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All Gwen locations
By soer4769
This guide will help you to find Gwen the penguin in the solo campaigns

Who is gwen?

Gwen as in pen-gwen is the new commando unit for 8-bit invaders and the second commando in the series next to bob from the earlier games. You are able to find Gwen in crates (one per mission) in both the marines and cranioids solo campaigns.

How do you find her?

Gwen is found in an 8-bit invaders looking crate placed somewhere in the map based on the mission you are playing:

The crate may be hidden behind trees, houses or other obstacles somewhere that you may not be expecting:

In the above image you can see the crate in where gwen is found in the game hiding behind a tree (this image was taken in the first marines mission). It does not make a difference which difficulity you play the missions nor if you win them for the crates to count.

In the pictures later in this guide i have marked the area in the different missions where gwen is found with a red dot and a red cross if no crates exists in that map.
Which achievements can you get?
Then you have found all of the gwen locations for a campaign you will get an achievement for finding her in that specific campaign:

You will also get an achievement then you have found gwen in both campaings:

Marines campaign locations
#1 Bug Hunt

#2 Resource Denial

#3 Triple Threat

#4 Alien Swarm

#5 Saucer Shoot

#6 Betrayal

#7 Cliff Jumping

#8 Brain Worms

#9 Home World

#10 A-Day

#11 Walking Tall

#12 Transformation

Cranioids campaign locations
#1 Saucer Flight

#2 Crystal Clear

#3 Fly Away

#4 Cloud Service

#5 Terror-forming

#6 Digging In

#7 Free Your Mind

#8 Mother May I

#9 Radioactive

#10 Brownout

#11 Crush, Kill, Destroy!

#12 Warp Factor

Other details
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