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  • Underlying gameplay is great, huge improvement from 2
  • Everything else sucks
  • sbz is about to become very familiar with the "off-topic review" button

♥♥♥♥-posting aside, I fully expected this game to flop right out of the gate (well, not this badly). Overkill has a track record of releasing games in a very unpolished state, and gets things dialed in usually by a year after launch. That was the case with PD2, where it took almost a full year for them to get it in a good state.

I honestly don't know if this is recoverable. The game can certainly be fixed, but it's entirely down to how much time Embracer Group will give them. They've already axed Volition earlier this month, and to have their newly acquired studio release their game to a 33% user score is worrying. It's a race to see if they can salvage this blunder before the axe swings down.

Also what happened to all that beta feedback Starbreeze had us submit? This criticism should not be a shock to them.

The Good
  • Stealth is much more forgiving
  • Stealth gameplay is more refined, more involved than "go to X, grab Y"
  • Loud feels fast paced, without it being the horde shooter that PD2 turned into
  • Gunplay feels good, more smoother than PD2
  • The controls in general are smooerth than PD2
  • Better split between throwables/gadgets/deployables
  • Multiple ways to "complete" a heist, reacts to environmental changes

The Bad
  • Online Only: Dead servers = dead game
  • Have to matchmake to get into a solo lobby, server dependent
  • Horrible Menus/Ui
    • All weapons are under a single tab, no search bars or separators between types
    • Inventory slot menus are tiny (2 items per row), while we have oodles of items.
    • Weapon stats are 100% useless
      • Many bars are a combination of multiple stats, misleading results
      • No description of what each bar means
      • Have to break out the ruler and measure the bars to see differences
    • Heist select menu is going to be cancer to scroll through when more heists are added
  • Crew bots are wonky, will follow the player then run away
  • Can't tell bots to wait at a spot
  • No sorting for challenges
  • Challenges are randomly locked/unlocked
  • Misleading/mislabeled challenges (all the stealth ones)
  • Needs a balance pass on the skills
  • Weapon leveling system should not be tied to attachments
  • Exp is not tied to loot/objectives, no incentive to fully complete heists
  • Preplanning is weird, confusing, and a mess
  • Promo items are automatically given to you, take up a (limited) inventory slot, and can't be deleted
  • The Nebula reward items can be deleted and never recovered

The Subjective
Things that aren't objectively bad, but certainly needed. Or just missing from PD2.
  • Late-game challenges are a grind (150 minimum heist completions, for each heist)
  • Why is sliding a thing? What's it even used for?
  • No "unique" weapon attachments that really change the weapon (sniper deagle, shotgun racks, DMR conversions, etc)
  • Weapon paints are a joke, still uses "patterns" instead of just painting individual parts
  • Mask customization is downgraded, only colors and (limited) patterns
  • No stats or even bars for armors, just descriptions
  • Preset weapons get mods that aren't available for the standard version
  • Man, the writing for Shade's dialog is not nearly as charismatic as Bain or Locke

There's probably more, but this is already a long list. This is certainly recoverable, but given that all the beta feedback appears to have been ignored, I worry that it's going to be a long and painful process.

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