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Welcome to my dearest profile, add me for 1stGren stuff or otherwise just DM the reason of adding me.
Also be advised that the profile picture changes a lot.

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Pookie "Pookster" the Cat's super cool Steam profile.
Hello presumably bored person that is reading this, welcome again.
I am Pookie the Cat but also go by; Pookster, Pookie, Pook, (the) Pooktator, Pooksecutor and whatever else people make up for me. All you need to know about me picking this name is that it is NOT because I am a furry, because I am not. Speaking of names though I don't change my name on Steam that much, rarely for Team Fortress 2 but don't play that a lot anymore.

Like I mentioned before, my profile picture changes a lot, always cat themed in one way or another however.

Business stuff:
I am a Major of the 1stGrenadiers Coldstream Guard on Holdfast, so if you want help or a contact person within them I can help with that.

Same for our Bannerlord clan (in the making); The Kingdom of Landric, while under construction (both the game and clan) you can still sign up for the future, we sometimes do small events with the in-game party feature.

Regarding trades; I am not much of the vivid trader I used to be but if you are interested in one of my items you can always make an offer,
just don't ask for free items and pay with any item that I have actual use for, so no items for games I don't even own.

Because what better way to showcase oneself than by the words of others? because that is clearly a good idea with my current crop of friends and/or idiots...

"While he is a craven it is quite funny to see his ambition shatter because of the incompetence of others."
- Whitefrost

"uwu" - Van Dunks

"4/10 didnt have enough soup for my bored ass" - Taco-san


List is by no means finished (at the moment very obvious) so if you think you are entitled to a place here just DM me and then I'll tell you to frick off or something.
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Van Dunks Oct 22 @ 9:32am 
Never met such an endearing Frenchman
Hansmerno Oct 3 @ 1:16pm 
Much better(Made me ♥♥♥):BalkanCross::BrownCow::RedStar:
Bitka o Lypovec bolo ozbrojené stretnutie medzi jednotkami slovenskej Rýchlej brigády a vojskami sovietskej Červenej armády, ktorá sa konala 22. júla 1941. Išlo o prvú väčšiu bitku medzi slovenskými a sovietskym vojskami od vyhlásenia vojny proti Sovietskemu zväzu.[1] Sovietsku obranu pri prechodoch na rieke San tvorilo jednotky 10. opevneného priestoru sovietskej 12. armády[2]. Rýchlej brigáde sa s počtom necelých 5 000 vojakov, 43 tankov a 123 diel podarilo obsadiť Lypovec, ale vinou veliteľa brigády plukovníka Rudolfa Pilfouska[3] pri ďalšom postupe brigáda narazila na 15-tisícovú streleckú divíziu Červenej armády. Keďže slovenským tankom došlo palivo, vojaci museli viesť neúmerne ťažké boje a od zničenia ich zachránilo iba delostrelectvo, ktorému sa podarilo zdecimovať Sovietov natoľko, aby slovenskí vojaci stihli ustúpiť.

Bitka o Lypovec
Súčasť druhej svetovej vojny
Dátum 22. júl 1941
Miesto Pri meste Lypovec, ZSSR dnes Ukrajina
Výsledok tesné slovenské víťazstvo

Slovensko vs ZSSR

5 000 – pechota,
43 tankov,
123 diel
15 000 – pechota, neznámy počet tankov a diel

75 mŕtvych,
167 zranených
2 zajatí
17 nezvestných
5 tankov, 1 obrnený automobil
600 mŕtvych alebo zranených
Hansmerno Oct 3 @ 12:20pm 
Then you are a dutch person without a cycle