier mod (from LW2) re-built with the WotC SDK.

Get it, it's a fresh take and you'll definitely want to re-play the entire campaign.

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NerdCuddles Aug 3 @ 7:43am 
also plz send my friend the sprite sheet, this is there discord

NerdCuddles Aug 3 @ 6:34am 
could you send me a more detailed guide over discord or something? the closest thing I ever did to modding was editing SCP Containment Breach textures in MS Paint
NerdCuddles Jul 22 @ 9:31pm 
oh my paleoartist friend agreed to make the sprites since I lack artistic experience at all, can you send me a guide on how to make a patch mod btw?
spincrus Jul 20 @ 2:49am 
Hey @NerdCuddles, you just need to make a patch that replaces the sprites. It only takes a few small edits on the XML. Make the sprites and if you wish I can collab on that.
NerdCuddles Jul 18 @ 11:42am 
Hey would you be alright with me and my friend making a reskin for your Dinosauria mod? and if so, How do I go about replacing the sprites with different ones in the reskin mod?

I never modded Rimworld before
Bob Mar 4, 2020 @ 4:46pm 
Are you planning on updating your Dinosauria mod for the new game version? I was just wondering cause I'd be willing to do it if you don't plan to.