Lindon Martin   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I do things sometimes (like you, shocker I know). here's a song I like: Night Club - Misery Go Round | lastfm []
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Street Fighter V
Every now and then I'll be doing some work for the FiXT music label []
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I may accept friend requests, however I remove people who don't talk to me
I'm less likely to accept friend requests on Discord, but you're free to try

Discord: Lindon#8888

I don't usually send friend requests to people unless it's under a special circumstance. If I've tried adding you in the past year or two, it was probably important to me and likely still is if you declined :)

Favourite Games / Currently Playing
Devil May Cry 5 | Personal GOTY 2019
Monster Hunter: World | Personal GOTY 2018
Persona 4 Golden

Favourite Game Franchise:
Devil May Cry
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dean the awsome sexer Sep 2 @ 5:12pm 
robert wh*te hello
a_hisa May 7 @ 4:54pm 
thanks for the short and sweet moment on upward ^^
HOELS Apr 20 @ 2:45pm 
Finally played the half life series :lxl:
Dr. Pepper Apr 20 @ 1:25pm 
sex number haha funny sex xd weed
Oh bother... Apr 12 @ 2:28pm 
Why did chicks love Jesus? Cause he was hung like this -I-
Dr. Pepper Mar 26 @ 4:20pm 
proper ledge this lad