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I murder things and get on game publishers' hitlists.
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hi y'all
me in a nutshell:
- originator of leaf emoji obsession in various people
- creator of various cr4p projects like aIW/4D1/CitizenFX/FiveM, some of which will turn into hearts if you mention them on steamcommunity by their full name
- recipient of court orders from major publishers
- Windows NT enthusiast, screw your POSIX :^)
- reverse engineer-ish
- hates pretty much the entire modern tech ecosystem
- hates gaming, except the meta around it
- gets people mad. a lot.
- pro-globalist
- likes game soundtracks
- a person, somehow

i don't accept friend requests until you mention a justification out-of-band on whatever channel you can think of, including IM services listed below, not providing such will result in your friend request lingering

in fact, i have over 100 confirmed pending invites :)))

other IM services, in order of preference:
- 'NTAuthority' on freenode irc
- https://telegram.me/ntauthority
- skype:ntauthority?chat
- https://discord.gg/jZUzk7e (use this as common guild for private messages, messaging in the guild is disabled)
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Embrace the LEAF 🍂🍂🍂🍂
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this guy is legend. Can't believe it's 2017. obligatory nta pls new mw2 client
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Hey NTA hope you're doing well.
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I like you.
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