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This game evokes memories of Portal and Antichamber. It's significantly shorter than both, but still worth playing, especially if you pick it up during a Steam sale. The story and writing are nothing extraordinary, but they do fit the game and serve their purpose.
Posted April 27, 2021.
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If you enjoy puzzle games, buy this game now and play it.

DON'T EVEN WATCH THE TRAILER FIRST. Discovering the game with a clean slate is well worth it. There are dozens and dozens of hours of head-scratching, hair-pulling, epiphany-having gameplay.

And don't stop when the credits roll. You didn't find everything. You didn't even find half of everything.
Posted January 27, 2021.
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After 15 months I feel like I've seen enough to finally decide to change my review to negative.

The core gameplay mechanics are pretty good and the game could be very fun, but the developers absolutely have no idea what they are doing and this shows in nearly every decision they make.

The game was at a point where survivors needed another objective to keep games from being over in 5 minutes, and the developers decided that we should give the killer another objective (boons) because, hell, they don't have enough to do?

They have utterly failed to address the toxic nature of the playerbase. The players are partly to blame, but BHVR enables the behavior. The in-game report system is a placebo.

They reworked the matchmaking system to create more competitive games, in a game that's not competitive -- and it still utterly fails to actually create close matches. SBMM is a horribly broken solution to a problem that didn't exist.

They give us a preview of upcoming content (PTBs) then ignore literally ALL of the feedback given by veteran players.

They can't release a single patch without introducing absolutely ridiculous bugs.

There are huge, year-old balance issues that the community has been pointing out nonstop that the developers completely ignore.

An update cannot fix these problems, because a software patch can't fix developers not understanding their game or giving a damn about their players' experience. It is a shame that the 4v1 game with the most potential is this egregiously mismanaged.
Posted January 22, 2021. Last edited March 23.
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An absolutely fantastic survival experience that is as beautiful as it is terrifying.

The gamer in me is always looking for mechanics: where is the hitbox, how can I exploit the enemy AI, what is the shortest path to victory, etc.

This is the first game in years to pull me out of that mindset. The very first dip into the water and all of the "let's game" instincts faded and I felt this overpowering sense of wonder and discovery. I didn't really care how the game functioned anymore; I wanted to see, to learn, to find, to wander. The mechanics almost didn't matter anymore, which is a bit surprising since the mechanics are very polished -- but unlike in other games, they aren't the focus. They're a means to explore further.

The story, while not unique, is interesting enough to keep you engaged and adds a purpose to the survival mechanics. In other games, the survival mechanics are all there is, and there is little incentive to keep playing once you have an established base. In Subnautica, the story drives you to go deeper and keep looking.

My only criticism of the game is performance: on a fairly beefy system with a GTX 980, frame drops and pop-in should not be happening. There's parts of the game where I can barely manage 40FPS. Unfortunately, the game's physics engine is tied to the framerate, which means that sudden frame dips can cause objects in the world to pass through walls and do other strange things. This breaks immersion, but it isn't a deal-breaker either.
Posted March 23, 2019. Last edited March 23, 2019.
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Well worth playing. The art style and execution are fantastic. Combine that with a novel puzzle mechanic and beautifully conveyed story, this game deserves to be played by anyone who even slightly enjoys puzzle games.

My only complaints are that it felt a bit short, and the puzzles -- while fun -- were not very challenging. However, these are minor in light of how many things this game gets spectacularly right.
Posted May 10, 2018.
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I heard very good things about this game, which I guess was part of the problem for me (high expectations).

Full disclosure: I can't stand JRPGs and the things that come along with them, primarily menu-driven combat -- it feels like a slog to me. It'll probably be no surprise to anyone that this game fell flat for me.

In this game, the gameplay seems to be about 90% menu-driven combat and 10% easy puzzles. The subversive element that tries to turn the combat on its head just serves to make it more annoying: figure out what sequence of commands will end each encounter peacefully. Adding a subversive element to an already tedious mechanic just makes the pace agonizingly glacial. Correctly "solving" an encounter doesn't feel rewarding, the same way that it doesn't feel rewarding to roll snake eyes after trying for a few minutes.

With every random encounter on the map I found myself internally screaming. If we ever needed a game with max repels, it's this one.

Yes, yes... I know: Writing. Story. Cleverness.

If I want writing and story at the expense of gameplay, I will watch a movie or read a book. If your excuse for boring gameplay is "but the story is good" then you don't really want to play games.

The cleverness felt like that one friend you have (you know the one) who thinks he is funny but really isn't. Sometimes he is actually clever, but it's kind of by accident. Most of the time he just seems full of himself and pretentious.


This might be a fun game to watch someone else play. Maybe you'd enjoy playing it. It's just not for me.
Posted January 9, 2018. Last edited January 9, 2018.
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Super well-done and accessible take on assembly-level programming. The music fits well and the story is amusing, but not distracting.

I only wish there were more levels -- it only took me a few hours to complete every level. Some kind of custom level feature would be welcome. I can think of a few challenging puzzles that I would like to send to my developer friends.
Posted November 28, 2016.
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Early Access Review
I've struggled a lot with my opinion of this game because there are some *really* good things about it. There are also some *really* bad things about it.

At this exact moment in time, the good outweighs the bad.

+ Crafting system is really polished.
+ Progression from nomad to established base owner is fun, natural, and works really well with the game mechanics.
+ Multiplayer with friends feels like a totally different game. It can be an incredible experience with the right friends.
+ Zombies are smart enough to pose a risk to the uninitiated, but dumb enough that you can fend off huge groups of them if you plan ahead.

- Very poorly optimized. I have an i7-4770k and a GTX 980 and running on max settings gives me 20-30 FPS with regular dips into the low teens. I can get display-capped 144 FPS consistently on much more graphically-demanding games.
- Bugs. Dear lord, the bugs. Expect things to randomly go missing. Expect to die without any apparent cause.
- The developers (and fans) seem openly hostile to bug reports or any kind of legitimate criticism of the game. Its early access state is routinely used as a blanket apologetic for the game's problems. Stay away from the game's official forums and subreddit. They are both cancerous echo chambers.

In summary: play it -- but go in with the knowledge that your experience will be far from perfect.
Posted November 28, 2016. Last edited December 2, 2016.
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I struggled a lot with whether or not to recommend this game. It is nothing that it doesn't claim to be, but that was exactly the problem for me. Ultimately, I settled on "no" simply because there is absolutely no replay value, and the gameplay is a mindless grind-fest.

Your decisions have minimal impact on the course you take through the game (short of making totally stupid decisions that bankrupt your company -- if you have half a brain, that won't ever happen). The gameplay an hour or two into the game is exactly the same as it is in the first ten minutes. None of the content you unlock as you progress was enough to hold my interest; they're more or less just reskins of existing content. The endgame mechanics are nearly identical to the early game mechanics, just with more staff, more fans, and more revenue.

If you like that kind of repetitive zen-ish gameplay then this game might be for you, but even at $10 I don't feel like this game is worth it. I played it one time for a few hours, and there's nothing whatsoever that makes me want to play it again. There are far better tycoon/simulation games more deserving of your time.
Posted November 28, 2016. Last edited November 28, 2016.
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Early Access Review
+ I know it's late, but let me just automate this one last thing and then I'll go to bed.
+ Shoot, my iron mine is running dry. Let me just establish a new one.
+ Okay, I'll go to bed. ... But first, I need to expand my solar power plant.

- ... Is that the sun?
Posted November 28, 2016.
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