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The first PC game I played was Wolfenstein 3-d on my dad's 386, been hooked ever since! Had my first online gaming experiences with Quake III and Rainbow Six. Built my first PC in 2005. Enter Battlefield 2, which should really be my top game at around 1400 hours, and Call of Duty 4 at over 500 hours. Later, I sunk a bit of time in Modern Warfare 2, then Mass Effect 3's online mode (underrated!). Spent a decent amount of time in Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Planetside 2, but still wasn't totally satisfied. DOOM is the last game in a while that has really hooked me and led to some flow-state rhythmic gameplay :pyramideye: I typically enjoy games that feel fun to learn, are cathartic, with subtleties to master, where strategy, teamwork, tactical thinking and intelligence shine. I'm not the best shot so I rely more on my wits.

Happy fragging and be sure to leave your :steamsalty: in the comments below! :steamhappy:
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Haha! Thanks man
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Thank you for supporting the f*** BOB cause, we should play doom soon bro!
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:rep2: heavyweight slayer :vipticket:
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+rep Awesome player!