Tibor   Pest, Hungary
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SR.CHA|N Aug 6 @ 9:40am 
good weekend :emofdr:
SpellCaster Aug 3 @ 9:32am 
+rep, fast and good trader, recommended :)
MRLW Aug 3 @ 1:31am 
+rep fast and trustable trader ^_^
ch_krusch Aug 1 @ 12:44pm 
+rep fair and good Trade!

Would trade again!
Senko (仙狐) Jul 31 @ 12:17pm 
signed by Senko (仙狐)
TOMI1985 Jul 31 @ 8:38am 
:yemot:  :theapple::theapple:   :theapple::theapple:
  :theapple:      :theapple:      :theapple:
  :theapple:         :orangehalf::orangehalf::theapple::orangehalf::orangehalf:
     :theapple:   :orangehalf:   :theapple::orangehalf:      :orangehalf:
        :theapple::orangehalf::theapple:            :orangehalf:
           :theapple::orangehalf:         :orangehalf:
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