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I'm a filthy casual who enjoys playing Destiny 2; doing digital arts of various sorts, long walks on the beach, and keeping a secret diary which contains only the line "i hate blideo bames" over and over on every page.

I also do some script modding for games such as PAYDAY 2, Starbound, and the Binding of Isaac.

Also I sherpa Destiny 2 raids, hit me up
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wake up? Jul 24 @ 10:34pm 
lowkey love your payday modding work, your a lovely guy <3
[QTAS] PapcioStrefa Jul 22 @ 2:08am 
you made very lovely huds for payday thank you :D
/ May 22 @ 9:09pm 
Hey man GG on that gambit match it was really close! :)
Offyerrocker Jan 31 @ 12:40am 
None of us have ever used cheats. Was this the game you're talking about? (Also I never invaded and I don't remember fighting any guardians in that game, so it's a mystery to me why you'd accuse me specifically of cheating.)

Your MMR is roughly 800 below our dedicated invader's, we were in a three-stack and you were four solos. I suggest finding a better way to cope than commenting on the other team's Steam profile pages whenever you lose a game of Gambit, of all things.
unloki Jan 30 @ 9:19pm 
Cheats, along with their entire team.
Offyerrocker Nov 17, 2021 @ 4:24am 
Yes, that bug has unfortunately not yet been fixed.