Welcome, I am soer4769 but you can call me soer .
I am a small independent content creator and youtuber who likes everything from modding and level design to modelling and programming etc. but most importantly to learn new things and help people out when need be.
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REVO-STI Aug 2, 2020 @ 2:41pm 
It's fixed. Thanks :-)
soer4769 Aug 2, 2020 @ 12:44pm 
@Laszio The mod should be working perfectly and the skybox comes default with the game so there should not be any problems with it. Try to verify the game files, reinstall the mod or reinstall the gmod and see if any of those options fixes it.
REVO-STI Aug 2, 2020 @ 12:04pm 
Ravenholm map in gmod is showing checkered missing texture for skybox, is mod outdated?
DAT Target Practice Apr 25, 2020 @ 12:29am 
A map with EP1 hospital from the chapter "Urban Flight" would be good.
a cat Mar 20, 2020 @ 10:53am 
I need the SDK in order to compile HL2 maps for Original Xbox, which uses Source 2004
soer4769 Mar 19, 2020 @ 11:27am 
@Riggs I will see what I can provide for the future and I am happy to hear what people want, however I am currently working on finishing other projects and are therefore unable to say when I will release another gmod map.