Milos Rodic   Serbia
In the army of Tsar Lazar,
On the field of Kosovo,
Lords and dukes, and heroes brave,
All in armor, gleaming glow.

The sun rose high on that fateful day,
As swords clashed in fierce array,
Lances shattered, arrows flew,
In the land where heroes drew.

Lazar, noble prince and sage,
Faced the Sultan's fierce rampage,
On that field of dust and gore,
Serbia's fate forevermore.

Bravery and honor held their stand,
As warriors fought for their homeland,
Blood-soaked soil, a sacred ground,
Where freedom's song forever resounds.

On the plains of Kosovo, they bled,
Where the living envied the dead,
For in sacrifice, a nation's might,
Glowed eternal, in destiny's light.

In the echoes of that ancient strife,
Serbia's spirit, undying life,
For in the Battle of Kosovo,
A nation's heart continues to glow.
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