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Ravenholm Town
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Jan 2, 2020 @ 12:41pm
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Ravenholm Town

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This is the largest sandbox compilation map I have created to date and is a combination of all the Ravenholm Town maps, the Black Mesa East section plus the underground mines right before coast, all in all ranging from when you first enter Black Mesa East to right before to exit the Ravenholm Tunnels at the start of the Coast Chapter, taken from the game Half-Life 2. This map pushes the absolut limit of the Source Engine branch for Garry's Mod can handle, going so much beyond the brush limit that nearly half of all detail brushes have been made into models while almost at the edge of the object limit before compiling too. Because of this map's size and how it uses many of the extended limits raised from those found in Half-Life 2 and its episodes, it is NOT possible to run this map in any of these games as they will crash upon load with an engine error.

All campaign related content has been removed from all of the maps so that it is possible to move around freely as it is a sandbox map while most of the dynamic world objects like the propane traps for cutting zombies in half, the lifts and trams to move players from one location to another, even the goal at the scrapyard etc. has been preserved for the player to interact with and use themselves if they ever want to. Any of these objects can of course also be enabled and disabled at will should something like a given area of the map wanted to be closed off or a certain feature made unable for use by players.

Compared to my previous map, White Forest Bunker, there are no requirements for this one other than Garry's Mod itself and it should work right out of the box without the need of mounting other Source Engine games. I had some problems with the look of the lighting in certain spots, so if anyone got any feedback, bugs to fix, ideas for future stuff etc. or maybe you just like the map; feel free to write a short comment below and I will take a look at it, also make sure to check out my other content in case you are interested in more of my stuff :)

► Combined all Ravenholm locations + Black Mesa East interiors + Beta E3 2003 lake.
► All traps, lifts, trams etc. are fully functional.
► Objects, like barriers, are cabable of blocking off areas.
► All usable features can be enabled and disabled.
► Removed all campaign content.
► Recreated world brushes.
► Recreated nodegraph (AI Nodes).
► Recreated lightmaps.
► Added new larger 3D skybox.
► LDR & HDR lighting.
► Color correction.
► Soundscapes.
► Optimisation.
► Cubemaps (reflections).

To enable or disable an object, either pick one you want to use from the list below or the input control map anove, which also allows you to see their locations, then go into the console by pressing the ~ key (default) and write 'sv_cheats 1' to activate server cheats. Now something like a propane trap can be disabled from use for all players by using the following command 'ent_fire flamebarrier_XX_disable trigger' and likewise enabled 'ent_fire flamebarrier_XX_enable trigger' where the XX should be replaced with a number of choice within the count range. Please note: you either has to play locally or be the server owner to active server cheats; to be able of enabling and disabling any of the objects found within the map.

If you want to make any changes to the map, you are allowed to do so as you like as long as you credit me for the creation of the map should you ever decide to release anything with what has been made available. You also cannot make any money off of the map as I am NOT responsible for the original design of the map, which goes to Valve Software whom made it as part of the game Half-Life 2 released in 2004.

Furthermore there is no need to decompile the map file found here on the workshop since all of its source files can be found for free on my website below. If you got any questions, please visit my discord channel in the social media links listed below and I will happily answer them whenever I am online,


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