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Hey Exile! See you in Wraeclast
There's a new league in Path Of Exile, meet me there :be_fighter:
Playing in native client, x1000 faster
Have fun and enjoy life :yazdsmile:
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:RedLupGem: My Steamrep []
:RedLupGem: My STM for Trading Cards []
:RedLupGem: I can accept your friend request if your profile is not private or you are not VAC banned.
:RedLupGem: Don't expect a great communication from me. I use Steam for gaming, not as social platform.
:RedLupGem: I have no problem being one more number on your friends list. But if you send me weird links or ASCII spam messages you can be sure to be unfriended and ignored.
:RedLupGem: No TL;DR. If you can't read, this is not your place :Skele_smirk:
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enjoy your weekend my friend :CatCake::PlayWithMe::GoodA:
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Thankyou very much :lawman::lawman::lawman::lawman::lawman:
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Gracias :steamhappy:
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Eres Grande crack :steamhappy:
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Thank you,have a great weekend also :LIS_star:
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Me quedé esperando :steamsad: