Family sharing, buying and selling game gifts and codes :closetgamer:

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Family Sharing Poker Night 1 and Poker Night 2
:bluepokerchip: Price list:
PN1/2 - 6 TF2 Keys :stKey:
PN1 - 5 TF2 Keys :stKey:
PN2 - 4 TF2 Keys :stKey:
(Item overpay is also accepted If you don't have keys)

You will additionally receive items from SpaceChem and Alien Swarm as a bonus

:greenpokerchip: Items you receive:
Poker Night 1 - Poker Night 2 - SpaceChem - Alien Swarm

:redpokerchip: Reasons to trust:
- Over 390 Positive Trust from past buyers []
- Proof that buyers received their items []
- Login and password information is not needed, QR code is used instead
- The entire process is screenshared on Discord

:yellowpokerchip: How it works:
1) You send the payment
2) You scan shown QR code with your Steam app so I could log into your account to check off "Authorize Library Sharing on this computer"
3) I log back into my account with Poker Night to share it with your account
4) You scan shown QR code again so I could log into your account again to give out the achievements with SAM (Steam Achievement Manager)

If you are interested add me on Steam ( Nemesis ) or Discord ( nemesis_a )
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I'm pretty sure I gave that away back then, but I can give you the key so you can try and see if not.
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+rep Good, friendly, fast trade. Thanx! :DSTghost: