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I'm absolutely in love! Fantastic ambience, fun and complex platforming with a ridiculously high skill ceiling, levels that are open ended and fun to explore (almost no invisible walls here!), and a fun sense of humour to boot.
Also, personally, I think the game looks great. Janky and inconsistent, maybe, but also charming and creative and SOULFUL, and that's what really counts.The developer clearly understands how to work within shoestring budget indie limitations, embracing an endearing low fidelity indie jank to build something big, ambitious, creative, and genuinely fun to play.

It took me just about nine hours to finish the game, which, 1. is huge for such a cheap 3D platformer, and 2. wasn't because of filler, or constant reuse of content, or procedural generation, or anything like that. In fact, I only had 109 feathers by the time the credits rolled. There's a huge interconnected world to explore, each populated with secrets and challenges, and every area has a distinct tone and style that sets it apart from the rest. The game never gets stale, and there are plenty of optional challenges if you're hungry for more.

The platforming is great, with more of a focus on player freedom and experimentation than balance. The starting abilities abilities alone let you execute a lot of clever, tricky manoeuvres, and there are even more scattered around the game world. If I had to make a complaint, it's that some of those abilities trivialise the platforming a bit too much, but even in this case it makes them feel like a reward for progress and exploration, letting you complete seemingly insurmountable challenges in previous levels with relative ease. You can also toggle any ability you unlock on and off, if you prefer.

I could gush about this game for hours, but I'm not sure it would make a very good review. So, long story short, if you like platformers or surreal exploration games, buy the game. Without a single hint of irony, it is my favourite game of the year so far, on any platform.

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